How to Block Texts Messages On Android – Step by Step Guide

No more time is wasting by calls or messages from telemarketers and debt collectors. Spam messages, unwanted forwards and inappropriate emails from former employees and ex-customers can waste valuable time. You can easily block annoying or spam messages from people you don’t know or people you know but do not want to talk to.

They may kill time and may incur fees if your cellular plan does not offer unlimited messaging. Android users have excellent apps in Google Play Store that can automatically do call blocking, spam call filtering and SMS blocking. will help you today on How to Block Texts on android.

The good news, though, is that the latest Android phones will let you block unwanted callers and text senders including mobile spammers with a fair amount of ease. Android’s default messaging app offers no options to block incoming SMS texts, but you can install a third-party app to block incoming messages from certain numbers. You can define your own black list and white list and the rest will handle the apps.

How to Block Texts on android Using Apps

Here we are telling you about the 3 third party apps that will help you to block the unwanted messages on your android phone. These apps will block, send a voice message or answer the calls based on this list.

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

mr. number call blocker app

Mr. Number is one of the best call and text blocker apps for android. The call and text blocker can block calls and texts from a person, business, a prefix, or the world. By using this app, you can keep the content of blocked texts or trash them. You can browse comments from other users when you get a spam call or text and add ‘Suspected Spam’ to your blocklist and Mr. Number blocks them all automatically.

This app can intercept calls from private/unknown numbers and hang up or send to voice mail. You can alert your friends by reporting spam calls and texts. The additional feature from this app is Reverse Lookup numbers that have called or texted you.

Call Blocker

call blocker for android

Call Blocker is the most effective call blocking apps for android that can easily block anyone from calling, sending MMS or texting you. It can block unwanted calls, MMS messages and text messages in a snap, with Blocker. Phone Blocker is always working in the background, to block unwanted calls and text messages.

This app features to block unwanted and spam calls, and MMS and SMS/Text Messages and create your own personal Blacklist by setting up any phone number or group. You can backup and save all of your profiles, contacts, and logs to your SD card, for easy restoration, or transfer to another device.

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Call Blocker and Text Blocker

Automatically intercept and reject calls and texts from blacklisted, private or unknown numbers. Call Blocker has 5 blocking modes to choose from including Blacklist, Whitelist, Contacts Only, Block All, and Accept All.

Unwanted incoming calls are automatically silently sent to voice mail when blocked. A notification Icon is displayed when a call is blocked so you can quickly see if any calls have been blocked. This app can automatically intercept calls and texts from private and unknown numbers. Call Blocker will automatically hang-up on or send calls to voicemail, block unwanted calls with a black list, custom phone numbers by range, all unknown number that not in your Android phone contacts, etc.

The most interesting feature for these apps is it can create a black list based on FTC/FCC Do Not Call list. You can define the list of block numbers based on an area code, or use a wildcard to block a set of figures starting with individual numbers.

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Block Text Messages Using Truecaller

Block Text message on android

If you are truecaller user then you can also block text message using truecaller. Just open the app and tap on message menu > Tap and hold the message you don’t want to get any more message from the sender > tap on block menu > Tap on Block. That’s it.

How to Block Texts on Android [Without App]

The SMS-blocking situation for Android is a bit more complicated than for iOS. Although to be fair, it wasn’t possible to block text messages on the iPhone at all until iOS 7 came around.

While the “stock” Messaging app won’t let you block SMS spammers, there are a plethora of apps on the Google Play store that’ll do the job.

But thanks to a new restriction in the latest version of Android namely, that only one app at a time may tap into your SMS messages many of these handy SMS spam-blocking apps have been rendered useless.

Now, it’s possible that your particular Android phone hasn’t been updated to Android “KitKat” yet, in which case you’re free to shop around for a dedicated SMS blocking the app.

The Settings in Android

If your phone is running Android KitKat or above, then your default messaging app must have a spam filter that can prove useful. This is the easiest and fastest way of blocking text messages without any hassle of checking out third-party apps or services.

The process is quite simple, just tap and hold the text message of the sender and after a short delay, you will be given the option to either delete the message or add to spam. You will be able to see the both options in a menu or icons of the options will be shown on the screen (depending on your device). Just tap on “Add to Spam” and confirm the prompt to blacklist the number of the sender, so you will never receive messages from them again.

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Block text

However, if you would need more control and blocking power, then there are more built-in options as well.

To access these options, tap on the menu at the top right corner of the screen (it’s the three vertical dots) and from there tap on Settings.


In Settings, scroll down and tap on “Spam filter”, make sure the button on the top right corner of the screen is “green” to ensure the feature is “On”. There you will see three different options that will provide more control.

Add to spam numbers

This option will let you add numbers manually or from contacts and logs to block all texts from the specific numbers.

Add to spam phrases

This option will let you specify “Words” that when used in a text will automatically mark it as spam. This is quite handy as spammers usually use common keywords which you can specify to block them. This option might also work well against spammers who use alphanumeric numbers to prevent being marked as spam.

Be very carefully while adding words to be blocked, as all the messages will be blocked which contain that specific word. If you will block a common word, then most probably important texts from other people will also be marked as spam.

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In Android, you can block SMS Spam using Google Hangouts

Another alternative is Google’s own Hangouts app, which not only sends and receives standard SMS messages but lets you place spammers on a “blocked” list. Here’s how to prevent SMS spam with Hangouts on your KitKat-enabled phone.

Tap Settings, tap “More” under the Wireless & Networks heading, then tap “Default SMS app. “You should now see a list of apps on your phone (including Hangouts) capable of handling your SMS messages. Tap Hangouts, and then head back to your phone’s home screen.

Launch Hangouts—and as you do, you should notice that the app automatically imports all your old text messages. See a rogue, spammy-looking SMS in your inbox? Open it, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen, and then tap “People & options.”

Tap “Block [number]” under the Hangout Options heading. Done! Want to see all the numbers that you’ve blocked? Tap the three-dot menu button again, tap Settings, SMS, then tap “Blocked numbers” to see the blacklist. Change your mind about a particular caller on the list? Tap the “Unblock” button next to their name.

In Conclusion

Ever gets someone calling you looking for someone that doesn’t have your number. This will help if a person is calling you or texting you over and over again. Then this How-to guide on How to Block Texts on android (with and without apps) will help you a lot in many ways.

Well, certainly thanks to a number of apps being available on Android. Do share your favorite trick among those and do not forget to leave your response to this in the comment below in the box.

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