Top 11 Best PSP Emulators for PC to Play PSP Games on PC

Best PSP Emulators for PC: Hiya! Gamers, nothing seems more disturbing than a gamer holding himself back. A knack of the thrill, but lack of the big box; just recently, I found the best PSP Emulators for Android, and this one is for the bigger screens. So, in the ongoing quest, I found out some of the Best PSP Emulators for PC users that make them search for such everywhere on the Net. Reason is exactly the same as we have, craze for Game but, the amazement and madnessareall foiled by lacking a PlayStation. This is why, I am to throw some light on PSP emulators for gaming enthusiasts here and let them arrive at a feasible, conclusive, and maximal state to sort out the best in class in this category.

A bunch of PSP emulators are loaded with Multiplatform features that are supported across different Operating Systems. Just to let you know, the ones I listed here might be familiar to you. One, because, they are also a good-to-have-look emulators, two, they are best-rated, best in performance, and have loads of customizable options, Let’s have a stroll down the listed Best PSP Emulators for Windows another desktop users.

Best (Play Station Portable) PSP Emulators for Windows


Best PSP Emulators for PC


With up-scaled and dynamic texture for big screens, PPSSPP Emulator earns the top spot on the list. To add some more facts and stats, a 4.3 rating and over 9+million reviews from Android and PC users will do the justification. Adding no extra burden of purchase, the developer team keeps it located at the residential site under an open license. So, free to enjoy endless gaming with a wide range of high-end graphics games that too, with easy to customize, and capability to resume the game state. Read Also – 25+ Best GBA Games

Recently the core team has launched there updated version PPSSPP 1.10.3. you can play PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution. It is also a great PSP emulator for android.

  • Play PSP games on PC in full HD resolution
  • Save and restore PSP games state anytime, anywhere
  • Customize on screen touch controls OR use an external controller or keyboard.


Best PSP Emulators

Though Java-built emulators are sloppy in performance, JPCSP overcomes this shortcoming to make it to the second sweet spot for gamers. One of the most preferred PSP Emulator for Windows PC, JPCSP competes with PPSSPP in terms of performance, accessibility, features, and custom controls. With a list of over 600 games to offer, it also open source and the developers have tweaked it furthermore to match processor speed and extreme graphics. It is one of the most advanced PSP emulator which is developed on 2008

  • Easily support for nVidia Graphic cards
  • The Emulator program can run dual-core and quad-core CPU


PSP Emulators for PC

Supported both on Android and PC, PCSX2 is also an open source Play Station Portable emulator for PC users. Much of a choice for you of you have older versions of Operating Systems like7, Vista, XP, etc. and comes with downloadable file for both 32-/64 bit processor type. A snapshot and video tutorial is provided along to users who are not familiar with PCSX2 to get to the gaming on the go. YouTube it, there is more to get help. Read Also:- 15+ Free Multiplayer Android Games

  • Custom screen resolution up to 4096×4096 pixels
  • Unlimited memory cards
  • Save states and enabling you to quick save and load practically anytime, anywhere in your game
  • Use any external control keyboard, nice, PS3, Xbox360 etc.


Best PSP Emulators for PC

Easy on memory and sharp on performance, RetroArchhas been built to offer users at no cost. A built-in media player makes it easy for your videos to run along beside gaming. Cross-platform technology makes it rather a good choice for Android users too. RetroArch comes with a regularly upgraded interface, high-end graphics support, live streaming, save and load states capability, configurable and customizable options, that too, with video tutorials. Go, grab it from the open source website anytime. Read Also:- Best Android Puzzle Games

  • RetroArch can run on all popular platform like Windows, MacOS, android, iOS and Linux
  • Joipads are automatically configured when plugged in, same like real game console


best PSP Emulator for PC

ePSXe complements the list of best PSP Emulator for PC with its full-fledged set of features. Supporting both the Android and Windows platforms, ePSXe offers a brilliant Play Station gameplay rendering HD graphics and gaming controls. This PSP emulator comes with pad support with internal and external gamepads.

ePSXe also supports OpenGL HD enhanced graphics (all credit to Peopsxgl Plugin). If you need help with cheat codes, ePSXe has got them as well. All the feature-packed emulators come at a price; that’s why only die-hard gamers have used it so far. Currently, the emulator is available for all platforms, namely, MAC (32/64 bits), Windows (32 Bits), Linux (32/64 bits), on its official website. And to get it for Android, you know where to head to.

Potemkin PSP Emulator

Best PSP Emulators

How good would it be to give a negligible load to the processor and memory? Impressive and oldest, Potemkin PSP Emulator is free to download and is specifically designed by the developer’s group for PC users. Limited to a short number of games, Potemkin offers smooth compatibility since 2007.



Merging the best of the best libraries into OpenEmu PSP emulator, the tech team Multitude of controller option open for a free PC use. Apart from the Android devices, OpenEmuis a feasible option to get gaming amusement. With sophisticated game controls, the emulator organizes games as per your liking. OpenEmu makes it extremely easy to add, browse, organize and with a compatible gamepad, play your favorite games (ROMs) you already own. This PSP emulator specifically serves Mac Computers.

Sunshine Emulator for PSP

sunshine psp for desktop

With top-notch GUIand numerous performance factors, your gaming level is hyped further. Optimum sound quality, smooth network gaming, and features to load the saved games are some of its additions besides being identical to PPSSPP. Sunshine Emulator comparably comes with numerous games and libraries to offer endless array of games to add to your favorite list.


Best PSP Emulator Android

Honestly, recommended to Android users, but also a good-to-go option for PC users. It’s simplicity is more attractive that puts least stress on Graphics and memory/CPU. Games are quick to load and run, Awe PSP is free to download and install and can be a good option, provided you run out of these ones I told you about.

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