Top 11 Best free Password Manager for Windows In 2021

Best Windows Password Manager :- Hello Friends, here we are again with today’s topic on Best free Password Manager for Windows. We are advancing towards as we have made new breakthroughs daily. Be it in our daily life or in the technological sense. Let’s come to our topic as what we are going to tell you about is specific to IT and computers use. Data is something that becomes vulnerable as we keep piling it more and more. I personally experienced some space shortage at a time and had to purchase two hard drives to save it.

But in the case of online data storage and confidentiality, we keep worrying. And why not, it is stored online after all. No matter how much we are made assured of the safety, sometimes it happens when it happens. Remember the Snap chat incident in the year 2015 on the very first day of the year. Yeah, it indeed happened. So let us know more about Best Free Password Manager tools which offer you data security and confidentiality and help you stay free from concerns. Most of listed Best Free Password Manager is also available for android, iOS, MAC along with Windows.

Best free Password Manager for Windows

The reasons that lead you here might be any. Either you have already faced such issues or maybe you think that it’s better safe than sorry. Well, that is what you did absolutely right. So here are some tools that will be a good companion to you in maintaining your data confidentiality, Safeguard your credentials, and save you from hacks, and other cyber-attacks. So let’s start taking a look at the Best Free Password Managers for Windows, shall we? Also read10 free best password manager for Android


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Making itself a strong contender among best Password Manager for Windows, NordPass is an attention grabber for many reasons. It has cross-platform support, Two-factor authentication, and browser-integration, and many other features. While the software comes with a dedicated vault to store your passwords, it also suggests you the best password styles to keep your banking and personal information safe.

You can transact at different e-commerce sites worry-free using this enhanced security tool. Its premium license comes with added features and functionality ensuring nothing remains in the vulnerable zone. The free version of NordPass comes with all the essential features, while you can use its premium services for about a week from installation.

Kaspersky Password Manager

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It is a powerful tool to keep our data and identity safe. This program not only has a support for Windows, but also available Password manager for Mac, Password manager for Android, and Linux. It can store your address book, bank card details, and most of all the passwords in the safe zone. All you got to do is to create a master password. Once you visit a website, it creates an auto login and you the next time you visit the same site, you won’t need another form fill up the process. This helps you make a strong password by letting you choose from the best password options.

Keeper Password Manager

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This application also uses AES encryption technique to safeguard your personal, web search, and financial credentials secure. The software stores and backs up the secure data in the cloud. It has a secure vault like working where you can keep your security safe while you are online. It has a customizable interface and can help you secure your passwords using Secure Random Password Generator.

Keeper Password manager is available around all required platform such as, Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Also in Chrome extension, Firefox Add-on, Safari Plugin.

LastPass Password Manager

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The recent version of LastPass 4.0 helps you manage your security at a user-friendly level. It is easy to use and because a user has to remember the Master Password only. This application safe keeps your passwords to keep you worry free. The database or I should say the vault is easy to customize and make searches. The features include the Autofilling the web forms, support for Multi accounts, and cross-platform. LastPass Password manager is available for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android (best password manager for Android).

1Password Password Manager

This application gets you a multi-platform support and synchronization over a Wi-fi connection between Windows, iOS, and MAC users. This program saves your information in a vault so no need to save it over the internet. You can create multiple vaults to save as many passwords, URLs, and financial data. You can customize it easily and even share the sharable vaults with your say a family member, friend, or a colleague. Even online it uses a secure channel whenever you transmit or share critically sensitive information.

Dashlane Password Manager

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This also offers you two ways to store your data locally or in the cloud or you may keep your information in both. It supports cross-platform synchronization and has separate Dashlane Servers to enable your safety. You’ll need only your Master password to keep your database in the dashlane Cloud. This is where the information is encrypted and decrypted using the hash of the Master Password. To be noted by users that your password database on the internet will be read-only but you can easily configure or change it on the Client’s end. To entertain more features, just for the premium version of this program.

EnPass Password Manager

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Here is another application that comes with multi-platform support and an easy to comprehend features and interface. This is a kind of program that uses a third party cloud service to store your password database. Services mainly include Google Drive, OwnCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. It also provides tight security with 256-bit AES encryption and Master Password. This is the application that locks your computer if you leave it in an idle state. It removes your cookies or clipboard memory or vulnerable information after every 30 seconds to ensure your further safety.

LogMeOnce Password Manager

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LogMeOnce is a classy application which is also widely supported by Multiple Operating Systems. It is helpful for users, the personal and the Enterprise purpose management. The best feature included in it is the Mugshot. Yeah, in case I forget to tell you that it is also supported by your android device. That’s not all, if unfortunately you phone gets stolen and someone tries to gain access to your account, Mugshot captures his/her photo secretly. This application offers a two-way authentication that is even after losing your master password the intruder cannot find any access to your account information. And, yeah it comes with Military-level 256-Bit AES Encryption method.

SpiderOak Encryptr Password Manager

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This software programs uses Crypton JavaScript framework and is a cloud-based program. This is the one that is also recommended by Edward Snowden. This application is an open source, so no need to worry about pricing. It’s end-to-end encryption technology that is easily operable on multi operating systems. It is easy to use and handle with included basic features and a friendly UI. You can easily encrypt your Passwords, Financial details, or any other text using this program.

RoboForm Password Manager

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This is the application that should be a 10 by 10 on a scale of awesomeness. Besides providing you basic security techniques, it also gifts you a smart form filling feature. So whenever you log on to a website or fill any lengthy form for application, it saves your efforts and time both. This program also uses a military level AES-256 bit encryption method so no need to go further. Your password is as safe as it can be in the brain.  Also, is supports a wide range of browsers and Operating Systems including MAC, iOS, Android, and of Course Windows.

KeePassX Password Manager

This Program comes with a quick launch and a friendly interface. Not only suggested for a professional but also it focuses on Personal users. Yeah, it is a suitable application for both personal and professional usage. It is also a cross-platform application that runs under a General Public License. This program uses a database to store user credentials, web URLs etc. in a single UI. It gives you faster response and quickly adaptable features. Don’t worry about the database if you have any concerns, it stays always encrypted with high-end techniques.

In Conclusion

So this was some important piece of information on Top Best free Password Manager for windows. I hope you enjoyed it reading it. So what to wait for? Pick your best program and start saving your passwords. If you already have, then do share your experience with us. The comments box is right below, just saying. Thank you for getting here.