How to Backup Windows 10 OS to External Hard Drive

Windows 10 is the latest operating system release under the Microsoft’s banner! As per the reports, Windows 10 has managed to garner a lot of popularity within a few years of its launch. Thanks to the outstanding interface and security features! The initiatives are being taken each day to protect saved data and prevent malicious attacks.

Creating a complete backup of Windows 10 System data is one such measure to prevent data loss. The entire process of creating a backup of Windows 10 System on your computer involves copying the complete operating system, related files and system-specific data. Besides the slow Windows 10 built-in backup service, you can create a complete backup of Windows 10 System with Cocosenor Backup Tuner.

Why Cocosenor Backup Tuner?

Well, many of you might hear this Windows system backup software. Cocosenor Backup Tuner is the best tool for system backup and restore that you can simple execute the system migration process. It is pretty easy to use, as the interface is quite concise and yes, of course, anyone can handle it. You do not need any particular knowledge to make good use of this software.

Cocosenor Backup Tuner offers the fast and safety-guaranteed solution for Windows system backup and restore. You can schedule the backup as you need. What’s more, it enables you to backup other data partition or the external hard drive without any interruption or issues. Even you can create the bootable USB disk and backup/restore the system data without booting into Windows. How amazing it is!

Key Features of Backup Tuner

It is as important to choose the right backup software as to backup Windows operating system. Here, I will show you what makes Backup Tuner stands out from the crowed and how it deserves to be your top choice:

Copy, Backup and Restore the System Data with Simple Clicks

Backup Tuner offers you the simplest way to clone the computer data to external hard drive or another HDD/SSD. You have two choices to do it: Copy or Backup. If you copy the whole Windows 10 system partition to the target drive, you can directly boot the computer from it. If you just create a backup of the Windows 10 OS, what you get is the compressed file and you can store it anywhere. Once you need it, you can restore it to the target drive.

Burn WinPE into USB drive

Backup Tuner has introduced an additional feature named “Make Boot Disk” that comes with two options to help you create the bootable USB disk. You can create PE in current system environment or select WIM file to make PE. Both of the options can help to boot the computer from WinPE USB when you cannot login Windows.  Of course, the copy, backup and restore process costs less time in WinPE.

High Compatibility

One of the most adorable features of Backup Tuner is its high compatibility making it support almost all Windows operating system and all brands of computers, such as HP, ASUS, Lenovo and Dell. Besides, it supports to back up the Windows system to all well-known HDD/SSD/ external hard drive.

How to Backup Windows 10 OS with Backup Tuner

First, you need to connect the high-quality external hard drive to the computer. After that, download Cocosenor Backup Tuner and finish the installation process.

Step 1:  Choose Windows 10 system partition to back up.

After you run the software, you will find Backup option in the left pane. Click it and you are going to the backup home interface of the program. After that, choose the C drive as the target volume to back up.

Step 2: Specify the destination for backup file.

In the second part of the home interface, you need to click the Choose button and find the destination folder from the external hard drive to keep the backup file.

Step 3: Begin the backup process.

After your set up the source partition and the location of backup file, you can click the Start button, letting the software backup Windows 10 to your external hard drive. You will get this backup process end in a short time.

Perhaps you also wonder how to restore the backup Windows 10 OS if needed. It is as simple as create the backup file. You just need to run Backup Tuner, select the restoration destination, choose the backup file to add and click the Start button; Backup Tuner will restore the system backup file to your destination drive automatically.

Bottom Lines

This software is free download and you can use the basic software for free in the first week. As for the pricing of this application, it is affordable for everyone. All in all, Coconsenor Backup Tuner offers the effective solution to backup Windows OS to external hard drive, which worth spending your time and money.