9 Free Best Android Parental Control Apps In 2021

Here we are sharing The Best and Free Android Parental Control Apps to monitor your Children activity on smartphone and block from visiting unsuitable OR potentially harmful contents on android smartphone.

Well, the market and the internet is fully flourished with tons and tons of apps, but the majority of the apps are completely for adult usage only, except for games and educational apps. Yet, some apps don’t have the parental control features which kids just download and starts playing without a limit or a stop to it. However, here we have the best list of Parental control apps that can be used for Android and these apps can surely protect your children from unlimited access to harmful or dangerous apps and of course smartphones.

Best Android Parental Control Apps

Check out the best apps that you can simply start using in your smartphone for your kids, with parental controls featured in it-


family time parental control

Yep! Nothing sounds better than an organized family. It’s one of the Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android you can use to manage and monitor your kids. You can monitor and control your kid’s mobile or remotely and securely. You can lock your kids’ devices anytime you feel they should disconnect from their devices.

Set Daily app limit, schedule screen time, and block inappropriate apps or websites (turning on SafeSearch to protect your kids from harmful searches online). FamilyTime also comes with PickMeUp (to pick up kids), including Location Tracker, Phone Usage Monitor, SOS alerts, and emergency use.

Zift Parental Control with Net Nanny Filter

Free Best Android Parental Control Apps

Zift is the best parental controlling android app that actually works with the best of the parental controls for sure. It has got several features and benefits that have excellent web-filtering and advanced technology and modern. It completely serves the design that would completely attract the children to use, but however, they won’t be able to access any of the unwanted contents for sure. This app is available for android as well as iphone.

Norton Family Premier

Best Android Parental Control Apps


Another popular parental controlling app for Android for the apps that you can simply use it on your android smartphone. However, this app has again got a variety of features for sure. It is very much ideal for the children, and quite advantageous as well. It also features location tracking, time-scheduling, monitoring advantages, text messages monitoring, search and web supervision and web-filtering as well. Of course, it works on both android and iOS platforms, which makes it easier for the parents to handle.

Kaspersky Safe Kids (Parental Control & Kids GPS)

Kaspersky is a brand that is still rocking the technology market for sure. With this app, you can simply monitor all the activities of your children without them knowing about it for sure. It also works on desktops and Mac system and not only on the android smartphones and the iOS smartphones for sure. This app is actually preferred by many of the tech junkies as well, who recommend this particular app for every parent and the household.


Best Android Parental Control Apps

Another most powerful and popular parental control app that actually works on both platforms such as android and iOS platforms as well. It has got features such as location tracking, monitoring, web-filtering and other monitoring activities for the children. Also, this particular app can even block some unwanted app that spreads malware or virus.

ESET Parental Control for Android

Best Android Parental Control Apps

This app is completely designed and created for android smartphones users only. However, if you are an iOS user or the apple user then you can prefer other popular apps from various brands in the market. ESET parental control helps with a variety of benefits and features that are complete which supports with all the basic features and others such as time management, location tracking and of course free.

Kid Place

Best Android Parental Control Apps

Another awesome parental control android app for kids, parents can easily control the android device app usages so that there kids cannot use the device in a harmful way. You can set the timer to limited use of the phone. Some of the noticeable features of kid Place app are restrict download authority, phone call and text messaging control etc.

Screen Time Parental Control

Best Android Parental Control Apps

Screen Time Parental Control is a free (basic features) app to monitor your kids activity on android device. You can monitor kids activity just how much time your kids are spending on there phone along with which apps are being used and for how long. You can monitor all basic monitoring features like – receive notification when kids install any new app, which website have been surfed by kids, block certain apps, block all activity, receive daily summary of what your kid have been doing in smartphone.

Secure Teen Parental Control App

I think, these days every parent are worried about internet safety of there kids. That’s why they are finding Parental Control App. in this list Secure Teen Parental Control is also a great option to use in there phone to control there kids activity in there phone or there kids phone.

You can set time limit in phone’s screen time, check your kids online presence, set daily time limit for smartphone, secure app with app blocker features, monitor all call and text details, trace all facebook activity and get alert for suspicious friends & posts and much more.


You can pick any of these apps that would be useful for you and your children to stay safe. Just pick as per your requirements and needs.