QR codes on Trading Cards: Authorize and Secure your Collectibles

Card games have evolved from what we grew up with — the Pokémon cards, NBA cards, and the baseball ones.

As this was an instant hit during the Y2K era, the numbers of cards produced from the common down to the rare ones were astounding. The famous “Catch ‘Em All” cards are estimated at 13,501 sets for the trading cards that are printed in the English language. This does not include promotional cards, booster toppers, or other cards.

To know whether your latest card draw is genuine or a replica, card game creators are now incorporating QR codes to authenticate the card they send to the GameStop store and other accredited stores worldwide.

Most of them use a QR code generator available online to create the QR code for each rare card they make and send out.

Curious how QR codes are used to secure and authenticate these collectible cards? Read on to learn more.

1. Direct to the NFT version of the card

With NFTs growing more popular, trading card creators that want to keep the authenticity of the cards they create are also NFTs to create buzz and attract more buyers.

This also means giving their buyers a chance to have full digital ownership of the rarest card they can draw through the sets they purchase.

For the buyers to know if they can get their very own trading card NFTs, the makers are also using a QR code on the card to direct them to it. This adds to the thrill of the chase for trading card collectors.

2. e-Certificates

Wanna know how trading card makers use QR codes to store a digital copy of the certificates on the card?

The trick lies in one QR code solution used. That is through the use of a PDF QR code solution online.

The digital copy of the certificate is saved inside the code, which will be embedded in the card after getting it certified.

3. Redirect buyers to their online store

Want to boost your online store traffic? QR codes are the perfect tool for you.

Just add the code to trading card packaging and encourage your buyers to drop by your store to browse more offerings and make their first order online (if they bought the card in the physical store).

You can also use a QR code generator with a logo online to sophisticate your online store QR code design, then add your logo and call to action to it. This can make your QR code stand out more in the packaging.

4. Lead them to a new trading set card release trailer

For trading card makers, the thrill of collecting trading cards from Pokémon down to the Sports icons never ends. This opens up a new possibility for them to expand the collection for buyers to dig in and hunt for cards that are truly worth the money.

With every carefully crafted collection, they can use QR codes to lead their buyers to the next card release. They can either put a video trailer or a little teaser about it.

Collecting trading cards nowadays has become a very lucrative hobby that cost collectors hefty amounts of money from the collection, down to authentication. As QR codes today are used by trading card authenticators to verify the card’s rarity every time a buyer checks them, trading card makers are also using them to add more surprises to the cards they sell.

With their evolution, trading card makers can easily apply the use of QR codes and unlock more ways to store and secure their collectible trading cards.