5 Tips for Getting Water Damage Leads by Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that restoration companies face is marketing. Often, they find themselves having to hire expensive and overrated agencies that know little about restoration. Luckily there is a solution. For a restoration company that is struggling with marketing, here are 5 tips for getting water damage leads.

    Try Referral Programs: They are powerful

Referral programs are a powerful way to do marketing. They work by incentivizing users to visit a website and sharing it with others. This is a perfect way for restoration companies to get water damage leads. Not only is it cheap, but it is also efficient in lead generation.  Another great thing about referral programs is that a restoration company can use them to generate marketing leads in perpetuity. For as long as the company has a reasonable marketing budget, it can use referrals to generate links for as long as it needs to.

  Stay in Close Contact with Plumbers

One of the best ways to generate useful marketing leads for a restoration company is to stay in touch with plumbers. Independent plumbers have access to lots of clients that would be useful to a restoration company. Plumbers can spread the word about your restoration business, and partner with you on future jobs. The trick to using plumbers for lead generation is to ensure that your rates are competitive enough for the area you are targeting with your services.

  Stay in Close Contact with Property Agents

It’s not just plumbers that can help generate valuable marketing leads for a restoration business. Other professionals in the real estate industry can be quite useful too. Some of the most useful professionals for this role are real estate agents. Real estate agents interact with homeowners all the time. This makes them the perfect pitchers for a restoration company looking to generate marketing leads. All you have to do is give them competitive rates to work with and incentivize them with commissions. Valuable leads will start flowing.

   Partner with a Restoration Business Marketer

As stated earlier, restoration marketing agencies may not be worth the money. However, there are companies out there that can be quite useful in lead generation. These companies are more partners than marketers. A company like RDM is quite useful in water damage leads generation. That’s because they are not just a marketing company. They are also a restoration company. This means that they fully understand the business, which is the most vital aspect to lead generation.

   Make use of social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business. A platform like Facebook is very powerful in lead generation. All you have to do is create highly targeted ads and the leads will come. The best part about Facebook is that it is extremely cost effective.  Any serious water damage restoration company should be in a position to afford a few months of sustained marketing on Facebook for valuable leads.