Two Ways to Save WhatsApp Statuses in HD Quality on Android

Screenshotting and Screen Recording is Old School. It sure gets the job done but it ruins the picture quality and adds unnecessary detail to the newly generated media file.

Congratulations! you decided you want the quality version of that crazy funny 30secs comedy skit but here is the thing, it is embarrassing to keep telling our friends to keep sending you the funny videos they post on their Status. Even weirder, is to ask someone you don’t really talk to.

It costs data to send these files, except you live in India or you’re on public unlimited wi-fi, data is not cheap. On top of that, it costs electricity to keep sending data around.

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Side Note: Save the planet, be energy efficient

This tutorial will explain how to Save WhatsApp Status without asking your friend or acquaintance to send you that funny 30 seconds video comedy skit.

The two approaches to save whatsapp statuses in High Quality:

  1. File Manager Approach – Tedious & Dull ????????????
  2. A1 Status Saver – Smart & Wise Approach ????????????

File Manager Approach – Tedious & Dull ????????????

  1. Open your file manager
  2. Locate WhatsApp Folder and Open it
  3. Click on Media folder
  4. Go to the Options Menu or Navigation menu to access settings
  5. In Settings Menu or In Menu Options select “Show Hidden Folders
  6. Click on the revealed “.Statuses” Folder
  7. All the pictures and videos are the high quality whatsapp statuses. You can do anything you want with them
  1. A1 Status Saver – Smart & Wise Approach 

  1. Download & Open A1 Status Saver –
  2. Grant the Storage Permission and you’re done!

Now you be the Judge!

Which approach has fewer steps? A1 Status Saver

Which approach does not require you to be a nerd? A1 Status Saver

Which approach is straight forward? A1 Status Saver

Which approach gets you notified when new status is added? A1 Status Saver

Download A1 Status Saver  ( ) and let us keep the fun going!

A1 Status Savver is much more than just a Sophisticated WhatsApp Status Saver It’s other features include:

  1. Instagram Video Downloader
  2. WhatsApp Click to Chat 

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