How to Lock Whatsapp With Touch ID or Face ID In iPhone

As heard recently, the next generation of Smartphone’s is to get loaded by Touch Id and Face Id to ensure user’s safety. Adding much to users’ privacy, WhatsApp Group has now stepped a foot in to launch WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID lock and unlock system for users privacy through biometric authentication. For those who prefer to add an additional layer at their end, let us have some brief talk about How to Lock Whatsapp with Touch ID or Face ID.

To make it rather helpful for iPhone, this How to guide explains the methods and techniques for iPhone Or iDevices. Time to have a quick look and come to action. First, let’s have a look at How to Lock Whatsapp With Touch ID or Face ID for iPhone. Read Also – 8 Tips That Will Make Your Whatsapp More Privet and Secure

Steps to Protect WhatsApp with Face ID | Touch ID on iPhones

Thank WhatsApp, here are some notable measures for iOS users:

Alright, first things first, enable Face Id on your iPhone first. If done already, then make sure you have a recently updated version (2.19.20) of WhatsApp on your Phone.

  • Get started with launching WhatsApp first.
  • Go to the Gear Icon (Settings) and tap.
  • The Tap on Account.
  • Then Privacy, where you’ll seen option, Screen Lock.
  • In there you have to activate the Option on Require Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Once you turn the Button On, you get to set the activation time for Touch ID out of Immediately, After 1 Minute, After 15 Minutes, and After 1 Hour.
  • The next time you launch the App, you’ll have to authenticate using Face ID.
  • That is How to Activate Face ID for WhatsApp on iPhone.

Wrapping this up, there is plenty more to witness what changes would be put forth on the table. More will be unveiled when latest patches are made finally to release it in the market. Let’s keep expecting this Added layer of security brings all the users to the safer side.