How to Block Calls on Android [Step by Step Guide]

How to Block Calls on Android :- Telemarketing is still an incredibly common nuisance that mobile phone user deals with often on a daily basis. There’s no getting around it: there will always be people you just don’t want to talk to. You can easily block annoying calls from people you don’t know or people you know but do not want to talk to. Let us discuss today How to Block Calls on Android the call blocking can be selected based on one number, an area code or the entire world. Some of these apps will automatically create a blacklist based on the FTC/FCC Do Not Call list.

No more time is wasting by answering calls from telemarketers and debt collectors. This also works for the ex who won’t stop calling at 3 AM and other frequent annoying calls. Whether the separation is merely temporary, or more permanent, is entirely up to you.

In addition to this, you can define your own black list and white list and the rest will handle the apps. These apps will block, send a voice message or answer the calls based on this list.

How to Block Calls on Android Without App

Block Calls on Android :- If your phone is updated to Android 4.4 KitKat or later (check Settings > About Phone to check which Android version your device is running) some built-in features identify incoming calls. Caller ID by Google will match incoming calls with Google Places listing and display that name on the call screen for you. Unfortunately, this is highly dependent on the company being listed in Google’s business directory.

If you’re getting nuisance calls from the same number, you can block it from the call log. Select the number you want to block and when you see the details for the caller, hit the menu button. There you’ll find the option to “Add to reject list.”  You can manage your call reject list, including adding contacts or numbers, under settings >> call >> call reject >> auto reject list.

For earlier versions of Android, your options vary somewhat by manufacturer. When you get a spam call, open the call log and press and hold the number you want to block. While you’re holding, a menu will pop up letting you add that number to your contacts or prevent it. Samsung calls it “add to reject list,” HTC calls it “block contact” you get the idea. On LG models, you can go into system >> call >> call reject >> and then use the + to add numbers from your recent calls.

For Android Marshmallow or Nougat, open Dialer, go to your recent calls list, find the number you want to block and select Block/Report Spam. (If you don’t want to report the number as spam, you can uncheck the box.) Then tap Block.

For Android Lollipop, go to the Phone app and select Call Settings > Call Rejection (ouch) > Auto Reject List. Type in the number or search for it, select it, and you’re done.

Block Calls from Strangers – if you want to block all calls from strangers OR want to block calls number not in your contact link, just follow the steps – Call Setting >> Block List >> Call Block list >> tap to on Block Calls From Strangers.

Block Calls from Hidden Numbers:- some time you got call from hidden numbers so, if you cant to block call from hidden numbers just follow given steps – Call Setting >> Block List >> Call Block list >> tap to on Block calls from Hidden Numbers

If you use Messenger for messages, tap the name or number that sent you the message on your message list and select Block/Report Spam. (If you don’t want to report the number as spam, you can uncheck the box.) For Contacts, go into Messenger, select Menu > Blocked Contacts > Add a Number and enter the number you want to block.

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How to Block Calls on Android With Call Blocking App

If your Android phone doesn’t have an inbuilt call blocking feature, or if it does, but you find it lacking, you can choose one from the many third-party Best call blocking apps on the Google Play Store. There are a number of call blocking apps in the android and can help you in a great way. They provide multiple numbers of options and are very easy in your pocket. We already shared a list of Top 10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Call Blocker – Block Calls on Android

call blocker for android

Another handy call blocker app that you’d want to try is the free and ad-supported Call Blocker app. If you subscribe to the paid and ad-free version, you can enjoy premium features, including the Private Space feature that securely stores private SMS messages and call logs.

  • Here’s a general idea of how to use Call Blocker:
  • Download, install and launch the Call Blocker app. Tap Agree to continue.
  • On the app’s main menu, tap the Blocked Calls button.
  • Tap the add button (represented by an icon of paper with check and X marks)

The Blacklist and Whitelist tabs will be displayed on the screen. Tap Add Number to add a contact. You can add a number via your contacts, call log, or SMS log, or you can type the number directly. Contacts listed on the Blacklist tab will be blocked (of course!) while contacts on the Whitelist tab will be exempted.

The app has a settings menu, accessible by pressing the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right, but it’s crowded by a bunch of ads for other apps, so watch out for that. Here you can change the way the app blocks calls (the default Hang up is probably fine), as well as if you want to be notified when the app blocks a call. Most people shouldn’t need to bother with these.

