10 Best Android Emulators for PC to Run Android Apps on PC

Imagine, how thrilling and amazing it would be to have Android Emulators for PC. There is no need to imagine because you can now. There are way too many reasons that make you do so. Playing Best Android games using the computer keyboard and mouse, or you might want to have that adventurous Bike racing Games for android or football game on a bigger picture. Just the way need it, I have arrayed down the Best Android Emulators for PC including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 etc to run android apps on PC for your purpose.

But first, for those buddies having no idea what an emulator is. In non-technical terms, it takes your mobile screens to the desktop screen, the experience gets more exciting and awesome when shifted from small screen to the bigger one. Emulation is when your android’s screen is synced with that of the PC (Windows/MAC, iOS). Be it your favorite game or your best movie.

Android Emulators For PC

For all the Big-Screen lovers, I have marked down these best ten. Let us now scroll down the page and read about each one mentioned with features and factors that make them make it to the top. The pointers like reviews, ratings, and comments gave me another handful in picking the right ones for you.


Android Emulator for PCThis free Android Emulator for PC comes with powerful gaming optimization support, easy game controls, and exclusive features. Focusing mainly on gaming performance, LDPlayer is a big surprise for the gaming community with a smooth gamepad, mouse, and keyboard controls. LDPLayers sets itself apart from the Best Android Emulator for PC that transforms your PC into a perfect android gaming platform.

High FPS support, multi-instance, macros, and extensive graphics are some of its features worth loving. The best part about LDPLayer is its support to a wide range of games like Free Fire, Clash of Clans, and Among Us. This emulator is one of its type that gets frequent updates to be compatible with every game. Not only gaming, but it’s also a well-acknowledged platform for social media networks. Check the stats if you don’t believe me; LDPLayer community is vastest and continues to grow worldwide.

AMIDuOSBest Android Emulators for PC

Android Emulator for PCAMIDuOS is first on the chart that also is a newbie in the best android emulator for pc business offering its service prices viz. for Android Lollipop, it’s $15 while for jelly Bean, it tolls you $10 for a lifetime usage. Useful for both the amateurs and professionals, it gets you multipurpose functioning based on productivity like when you are at the office and enjoying a movie while at home.

With a limited package of gaming features, it still is the best choice for worldwide users. For the basic and MD games and videos, the application is good enough. I’d rather suggest you look for the alternatives for some further diving in experience.

AMIDuOS Features

  • Runs on any Windows Version like Windows 7, 8 OR 10
  • AMIDuOS gives you full android experience on your windows device
  • AMIDuOS can run nearly all android application
  • It provides complete android tablet experience with multi-touch & gesture support like zoom, pinch, compass and GPS function.
  • Its support full hardware keyboard support include keyboard shortcut

MEmu Android Emulators for Pc

Android Emulator for PCMEmu is another recently stepped in emulator offering a promising support to the users. It finds compatibility with Android Jelly Bean, Lollipop, and Kit Kat. Also, it gets along 5 by 5 with both AMD and Intel chipsets. What more to say is run it on multiple instances at once, no problem whatsoever.

It definitely gets you what you seek from an ideal emulator because it can support almost all the games and apps that you usually want to get attached to. Best of all, it is available free

MEmu Features

  • Memu supports almost all additional supportive device like Mouse, Keyword, Game Pad etc that helps to play android game on your windows PC very smoothly.
  • Very user friendly and easy to use
  • Memu offers a complete custom android emulator or app allocation that helps fulfill your business and entertainment requirement.
  • Gives opportunity to play multiple android games using single account OR play same game easily using multiple account.
  • The best part of this emulator is, that the emulator support almost all android version like KitKat, Lollipop and android Jelly Bean

Andy – Best Android Emulators for PC

Android Emulator for PCIt was a glitchy start for Andy when it first made to the market but is free to install and use. As of now, it has seemingly no such issues pertaining to the technicality. It complies with a wide range of Android experience including apps, games, launchers and lets you enable the root access easily.

It is a tough one to beat when compared to Bluestacks (next on the list) because its focus is more on the productivity. You may have some installation issues depending on the built and Android version. When it doesn’t give your wallet any trouble, you should go try it.

