6 Reasons Why WinX MediaTrans is the Best iTunes Alternative for Windows

We all know that users of Apple are very much aware about the media player which is available in the device as a default. Whenever the default media player comes into our mind, iTunes is the only thing that we used to think often because of its quality. The availability of user interface will always make the users to feel some unique and comfortable all the time. However, one should accept that the operating method of Apple will not allow the users to control their own media.

At this stage, WinX MediaTrans play a crucial role and named as the best alternative when it comes to iTunes which works big time with the instinctive UI. Now, the question is raised among most of the people are why MediaTrans is said to be the best iTunes alternatives for Windows. Here we are going to have a discussion about 6 different reasons that why WinX MediaTrans is the best alternative of iTunes.

winx mediatrans best itune alternative

Customize Music Library

The major highlight of this alternative is it will not only allow the user to import as well as export the songs between the PC as well as Apple device, but it also helps to transfer playlists, create and more modify all the time. This thing makes it unique for the users. At the same time, it also has the options to edit the information about the artist and album without hassles. You can also easily transfer the voice notes and then create ringtones at any time as per your convenience.

Automatically Converts Videos

If you are the one who is very much interested in enjoy watching the videos all the time, then this could be the best features where you can make use of it. For information, this amazing alternative will be automatically rotating the videos as per your convenience and support any type of video formats with the smooth playback. It will also help the user to select the stuff for a better back up to avoid the difficulties in future.

Transfer Multiple Files

People who all are showing their interest towards watching the videos, then this could be a useful feature to use. All you need to download the videos on your Windows PC and one can easily transfer all the files in a single time with the help of WinX MediaTrans option. One should know that this feature is not available in iTunes to make use of it.

Saves Memory Storage Space

In general, MediaTrans will mainly help to reduce the video size up to 50% from the original video. The major highlight is it doesn’t affect to the quality and also save the memory when it comes to your device at any time.

Use Device as a USB Drive

People who don’t access the external hard drive, and then you don’t want to be worried about it. For information, the MediaTrans comes up with the option Flash Drive which helps the users to drag and drop any kind of files in different formats to storage memory without making hassles in between.

Perfect for Media Back up and Sync

WinX MediaTrans allow the users in order to choose the videos as well as photos to make a backup. However, the user can also copy the photo library by just a single tap. It also highly supports any kind of formats and helps to transfer the files in a quick time than expected.


People who all are seeking for the different reasons before using WinX MediaTrans, then the above-mentioned reasons will be helpful for all the seekers for most of the time.