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Mr. Number – Block Calls on Android

mr. number call blocker app

Mr. Number is a free app to block unwanted calls that doesn’t require too much overhead setup. When you install the app, you can pick from three general categories of calls that you don’t want to get: scam/bad numbers, spam/annoying numbers, and any numbers listed as Unknown. Using one of these caller ID apps, you can easily block telemarketers and know who’s calling you before you answer.

In my case, I wouldn’t want to block Unknown numbers because I have family members who have their number hidden by default, but if you have an issue with prank calls, then this is just for you.

Once you’re in the app, there’s not much more on your end to set up. From the main screen, you can enable/disable the app’s protection completely, or change your blocking settings by clicking the Blocking Enabled field.

Here, you can adjust your choices from earlier, as well as block international numbers or any numbers not in your contacts (probably not a good idea if you get a lot of business calls). To add your own numbers manually, just click Numbers on my block list and add any number you’d like.

That’s about all the setup Mr. Number requires. Now just wait for some calls, and you’ll get information about them when they call.

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Calls Blacklist – Block Calls on Android

Call Blacklist app for block unwanted calls

Last but not the least on our list is the free and ad-supported Calls Blacklist, a very simple app for keeping a list of contacts that you don’t want to allow to touch your phone. To block calls with Calls Blacklist, just launch the app and add a contact number to the Blacklist tab. You can add a number via your Contacts, call logs or messages log, or add numbers manually. And, that’s it! Contacts saved under Blacklist won’t be able to call your Android phone anymore.

It can automatically block unwanted calls for you. And in a recent update, it also added the ability to block calls from known IRS scams. Definitely a great feature to have with the Tax deadline right around the corner here in the US. Along with blocking calls, it will also give you some pretty informative caller ID functions.

But you also have the ability to whitelist some numbers always to ring through. It is essential for adding people to your friends and family. So their calls don’t get accidentally blocked by the app. Which shouldn’t happen, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Truecaller – Block Calls on Android

truecaller best call blocker apps for android

Truecaller has more setup involved than the other apps. You’ll need to confirm your phone number and create an account (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are supported, as well as the old-fashioned way) before accessing the app. From the main screen, you can search any phone number you like to get more info on it. This works great for those 1-800 numbers that call with no information; here you can see what they’re for at any time.

Aside from searching, the app has two other tabs: Discover and Block. The Discover tab told me that “There are no suggestions at the moment” in my testing of the app; perhaps this collects spam numbers that have recently called you and suggests you block them.

The Block tab is a similar story to the previous two apps one click subscribes you to spam blocking from numbers that others have reported as spammy. If you find one of these to be in error, you can always unblock it. You can choose to block all unknown numbers if needed, and the app also allows you to choose whether blocking means rejecting the call or letting it ring silently.

Note (for Indian Use Only):- There are a method to avoid Promotional calls called DND (Do Not Disturb). You can block all types of promotional call from all SIM card providers in India by activate DND in Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL, Telinor, JIO, Aircel, Reliance, DoCOMo etc. Read full article on How to Activate DND in any Indian SIM card

The Plus bubble in the bottom-right of this tab lets you add any number to block manual typing, call history, and contacts are all supported. Truecaller also allows you to block numbers in an individual series; for example, you could block a whole area code or all 800 numbers. This could make Truecaller the best call blocking app for some people, while others might not care about blocking numbers in an individual series.

Of course, Truecaller also gives you information about incoming calls as they happen. The app neatly goes the extra mile by giving you the option to identify phone numbers that you copy from anywhere, ensuring you always know what phone numbers you’re working with without even visiting the app.

Truecaller feels like a more “full” solution than the above two apps due to its ability to lookup any phone number. For those who want more control over what numbers they block than Mr. Number or find Call Blocker a bit bland, this is the app for you.

Truecaller is also one of the app to Trace mobile Number location with Owner name and Place

In Conclusion

In this day and age, home landlines are nearly extinct, the spammers, telemarketers, and other unwanted callers have a new target: your mobile phone. Thankfully, call blocking is possible on our Android phones or via third-party apps from the Google Play Store. Hope that you enjoy reading “How to Block Calls on Android” Once you set up this list, then calls from your blacklist never annoy you again. These calls will be either block or direct to voice message without any ring on your phone.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. I have the comments section for you here.