How to Send Full Resolution Photos In Whatsapp Without Losing Quality

This tutorial will guide you how to send full resolution high Quality photos on whatsapp on Android and iPhone. Uncompressed images will be larger in size but will keep the resolution same.

There are many such instant messaging services like whatsapp, in which sending photos to another whatsapp user gets compressed. Sometime Whatsapp compresses your send images so much as if you are using an older version smartphone. But you can easily get ride on it, let’s see How to send full resolution photos in whatsapp without Losing Quality OR without Compression.

Yes, there are some working Whatsapp Tricks with the help of which you can send any image with real size and resolution to whatsapp and that too without downloading any third party app. these same tricks works on both android and iOS.

How to Send Whatsapp Photos without Compression on Android

This is one of the easiest method to Send full resolution photos in whatsapp without Losing their Quality. If you have to send one or two images than use this trick.

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send whatsapp Photos without Compression on Android

Open your phones file manager / file Explorer and locate the particular images you want to send on whatsapp.

Simply open image > go to option and tap on Rename and just rename the image by changing the file extension to IMAGE.DOC, Go to on your whatsapp and send the .Doc file to your recipient’s as an attachment (the Paper clip icon) since the image has now been converted into a .DOC file.

After send the image, ask the recipient to rename the received file again .DOC to .JPG format to view in full resolution. Ask him to follow same process by which you changed the file extension.

How to Send Whatsapp Photos without Compression on iPhone

Open iphone’s photo app and Select the photo which you want to send without compress on whatsapp

Tap on the share icon and once the share menu open, tap on Save to File

Select iCloud Drive and tap on Save from the top right corner.

Simply send the person which you want to send the uncompressed image and Tap on Attachment icon and select Document instead of image.

Select the saved image file from iCloud Drive and tap on send

Send full resolution photos in whatsapp without compression by Creating Multiple Images as a ZIP

This trick helps when you have more images to send on whatsapp. Use File Manager OR any third party Zipping app to compress the entire image folder to be send.

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Now attach this ZIP file as document OR directly send from the file manager.

The recipient has to unzip it to get full resolution images without losing their quality.

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