Top 5 Best Free Alarm Clock Software for Windows In 2021

In this article we will discuss about Best Free Alarm clock software for windows. For those of you acknowledging the value of their time, this is exactly the right time to choose the best alarm clock for you. All we want these days is a planner and the one that can wake us up from our desks, hectic long work hours, or may be from our beds.

But honestly, I don’t believe I can do anything on time if don’t have any alarm around me. True, isn’t it? I remember back in my kindergarten days when my mom dad used to help me out of my cozy bed every morning. But now, being a professional and staying away from home can’t bring me back those days. So it is time to manage on my own. Yeah, but we are here to talk about just professionalism here aren’t we? So let us roll down the page and gather some information about the software that will be helpful enough to get you to the next meeting, to catch the most awaited concert, or maybe to a date.

Best Free Alarm Clock Software For Windows

It’s not just about getting ready on time it is also about being there on time. In this age of facebook and twitter, it is the easiest to use your computer not just to store some information, but to be your day planner as well. The awesome and cool thing is that wherever you are, at home listening to your favorite numbers, preparing your media, or at home all saddled up for the next presentation all you need is just to set a schedule on your laptop or desktop. And to help you do so here are the best alarm Clock software for you. Let’s check it out.

Alarm Clock HD

The best part about finding stuff on Microsoft Store is you don’t have to worry about system security. Packing some of the best features, Alarm clock HD meets your every need perfectly as it displays world clocks, weather updates, currency exchange rates, cool pleasing graphics.

This clock displays three free world clock in the free version; if you like it, you can upgrade at as little as $ 1.99 to unlock the remaining 15 world clocks. As for setting the alarm, you can set it to any specific time on a particular tone, repeat it on any day, or if you want, you can put it to snooze at any moment. Alarm Clock HD allows you to customize themes, clock styles, clock brightness, etc.

Alarm Clock

This application is as simplest as its name and I tell you this is what it absolutely does. Easy and free to use, this alarm clock software has a plain and a common looking interface that will also be a friendly one if have installed it in your computer. It has a total of eight alarms that you can set for each day and an additional one for you know just in case.

An important one, you can use a .mp3 or a .wav file as your alarm tone because, when it’s about you, it should be of your choice right. It rings the bell well on all the versions of Windows like XP (32-bit and 64-bit), NT/ME, 2000, Vista, and 95.

Free Desktop Clock

Let us take the Alarm system to a bit fancier level here. Well, this one is also available on the internet free of any charges. Besides, all the basic functionalities that a proper alarm clock must have, it comes with a cool looking user interface which is also a customizable one.

Also, it loads whenever you start your computer and if you have any color-related issues, just change the clock background to transparent. Easily used over by many users, it gives you a 12-hour format to make it easier and a variety of color skins to get you love it. Including the earlier version of Windows like XP, Vista, Server 2000-2003, NT, and 2008, it also easily compatible with Windows 7.

Cool Timer

The list is getting cooler here as the next software gives you what it stands for. Here some advanced level timing is taken care of for users who prefer a multitasking alarm clock. This application gives you a 99-hour timer with the countdown and all the basic stopwatch functions. It is free to use, it comes with support for MIDI, .mp3, and, wave files. Users can easily fall in love with its interface and can also add their messages to list the purpose of setting a particular alarm. Just like a memo as easy as it can be.

It doesn’t disappoint you when it’s about reliability, and compatible features, and a cool customized interface. This also supports Windows 7 along with all the previous versions such as XP, Vista, NT/ME, Server 2000, 2003, and 2008, and 98.

Free Alarm Clock

As we go down further, there are many new things we get close to knowing. Here is what you can have with this free Alarm Clock Software. Set your favorite theme color, customize the interface the way you want, and set your favorite alarm tone. Wait, that is just not it. It has the built-in set-off alarm tones that you can choose, only if you can’t have any of your own.

The source of attraction is not just limited to looks, you can set your alarm to loop, snooze it for another few minutes, and can also wake your computer from the sleep mode by turning on the monitor. Moreover, it provides online help to use and manage it if you are not finding it work. I don’t think you’ll need that anyway because it is easiest and most loved tool to wake up with.

Multilingual Speaking Clock

Now how good would it be if the clock tells you, it’s a wake-up time? Just taking the alarm clock stuff to another level, here is the Multilingual Speaking Clock that speaks for you, to you, and to alarm you. The interface has been kept as simple as possible to let your attention only on the purpose. The classical look comprises of a gray background and a digital looking interface. The easiest to set alarm and the lovable interface is all you need to wake you up. Oh, wait! there is a sound too. Back to the time when someone else reminded you of what time it is.

The developer team has done well keeping in mind the need of all the possible users. But, some languages are there that you might find missing. But, if you visit its official site, you will find your preferred language for sure. This Clock tool has a full support for all the earlier versions of Windows i.e. Windows 2003, Windows Me, Windows 98, 95, 2000, Vista, NT, and XP. Hopefully, it will work amazing for Windows 7 users as well.

So this was our topic on Top Best Free Alarm Clock Software For Windows. Hope you liked reading it, because I did as I keep writing about these cool applications. These software’s will pretty much make you a time lover as you try them out. And in case I missed out something, you know what to do. The comment box is right below. Have a happy time and thanks for the read.