Is Audi TT the best affordable supercar?

Audi TT has been in production since 1998 and remains one of the best and cheapest supercars you can buy today. In-fact, such is the brand recall, that TT still remains one of the highest selling supercars despite being more than 2 decades old. For the year 2018, Audi has given its supercar some much needed and substantial updates It is available either as a four seater coupe or a 2 seater convertible. Both the trims get a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4 cyl. Engine.

The 2018 Audi TT MSRP is $43,950 for the coupe and $47,450 for the convertible trim. Should it be on top of your consideration? Read more to find out.

Is Audi TT the best affordable supercar


-> Sporty driving dynamics

-> AWD makes it your ‘take anywhere’ supercar

-> Fuel economy, in spite of fast performance


-> Impractical to the core

-> Just a 2 seater, rear seats are for the sake of name

-> Some missing safety features


The standard Audi TT Coupe looks like a conventional supercar, a design we have been used to seeing. The 18” wheels provide the car a very plante stance. The Roadster trim, or the convertible loses 2 rear seats and instead gets center pass-through ski bag along with a folding fabric roof, roll hoops and a power-deployable wind blocker. Once you put the roof down, the car is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs. In nutshell, the convertible is a looker and craves for attention while the regular coupe version blends with the crowd of supercars.

Getting inside this Audi is a task, but once inside, there is no escaping the fact that ambience is every bit sporty! The 12-way adjustable seats provide a healthy range of adjustments to accommodate front-seat occupants with ease. The rear seats (in the coupe trim) are for kids only, albeit with a minuscule available legroom. What really stands out though is Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, and that coupled with plush looking dials for air conditioning give the interior a sporty complete the modern character.


Both the coupe and convertible trims of the TT get the same powertrain, a 2.0-liter turbocharged motor. The engine is capable of 220 hp of power and 258 lb-ft of torque. While the 220 hp of power doesn’t look much, it’s the torque figure that makes TT a really fast and capable car. Starting off is easy and effortless, and the car does a 0-60 mph sprint in a claimed 5.5 seconds, which puts TT on par with other supercars. What’s all the use of so much power if the suspension and steering don’t complement it? That’s where this Audi is different, it has a very well calibrated steering and a mature suspension setup results in a stupendous ride quality, be it on straight highway roads or twisty mountain roads. The car is eager to dart into corners, and never feels subdued. Braking performance too is confidence inspiring, with the brake pedal offering good bite. Fuel efficiency is rated at 26 mpg, which can put other supercars to shame.


According to the Audi TT ratings the safety ratings are pretty good. It includes like standard safety features multiple airbags, a rearview camera, and front and rear park assist, collision brake assist, blind-spot monitors and active lane control. Unfortunately, forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking are not available, which do put it a bit behind competition.

Final Verdict

Want a supercar which is dynamically fun to drive, has great handling, host of safety technology and is easy on pocket? Look no further, Audi TT fulfils all the above requirements. Yes, it does miss out on some safety tech and is not very practical, but it does offer almost everything that other supercars offer, at a much lesser price tag.