Top 6 Free Best Audio Editing Software for Windows In 2021

Best Audio Editing Software:- Greetings to you explorers and readers, hope you are going just as earlier. Let that be about creating a ringtone out of your favorite film song or creating a fusion of songs for the dance in the college, or even the one piece of music that makes you moved; effective audio editing software is necessary for which I have listed the Top 6 Best Audio Editing Software. You know, just for the love of music, only for true lovers of it.

Carrying on further, when you are passionate about music creation and do want your output in the best possible & professional manner, you have to depend on the fully-fledged environment to get the best out of your efforts. Just like any other purpose, choosing one solution for audio editing would be tough enough, given the different capabilities each tool possesses.

Best Audio Editing Software for Windows

best audio editing software

Here, however, we will have a list of Top 5 best Free Audio Editors for Windows. But, do keep in mind that each tool is suitable for unique purposes and you can’t just choose one and go. Therefore, I tried to point out the relevant and noteworthy features of each audio editor, letting you get the tool that suits the particular use of yours. Let’s scale down the page to find out more.


Ardour is one of the best Audio Editing Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This masterpiece is built explicitly by the team of music engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors, and composers. Aurdour is your ultimate stop to record, edit (cut, copy, stretch, delete, trim, crossfade, transpose, or align), and mix your audio with less hassles.

You can also edit the MIDI track reaping the best of its non-linear editing and non-destructive features. Ardour works seamlessly across different audio formats, and its capability is further complemented by AudioUnit, LV2, LinuxVST and LADSPA formats, and FX plugins. If you are on the lookout for a professional sound editor, head to Ardour and find its open-source code or download package for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Main Features of Ardour:

  • Open-source Audio Editor (pay as low as $1 to access advanced features)
  • Cross-platform
  • Beginner-friendly program
  • Easy on budget.


This new simple and best Audio Editing Software has a clean and colorful user interface. It’s so easy to use! It’s fast and its lightweight compared to Audacity. It’s bundled with loads of effects (including compression, EQ, and reverb) that you can apply and tweak in real-time. This is a huge benefit as most free editors are destructive (they record effects straight to the audio) so you have to rely on a ‘preview’ button. This is how Audacity works, for example. But in open audio you can play with the parameters of the effect and hear the changes instantly.

The editor has VST support so you can use your own plugins. It’s easy to record audio straight into the software as well. There are lots of useful tools (such as a spectrogram) for the more advanced user. One downside of this software is that it only supports single stereo/mono files. You can’t have a multi-track session and record several instruments in your home studio and mix them. But for editing stereo music files, or mono audio files (such as a voice recording) this is awesome. It’s also relatively simple in terms of features compared to Audacity, although they aren’t trying to compete on that front.


WavePad which comes from NCH Software that is known for the easy-to-use productivity tools — is a good-to-go, intuitive solution when you need professional-level audio editing on your PC. You can use the tool for the creation of a music fusion by blending different tracks and professional music creation through recording and all. WavePad does offer support for almost every popular audio format, such as MP3, WAV, VOX, GSM, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc. And, as it comes to the audio editing aspect, you have both advanced and standard features. For instance, WavePad offers lots of functions like copy, insert, silence, auto-trim etc.

In addition, WavePad lets you apply certain sound effects to your work as well. On top of all, a tab-based interface of WavePad makes more than enough sense, and you will have to get additional plug-ins if you want to enhance productivity tools. It has both the Free and Premium Versions starting from $39.95.That is why it is on top of the list in Top 5 best Free Audio editors for windows.

The Audio editing software is available for all OS platform such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.


This is the godfather of completely free & best audio editing software. You can multi-track to an extent (have more than just one stereo track e.g. a full band recording). There is a range of effects and plugins, and it’s easy to use once you get used to it. It’s by far the most popular free audio editing software. Volume automation is easy using the envelope. Deleting and muting sections of audio is also a breeze. The recording is easy too.

It does have its drawbacks, though. The user interface is not particularly appealing, and there a lot of features that you’ll rarely use that clutter the toolbar. It looks a bit ancient, but it gets the job done. This is an awesome starting point for anyone wanting a free editor.


Wavosaur is absolutely free and one of the best audio editing software for 2017. The software lies between a Digital Audio Workstation and a minimalistic music mixing tool. It will be possible for you to edit a different kind of tracks. It offers some great features like copy, cut, paste and various processing ways. You can have ASIO support and multi-channel audio editing support and VST support. The tool is completely free of cost and it is available for Microsoft Windows XP, 7, Vista.

Acoustica Basic

Easy to set up a project and start recording. It has a scrub tool which can be extremely useful! Unfortunately, the basic edition does not support multi-tracking but there are some great analysis tools.

This is also the only free audio editor that I have come across that comes with a convolution reverb (a special type of digital reverb you can use to semi-accurately model any room). You have to use your own impulse files, though.

In conclusion

So how was your reading experience? Frankly speaking, it is amazing to render you such details after searching and sorting from my end. I hope, you got the same experience. Meanwhile, you can download any of the above Best Free Audio Editors for Windows and edit your numbers any way you want. So, download the application, choose your favorite number, and trim it as you suit, simple and plain.

All the tools and programs that I mentioned here were preferred by users’ and readers, who also happen to be the experts, just saying. So, no need to stress yourself out whether to go for it or not. In case, I left or missed any point, do let me know. I’d be thankful for your suggestion and any query. Hoping to see you here again with a new update. Till then, way to go; keep exploring. See you all very soon.