Top 6 Best Free Disk Partition Software for Windows in 2021

Best Free Disk Partition Software for Windows 7, 8, 10 – So here is what I would say is as important for home users as well as the geeks. In today’s discussion, I’ll be assisting you with the topic on Best Free Disk Partition Software for Windows. Let us take a look at your disk space. It’s the thing that you should be concerned about when you are running out of memory resources on your desktop or laptop. Things get tangled up pretty easily when you can’t find a way to keep checking the Disk space regularly.

And I bet you all must be well aware of the fact that when the system files get jingled up with your personal or official data, the vulnerability gets escalated to the next level. So, let’s not let it happen to your system when you can easily afford to avoid such risks. You know, you might need a fresh new copy of an OS anytime. So, be alarmed of the risks that may come in the way.

Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

How can you save your system data and your own data? Partition is the way to reach the safest place. And, figuratively speaking, this safe place is your partition that you create for safe keeping the data. Hard Disk is a tangible space, only one. But, you can make as many partitions in it as you want.

They are called the Logical drives and act just the same as the physical one. How to do it? Well, that is what you are going to know about in this article here. There are many friendly applications that are helping users worldwide to get this done. Let’s have a gander at the listed ones.

Active@ Partition Manager

best Disk Partition Software

With a dedicated build version for Windows, ACP is a free tool that comes with support for FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ReFS, HFS+, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, BtrFS, UFS, XFS, and JFS file systems. Active Partition Manager allows you to Create, Delete, Resize a partition or logical drive/volume on FAT, exFAT, NTFS systems easily.

This software is a windows-only tool with which you can manage hard disk drives and logical partitions without any feature restrictions.

ACP processes tasks so quickly that you don’t even require to restart the computer. The most notable feature of Active@ Partition Manager is editing the MBR table and changing the boot volume. In case you advance to Windows 10, you can convert the MBR partitioning scheme to GPT, the new partition style on UEFI firmware. If it comes across a damaged partition in the logical drives, then Active@ Partition Manager can rollback the changes and restores your computer to the last known good state.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

This mini tool is a big surprise package that comes with many kinds of supports. When it comes to partition and maintenance of disks, it takes the load of both the internal and external drives. Quick and easy to handle interface, with which, you can manage Move/Resize, Split, Merge, Format, hide, or Copy operations with ease. That is not all, you have additional 15+ features to perform your preferred operations while partitioning.

The operating systems it supports is Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. It’s I would say a single-step solution for your job that converts NTFS and FAT systems interchangeable, hides the partition, and extends them without partitioning.

EaseUS All-in-one Partition Manager

Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

EaseUS is a just in time application when it comes to recovering the lost data besides just doing all the basic and necessary functions. Its specialty is having the three packed tools: Partition Manager, Data Recovery, and Backup & Restore. It has a user-friendly interface.  Its basic features are resizing, move, copy, create, delete, hide-unhide, File System conversion, explore and formatting partitions.

It hosts 15 tasks that can be carried out on an unlimited number of devices. Meanwhile, it got an ease when it comes to compatibility with Windows Operating System like 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. So you should not be having any issue putting it to use. But if you want some disc-related functionality then better go for a pro-version.

Paragon Partition Manager

Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

Once you download and install it, run it. Now don’t be confused as it may look like you are on another version of Windows 8. This is exactly you’re not. Coming to the functionality, it is enabled with drag and drop features you can preview of what your drive is going to look like after done. Users can preview the Volume size just by entering some values in the dialog box of the application. What more it has up its sleeves is “Automatic Partition Alignment”. And what it does is it fastens the drive’s performance.

The wizard finishes and reenacts your system after a quick system restart. The basic features are the same as those of mentioned above. You can create and format partitions, Move, resize, delete any partition, Change the file system type from NTFS to FAT or vice-versa. Window XP, Windows Vista,     Windows 7, and Windows 8 are the buddies that go along with this manager application without any hiccups. Want additives for your manager? Then go for the upgraded version.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

The last one ion the list is this one here which can not only manage Disk Volume but also     can migrate on an Operating System. Talking about the interface, it is user-friendly and attractive. Drag and drop feature is available where you can resize it specific to your need. And here is the kickass feature that most of the free applications don’t come with.

Yes, it takes care of your bootable disks when windows boot system fails. When we talk about free use, it is the one to go for both the personal and commercial purposes. Besides the basic dos and tasks, it enables users a support to Converting GPT and MDR disks.


Best Disk Partition Software for Windows

GParted hits the mind when arriving at some reliable and a considered solutions for your task. The (GParted) Gnome editor is used to hide, convert, delete, resize, move, copy, explore, format, and un-hide the partitions. The jobs it hands you dome within a few moments and a few clicks.

Users can make the partition table and also, they can enable/disable the partitions flags handling the booting. Besides the NTFS file system, it is widely supported by FAT system and is running successfully over Windows and Linux systems. Just in case, it can also recover your lost data from a disk.

In Conclusion

The applications are free to use unless you want something that requires your extreme attention. For full-packed versions of these Partition managers, I suggest users opt for the paid versions. Meanwhile, winding up the topic here, I got to ask for your review now.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list of Best Free Disk Partition Software for Windows. All the application that were mentioned here made it to the top because of the users’ and readers’ reviews. And if I happened to miss any other software that deserves to be among them, do let me know. I’ll be here posting some more tips and tips. And help others just like you. You got that, now it feels even better when you give your knowledge. See you soon.