How to Activate DND in Any Indian SIM Card (Do Not Disturb)

In India There are lots of mobile network provider companies like Airtel Network, Vodafone, Aircel, Tata DoCoMo, Reliance, Idea, Telinor, JIO etc. whether you are using Vodafone, Airtel or any other SIM card, you might be getting daily Promotional phone calls and Promotional SMS from your mobile network providers which offer you different deals and offers for you SIM like different Recharge plans and offers, different monthly subscription services like Ringtones, songs, SMS, Jocks etc. Which are beneficial for us but most of time these promotional call are not useful for us, but the companies often harass us by calling us repeatedly.

We can also block spam calls and SMS through phone settings. But these calls do not come from a single number, the network company promotes its product or services by calling different numbers. So, if you think you can blacklist those promotional numbers your blacklist will be full. Call blocker apps for android is another way to block unwanted or unknown call & SMS but I have seen, when you block a number, the company calls from the another number That’s why this method is also not fully effective. Than what we will do to block unneeded or Spam calls & SMS.

How to Activate DND

The Solution name is DND stand for ‘Do not Disturb’. This is the proper and working way to avoid all these type of promotional calls & SMS, not only from network providing companies but also from Telemarketing companies, Ad agencies etc. it’s a free service which can be freely activated to any mobile number whether you are using Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Tata DoCoMo, Reliance, Idea, Telinor, JIO. Once you activate DND service to your phone, it will block all promotional calls & SMS. So, follow given steps to activate DND on your mobile network.

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Check DND Service Activate or Not on Your Mobile Network

DND Service is free service activated through SMS. It may charge if you don’t have free Message OR Message card. To check about DND service activation you have log on to and simply put your mobile number to the given box and hit enter. The site will show you whether your phone number is register for DND or not. If it is not register than you will have to register for DND service by blow given steps.

How to Activate Do Not Disturb to your Mobile Network

The process to activate DO Not Disturb service is all same for Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL, Tata DoCoMo, Reliance, Idea, Telinor, JIO, MTS India etc.

  • Write SMS “START DND” OR “START 0” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to full block all promotional calls & SMS
  • Write SMS “STAR 1” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Banking/ Insurance/ Financial Products/ Credit Cards related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 2” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Real Estate related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 3” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Education related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 4” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Health related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 5” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Consumer Goods related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 6” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT related Promotions
  • Write SMS “STAR 7” (without quotes) and send to 1909 to block Tourism and Leisure related Promotions
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You can even call 1909 and follow suggested instructions to activate DND in any category.

Things to Remember

  • Do Not Disturb does not block Bank’s SMS, Online Banking, Communication, Third Party calling
  • DND does not block Single / Bulk SMS send from online SMS sites
  • You must be a 3 months old customer to your Mobile network
  • Its take up to 7 days to activate DND
  • 1909 is toll-free number so messaging and calling should be free

Deactivate DND to your Mobile

Sometimes we need to stop DND services, in this case you can simply deactivate DND service by sending SMS. Just send SMS “STOP DND” to 1909 and will be deactivate within 7 days.

Activate DND

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In Conclusion

So dear friends, that was it from our article on How to Activate DND in Any Indian SIM Card. Stay tuned for more tips and cool tricks to know. There is yet more stuff to come. How you liked our tutorial, you must write your opinion, suggestion and query in Comment box.


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