How to Cope With the Burnout?

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Constant stress and hard work bring us to burnout. Every year more and more people are getting stressed. It is becoming a real burden for some people to cope with stress and burnout. If you feel tired or come home after a hard-working day, the best option is to chill and relax by joining the Vave login

What Is Burnout?

Burnout is the reaction of our organism to prolonged stress. The worst thing about burnout is that it is accompanied by various symptoms that affect our professional abilities. 

Burnout can be in any sphere. Do not think that people who are working in the business sphere can be affected. Professional sportsmen can be caught burnout as well after the competitions or during their training.

The World Health Organisation defines it as a syndrome resulting from chronic work stress that has not been managed. During burnout, the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases in the body. Moreover, the production of the joy hormones dopamine and serotonin decreases. This leads not only to physical changes but also greatly affects the perception of oneself. There is a terrible feeling that all your work is done for no reason and there is no, or there will be no result in the future. It is definitely wrong! 

One of the first causes of burnout is the lack of a reasonable balance between stress and rest. Today, scientists found too many different stress factors that influence our life. As every person is an individual, each of us has a different antistress shield and different life experiences. But everything starts the same. It all starts with the possibility of achieving or not achieving some goals. A person himself makes excessive demands on himself, and society forces him to meet certain standards.

How to Find Burnout?

Often the symptoms of burnout are mistaken for ordinary overwork. Some people try to relieve them with a weekend break, a short vacation, or emotions from an expensive purchase. To overcome fatigue, it will really be enough to get enough sleep. But if it comes to burnout, then neither a day nor a week of rest will solve the problem.

Burnt-out holidays bring neither pleasure nor satisfaction. They simply cannot switch and stop worrying about work. Therefore, after the break, they continue to remain depressed.

Another interesting option is that people who caught burnout might think that they have become lazy. That is why work is hard for them, and they just lie at home. You just need to pull yourself together and overcome laziness. In fact, the forces may simply no longer remain, and one cannot get out of this state by an effort of will.

You can distinguish burnout from fatigue and laziness by the steady changes that have appeared in behavior, physical condition, feelings, and train of thought. They do not go away after the rest, and if they disappear, then for a short time and still come back.

What to Do?

The best way to deal with burnout is to see a therapist. It is better to tune in to long-term work since treatment in one session is impossible. Psychotherapy will help to pay attention to all areas of life, restore boundaries, work out feelings and emotions, and learn to manage perfectionism and guilt.

Along with psychotherapy, it is important to take control of some aspects of daily life. In the future, they will become a support for finding a balance between work and yourself.

Rest is the most essential in our life. Observe sleep hygiene. Sleep as much as possible. Do not sit till late at night. Prepare your bedroom, check the light, and let the fresh air fill the room. 

Rest should be precisely rest, not a change of picture and impressions. Bars, travel, and concerts will help to unwind but not recover. Do not forget that having participated in the concert just changes the environment around you. You still get lots of information, and your brain needs a rest. Isolation might be useful. You can isolate yourself from people so as from different devices. Today, we communicate with the whole world, so it is essential to take a pause sometimes. 

Our life is a run. Some scientists say that during our life, one average person does five laps over the planet. Make sure you do more laps! Connect physical activities or practices. Try meditation, yoga, nature walks with friends or alone, sports, or the gym. But it is important not to force yourself to do what you do not like. If you are not a fan of exercise machines, you can try running or stretching. You can find many amazing sports activities that can become your best hobbies. Besides that, they will open new possibilities by meeting new people around the world.

The hardest part for many people is managing the working day. Tasks may never end. It is especially difficult to manage the day if the work format is remote. You will have to clearly define the boundaries for yourself and your colleagues. Do not be afraid to use a contract as the boundaries. In many cases, you won’t get extra pay for working extra hours. 

Before starting tasks, change clothes: home clothes make it difficult to focus on work. At the end of the day, you can leave the house for at least 20 minutes to reboot and switch to rest mode.

Assign achievements, and your life will become easier. You need to evaluate your performance on a daily basis. This is important both for the prevention of burnout and in order to feel the dynamics and one’s own value.

Try to write down in the evening everything that was done today: absolutely all actions, physical, emotional, and mental. Calls to work and parents, a washed floor, a constructively lived conflict, a healthy diet, a drunk norm of water, and a well-parked car. Absolutely everything will be an achievement. It is worth praising yourself for a big thing, and for a small one, for a very important and secondary one. 

Stay safe and healthy, and your life will smile on you!