6 Best Android Emulator for Linux to Run Android Apps on Linux

Best Android Emulators for Linux:- Has your curiosity ever elevated your experiencing the smartphone on a big picture? Did you ever try to play those boom blaster android games on your Linux PC? If not, now give a try. Let us find out how. Today, I am detailing you about how to access your smartphone apps and media on your PC through Android Emulator For Linux. What is an emulator? Take a scroll and let’s find out its tits-bits before I set you with the Best Android Emulators for Linux.

Understanding Emulation

Emulation simply refers to imitation, and in computers, it refers to replicating the device applications and media and running them on PC as if they run on your Android device. Simply, your phone’s interface becomes much bigger to let you enjoy the games and other stuff on a desktop’s screen. There are ways to do it and I am going to talk about some of them here specifically, via an emulator. Here are some of the Best Android emulators for Linux PC.

Top Android Emulators for Linux OS


Android Emulator for LinuxAndroid-x86 is your perfect companion to run Android as a virtual machine on your Linux OS and test apps mainly. Adding it to best Android Emulator for Linux suffices here. This open-source project is a port of Android for x86-based systems that’s updated regularly. It’s one of the few good Android emulators for Linux that’s known for stability so far.

It’s easy and straightforward to install Android x86 on your Linux OS. Once you download the Android x86 ISO file on your system, your next move should be to create a virtual machine and set the ISO file to its boot device. The next process is to install the Android on your new VM. Like I said, Android-x86 is good enough for testing apps; however, as a gamer, do try the other emulators in the above recommendations.

Key Highlights of Android-x86:

  • Free Android Emulator for Linux
  • Accessible through Virtual Machine
  • How-to-install and How-to-setup-guide is available on the official website


Bluestacks is also an open source SDK and goes along with your Linux PC smoothly. The app designers and developers vaguely claim to have impressed over 85+million users and from the standpoint of advertisers and users, it is actually a great deal to crack.

Adding more perks to users’ entertainment, the platform is offered free. Log on to your Google account to get started; once you do so, you can easily install the app, which then, searches for the running mobile applications automatically. Interface is easy on hold on to with a bit more features to add to your window screens such as push notifications and added icons for chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.


Android Emulator for LinuxIf you want to rely on an emulator a bit more than just playing videos, games and all, try out the next level experience with Genymotion. Not just for gaming purpose, its equipped feature-set allows users to experience something better than just games. Its list of applications is endless hence, paving a smooth way of accessibility to users and developers. From curating a mail to playing HD Games, or even to revamping your battery settings; all at one place and that is GenyM. The musings never run out as this emulator has constantly upgrading libraries and features. If it’s serving you like a king, do try its premium version, which I bet, is a good deal to bag. Its minimum purchase is for $136 a year; most suitable for developers, unless otherwise, free version is best suited to consumer use.


Android Emulator for PCThere is a whole lot of additional features that one can enjoy with Andy’s free version and surprisingly, there are scrupulous additives in the develop section. The free version seems enough to let you enjoy the Android functionality on the big picture that you’ll hardly ever feel in need of a premium purchase. Like GenvMotion, Andy backs all the genres of Android Apps allowing you to enjoy HD Gaming, Media stuff, and conversations smoothly. What makes Andy unique and even worthy of your attention is the motion controls feature that had rarely struck other emulator developers’ minds.

The games that require motion controls are on the go with emulator Andy and your Android device becomes a remote to let you play the motion gaming. Another friendly advice, Go for its paid version only if you need to spend more time and explore deeper, otherwise , Andy is handy on your wallet too, seriously, freemium pack is enough. It’s easy to go along with and can be configured manually and an ample support to the hardware tweaks is also an attention grabber.

Andro VM

Android Emulator for LinuxQuite an old bloke o the list that is still in the emulator market and successfully imitates your Android to your desktop. It was the first emulator that came with a support for Open Graphics Library and an offline support for Linux, unlike Genymotion that needs a cloud to connect to your PC. Available freely for Linux users for 32bit and 64-bit Linux Kernels versions, it is and is easy to run, with a support to Net sharing from Guest to host. All in all, it’s quite a deal of win-win and a spot gainer on Best 5 Android Emulators List.

Official Android Emulator

Name says it all, supported on Windows and Linux, it is an official and open source app by Google. Since it is a Google’s business, I put it on the top. There is a reason for it after all. Users get to test their devices and developers can know whether their stuff is feasible or not. To elaborate further, it’s too good for you if you have geeky side to you. It goes easy on your device’s memory and works comfortably bringing accessibility to almost every running app from game to multimedia stuff. Even though it details more of technical usage, but you can still try it primarily because it’s free and easy key mapping.

Seeing Off

No questions, there are new entrants that can be little these best Android Emulators. It’s an evolving Smart world after all. If you found one, let me know. I’ll be awaiting your buzz. The Comments box is right below. If you have any words to share about Android Emulator For Linux, feel amazingly free.