12 Best Free Online Virus Scanners in 2021

Online Virus Scanners:- How often does it occur to you?  You browsed through some random site on the internet, and you start noticing your computer acts like a turtle. It abrupt behavior is far dangerous than your fever right. Care to look at the main causes there; might have become a victim of a virus, Trojan, worm, or any other sort of malware attack. Wondering about the situation, I thought to have your solution to it through Best Free Online Virus Scanner.

You are left in a wonder why is your computer being attacked despite being secured by the best antivirus? Well, reasons might be any of these, no internet security, no firewall turned on, of an outdated or obsolete database. Believe it or not, I received a mail one day from another user saying “My Resume”. It was a simple word processed document with macros enabled. Who does that? Was it a resume or something? I am thankful for that moment that I didn’t click that file to see what’s in it.

Best Free Online Virus Scanners

Keeping this urgency in mind, I have mentioned some worthy online Virus scanners that let you have a safe internet use. Don’t be confused if some ask you for extra additives like add-ons or plugins. That will be to safe-keep your privacy and online protection. In the list dispatched here, I tried to keep the information precise, short, and as noteworthy as possible. Let’s check it out now.



Avira went by the name Avira classic back when it is vaguely known for desktop support only. Lately, it has evolved as the most reliable tool to remove an online threat, whether Android or Computers. Bagging awards for best performance and firewall security named Pua Shield, Avira protects you online from malicious websites by its Safe Browsing feature. Its online antivirus protection system comes with a built-in feature that hides your IP address from prying eyes. Moreover, Avira is a favorite among 500+ million users.

Virus Total

Virus total hands you an ability to see pop up alert before your antivirus does. It checks the entire system directories running through every suspicious or malicious activity your system is prone to and helps you remove the dangerous ones easily with excellence. It may take a while to get you secure as the file scanner runs online and is worth a little wait.

Dr. Web

It has been a long a runner in the best online virus scanners market. So far, so good; keeping the legacy and still providing the best online Antivirus services to the worldwide customers. Besides, just being an online file scanning service, the team also offers users a URL Scan that they request It is the simplest yet effective option to go for.

BitDefender Online Virus Scanner

Just like Dr. Web, I’d prefer you to opt for BitDefender as it has been on my list for like years now. I also tried its antivirus program back when I had Windows XP. As the team has succeeded to upkeep the name in the online market, my highly preferred online security tool is BitDefender. It works just as fine as the one I mentioned lastly.

Trendmicro Housecall

Another great alternative to the big names is Trendmicro. IT provides the basic and in-depth protection to your PC. This online scanner is the kind of appreciated service to protect your computer. But if you have a little patience to wait, go for it. It is reliable and gives you the result that is worth waiting for.

ESET Online Virus Scanner

It is the one that has been dominating the market in the race of online scanning platforms. The ESET team had also launched a successful offline anti-malware application named ESET NOD-32, the one whose splash screen pops up with a robotic head. The online security it provides is appreciable. So far, it has done an impeccable job keeping many computers away from online threats.

Panda ActiveScan 2.0

It gives me a pleasing and cheering sense whenever I talk about Panda. It is the sort of online security provider that gets updated regularly. It is found compatible mostly with all the browsers. Once you visit the site, you’ll be asked to make a full scan as well as a quick scan. Depends on you, how critical your system is. However, the full scan is definitely going to take up some of your time, again, just depends on how deep your computer is affected by the outside threat.

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

F-Secure is the one and only online scanner in this list that comes with built-in Java Technology. The Java Runtime Environment runs the online scanning process. All you have to have is a Javascript-enabled browser to get compatible with it. It gets more added set of tools to interest you with PC Health Check, System Backlight, and Cleaning capabilities etc.

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Symantec Security Check

It is another upgraded tool from Norton that was my first choice when I was a naïve computer user. Symantec is here for like many years and is till getting lot of recognition for both the offline and online security of worldwide users. It distinguishes the scanning process in two different phases each for online security and computer scan. There is one thing you need to take care of, though; it is supported only on Internet Explorer. However, if you find yourself a liking towards it, just go for it.

Avast Online Virus Scanner

Avast is also the same as Symantec, it also features full security support including the offline and online. Its Antivirus program is widely being used and rated by the users. There are all sorts of scanning methods available for the PC use, however, the online scanning program scans the system one file by one accepting the files sized below 16 Mb. Also, users have not a properly secured channel to get their computers tuned with the online scanner.


Virscan comes with a larger database engine that clears the system deeper and faster. Just like Avast, it doesn’t provide a tunneled method of Secured Socket Layer while scanning the system files. This may land on a two-way route before you start considering it for cleaning up the threats.


The files you think are suspicious, upload them, and scan them. That is how ThreatExpert does it. Operated with its Antivirus engine, it does the terrific job while talking about security. That makes it differed from other online scanners as I mentioned above.

In Conclusion

Summing up my talks with you here; there are yet many other programs to find helpful for your job. In case I missed some, let me know. If you have your say on it, shoot away through the comments given below. Hoping, this list of best Free Online Virus Scanner to Scan Your Computer or File helped you find your pick, I will be seeing you more here. Thank you for being here to read these informative top ten.

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