How to Download Netflix Video for Offline Views

Is getting a reliable internet connection every time and everywhere possible? The answer is a big “No.” As soon as you come out from the urban area and get into the rural areas, the connection gets weakened.

Also, during the long flight or train journeys, the data plan gets finished, so then the only alternative left with you is to watch Netflix offline. So, we are here to guide you out to watch Netflix videos in offline mode on your mobile device.

Make some Advanced Preparations Before Starting to Watch Netflix Offline

Before you start offline, there are some preparations required. Initially, you have to make space in your device for downloading the large-sized videos of Netflix. You can download the videos for watching in an offline manner when you have a strong internet connection. The method we are going to show below can be used for iOS and Android devices.

Ensure that you have sample space in your device

It is evident that whenever you download any episode of the series, it will consume your device’s memory. It doesn’t have a significant impact when you are using a memory 128 GB tool, but if your device is 16GB or 32GB, you may face issues related to space. So for checking the available space of your device, follow the method mentioned below.

Settings > General >Storage and iCloud usage.

If your device memory is full, you can empty it by removing the unwanted photos, music, and videos.

Ensure that you have a Proper plan for Netflix

Netflix comprises three main plans, and all three plans permit to download the videos or series to watch them in an offline manner. But the limit of downloading the videos depends upon the plan to which you have subscribed and the amount of money you pay every month.

There is also a limit to the number of devices your videos can be downloaded too. If you purchase the most expensive plan, then your whole family can use that plan. You all can download the videos but ensuring that there are no more than four tablets or phones. The lower the plan you purchase, the number of videos downloaded on different devices gets lowered.

watch netflix offline

Open the Movie or Program that you Want to Download

After completing the steps mentioned above, look for the movies or programs you want to download. You can do it in two ways.

The first way is that Netflix segregates all the videos that could be downloaded in one app section. This method proves efficient when you are not looking for a particular movie or program, and you want to watch something new. By clicking on “Available for download,” you can see the videos that are available for download in the app.

The second method to do so is by searching for the movies or programs that you want and hope for it getting downloaded. You can use this method when you want to watch a specific thing only. When you get what you were looking for, click on the download button and scroll out all the episodes. Aside from the episodes, there is an arrow, and that arrow is only the download button.

Click on the Download Button and Pause till the Process Gets Completed

When you get the episode you were looking for, click on the download button and wait until the process gets completed. You can figure out the progress of the downloading of the video by looking at the blue progress bar. The time required for downloading will purely depend upon the type of internet connection that you have.

After all this process gets completed, then you can test it by playing the file by going in the offline mode. If the file is appropriately played, then you can conclude that your video is downloaded correctly.

Note – the downloaded Netflix content can only be watched oon the device you downloaded them onto. Ex- if you downloaded movie OR Tv series on your android Smartphone but no on your iPhone/ iPad, then you cannot watch it on your iOS device when its offline.

Where to Find Downloaded Netflix Shows for offline Viewing

  • Downloaded Netflix movies and TV shows will appear in the ‘My Downloads’ section of the Netflix app.
  • You can access ‘My Download’ in Netflix by clicking on the menu button and choosing ‘My Downloads’
  • You can see all the downloaded movies and TV shows here for offline view.

How to Delete Downloaded Netflix Video

  • Tap on menu button (the three lines in the upper left corner)
  • Choose MY DOWNLOAD
  • Tap on EDIT button and then tap on the X button on the video you want to delete from offline watching in Netflix.

So this was all regarding watching the Netflix videos in an offline manner. We think that we have cleared most of your doubts and confusions. So, if you find this article insightful, then do like and share our writing.

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