Andy Features

  • The best thing of this android emulator is, ARM support – you can directly install app in your andy OS emulator through your windows device.
  • Use your phone as remote control while playing games.
  • The android emulator is based on VirtualBox, It does not require any dedicated graphic card to function smoothly and works smoothly even on intel HD graphic.

BluestacksBest Android Emulators for PC

Android Emulator for PCRecently undergoing some modification, Bluestacks gains the 6th spot on the list. It received the latest patches from the development team. Allegedly, the bluestacks 2 is considered the better, revamped, and a stable option than the previous one.

It enables you with multitasking, detecting the location by a screen shake, but is still most preferred for gaming rather than a tool considered for productivity. It is available at a premium monthly subscription of $2 per month. My suggestion..? Your call…

Bluestacks Features

  • One of the most popular and widely used android emulator for PC OR android app player for windows PC.
  • Very user friendly and One-Click installation on the windows system.
  • Easily install third party app .APK’s file OR android apps by double clicking on .APK file
  • No need to require any third party virtualization (virtualBox not required)

Nox Android EmulatorBest Android Emulators

Android Emulator for PCAnother game banger for gamer and a lookalike (function-wise) to Blustacks is Nox. It seems to work fine as assumed looking at the reviews and ratings.  With no crash reports or errors, it also seems to have had no issues so far. The gaming experienced is rather emulsified and what more is required from a freely available emulator.

With the swipe enabled feature you can simulate actual gestures directly on your keyboard or joystick. Most of users say this is one of fast response android emulator for windows PC.


Nox Android emulator Features

  • One click root hide/ Un-hide
  • Able to specify the CPU processor and RAM size. Which is best for gamer and App testers to check resource usage.
  • Keyboard Mapping for Touch input, including Gamepad, Script recording and multiple instances
  • Our recommended android emulator for PC to play your favorite android games on PC

KoPlayer – Android Emulators

Android Emulator for PCIt is yet another new player in the market of Android Emulators for Windows 7, 8, 10 that made it to the top ten. The main reason behind reaching the top ten is because of the features enabled for the gaming geeks. Use key mapping to use your keyboard, record your games while you play and upload it later.

With easy installation, it m ay give you a hiccup while you are in the middle of gaming. Available free to use, shouldn’t make it worth not be used. Beware of the bugs, though.

Genymotion – Android Emulators

Android Emulator for PCAnother free to use and install Android Emulator for PC If you are more into the testing stuff rather than just playing, Genymotion suits your requirement. It is an easy to install and configure emulator that is also available to set some amusing experience for a variety of devices and versions of Androids.

The emulator comes all prepped up for Android version 4.2 to 6.0 and can be switched between the devices with ease. For consumer purpose, though, it is not an effective solution.

LeapdroidAndroid Emulators

Android Emulator for PCHere is another newly landed emulator that seems far better in performance and compatibility. The Android instance is created on your PC to utilize a virtual machine getting you the glossy range of options with the optimized set of tools.

It support for all the games and apps is optimum level. It runs smoothly with a faster boot speed and competes with the best emulators that offer better gaming experience.

Manymo – Best Android Emulators for PC

Here is the last one on the list but catchy enough to make you think. Manymo is one of its kind emulator that is available and works online and is also a cross-platform emulator. Comes compatible virtually with every desktop OS that does not depend on whatever the kind of chipset the computer is equipped with.

Moreover, you‘ll get to have some development tools with it which make me think is a best-suited option for developers. Mind the pricing because, for the consumer purpose, it is not a good to go for an option.


There are a lot of reasons why you want to run Android emulators for your PC, not just fun, but also some official purposes. App developers always try to test their apps releasing the beta versions prior to the main launch. Some are the best-suited ones for gamers, while some are kickass from a developer’s viewpoint. I suggest you have some technical go through before installing one for your usage. Also, note that many of these emulators are identical in terms of functionality and options. What do you say about 10 Best Android Emulators for PC? Are there any you chose yet? Let me know.

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