Top 10 Best PSP Emulators for Android in 2021

Say it or not, I know that Gaming Madness brought you here to Best PSP Emulators for Android. Thanks to the emulators for allowing us to enjoy the multitude of amazement; be it a Mind Boggling-Puzzle or Mission Games. Why..? It is because like you, there are many of the gaming enthusiasts who don’t have access to the Big Console. Let’s not forget the sound and graphics that are a long shot to ignore. What comes up here is what you sought. So, let’s bring forth the dish here of the Top PSP Emulators for Android users.

I am listing here some top rated and mostly used PSP Emulator for Android Smartphone, Tablet, TV, Laptop. all listed PSP Emulator can smoothly run all PSP version Games such as PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5.

Top PSP Emulators for Android

psp emulator for android

After sifting and sorting out the Best PSP Emulators, here are some of the picks for you. As usual, they are based on user reviews, ratings, performance scale, and most of all, cost-effectiveness. The order of my preference is the same as you dive down further. Read AlsoPSP Emulator for PC

List and Features of Best PSP Emulators for Android So Far

Rocket PSP Emulator

Best PSP Emulator for Android

It’s one of the Best PSP Emulator for Android that you won’t want to miss. Rocket PSP is loaded with features for PSP homebrew and games for android. This emulator lets you enjoy excellent performance in PSP games, perfect graphics, and better gameplay. You can simply use standard PSP ROMs, CSO, and ISO game formats to emulate PSP games.

It doesn’t matter whether you have any experience or not; the only thing that matters is Rocket PSP makes the gameplay easy as if it’s with the old school gaming console. Rocket PSP Emulator seriously consider graphics as the base for all the gaming fun. Gaming performance is good on both high-end and low-end devices (PS4 games load) with enhanced sound effects. The developer’s team also states that Rocket PSP Emulator is made for educational purposes and is free to use.


Best PSP Emulator for Android

The first choice for every die-hard gamer, and inarguably the best-known android Emulator around the globe. Available at the Play Store for no cost, the ratings and number of downloads are sure enough to help you choose it over many others. Compatible across Android and Desktop platforms, PPSSPP has an incredible set of settings and in-depth customization features.

It supports Full HD and High-Res gaming with enabling you to control the game through Touch, Keyboard, along with the support to resume and play the saved game later.

MATSU Emulator

Best PSP Emulator for Android

The free of charge Emulator is loaded with several subduing features as its previous counterpart. This PSX(PS One) emulator comes as an ad supporter. You can put it to use rather easily because it bunches Game-pad support and Virtual Screen Keyboard as input. Rendering HQ Sound, you can take screenshots of the Game in the middle, MATSU emulator saves the state of your game the moment you end an application. Furthermore, it doesn’t bother your memory much; easy on space. Want to have ad-free experience? Go for its purchased version. It’s worth it.

Sunshine Emulator for PSP

Best PSP Emulator for Android

Add all the functionality of PPSSPP and then, add some more. This is exactly what Sunshine Emulator brings to dance. Multi-platform interoperability, HD Graphics, error-free support of older versions of Android, and top-notch sound quality are some of the reasons why Sunshine makes its way on the third spot. Besides, custom controls, steadfast gaming speed, resuming save & load States, Sunshine Emulator is my choice for running heavy games. And it comes without any fee.


A respectable 4.23 ratings, about 2 million of downloads at play store, and packaged with Standard and Advanced features should take your gaze away from other emulators. Extreme Graphics and High-end sound support add another star to its reputation as it enables you never-ending gaming streak through network gaming, that too, with zero cost. You better get it from the Play Store now.


Compatible on both Android and Computer, you can enjoy High Resolution and Extreme graphics support with ePSXe emulator. Using the internal and external game-pads, your gaming experience is fortified further. Those having a knack of exploring the games to the ending stage, it offers you a bunch of cheat codes. Only one factor that seems to be the downside is the non-availability of its free version. Rest assured, ePSXe is a good take for Best of the best gaming experience.

PlayStation Bonus for Android

PSP Emulator Pro 2021

For an ultimate PSP gaming experience, PlayStation emulator has been designed specifically for Android users. Supported with extreme graphics, PlayStation is free to download from the Play Store and is accessible from any geographical location. A haven for Multi players, PlayStation also displays status of the peer gamers and the stats of which games they are currently playing. All the stats are gaming progress is displayed in the UI panel tracking entire activity history including the new additions made to the library.


Best PSP Emulator Android

The one based on the similar details and functionality is UltraPSP with many more discoverable features. The same old classy User Interface retains its rating and is right now residing on android devices. Customizable sound quality and graphics (acclimates according not the device’s configuration) are some of its best features with a bit of touch controls, different button styles, and the special ability to run the games that are either unsupported by many PSP emulators. Special mention, it is free to download and deploy. The state of game saved now can be resumed later on.

SuperFast PSP Emulator Pro

Best PSP Emulator Android

Specially crafted for Android users to play PSP games in android smartphones, it transforms your device into a gaming platform. Smooth gaming experience is delivered through Super fast PSP Emulator as the sound and Graphics quality are maintained to an optimum level. Like the other few I mentioned about lately, this PSP emulator also supports network gaming and can save your game state to continue on later. Free to download and install, so do have a look.

Retro Arch

Best PSP Emulator Android

Several tweaks made recently to Retro Arch are certainly helping this PSP Emulator for android to grab the eyes of gamers. Games apart, it is a good take for media players too. Slick Graphical UI, easy to configure and an extra stack of new features like shaders (Graphic filters), netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times, Joy Pad, Multiplayer gaming environment, and many other advancements have made it more popular and loved.

Make a video out of your favorite game, live stream your game play through YouTube, and browse for new games that are regularly refreshed in the app library. Of Course, it is free to run.

Emulator PSP Pro 2018

PSP Emulator Pro

Extensive Graphics and top class performance feature it on the Top 10 PSP Emulators here. It’s a Free PSP Emulator, to begin with, and is easily adaptable across Android and tablets rendering High Definition Graphics and Lightening fast Speed. Well, the performance factor mainly relies on how your device is configured. All in all, this Free PSP Emulator needs a rates fairly.

On the Way out

Out of many, there are some of the PSP Emulators speeding to grow their ratings and number of downloads. So, here is the thing, I’ll be looking for such with a spotless reputation to bring the very Best PSP Emulators here. Let me know who liked what, comments are welcomed through the text box below.