10 Easiest Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone

How to Reduce Data Usage on Android Device

In this tutorial we are sharing some very easiest and working ways to reduce data usage on android Smartphone.

In these days more and more android mobile launching like Samsung Galaxy Series, Google Nexus Series, Motorola mobiles, Sony mobiles, HTC Mobiles etc based on android operating system and all we well know android is only success from there usage flexibility and lots of application for every single tasks.

We are written always about Android Apps, Android tips and tricks, Android Games in our blog Alltipsfinder.com. In furtherance of this series, today we are sharing here very useful tutorial ‘How to Reduce Data Usage on Android Device’. So, let’s start our tutorial.

How to Reduce Data Usage on Android Device

Check Your Mobile Data Consumption

Before start tutorial to reduce data usage on android device first you need to know how to check Mobile Data Consumption. To do this Go to Setting > Network and connection > Data Usage. This service is available for android 4.0 and above. Check your data usage and individual data usage for different apps by tapping them to check monthly data usage and select your net plan.

Turn Off mobile data when not in use

This is one of easiest and self explanatory to reduce mobile data usage. Once you are not using the internet actively like when you are sleeping or driving or busy in some other work, turn off your data connection.

Change your Browser setting to reduce Data Usage on Android Phone

By changing Android browser setting you can reduce lots of data, so here I am sharing some popular and most used android browser’s tips to reduce Data Usage on Android Phone

Compress Chrome Pages to Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone

If you are using Google chrome in your phone to brows anything, then this tip is for you. By using this tip you can save 20-25 percent of your mobile browser data consumption. In your chrome browser setting an option called ‘Data Saver’; this will compress web pages before loading them in your browser.

To apply this option, just launch your Google chrome App from your Android mobile, Tap the three dotted icon located on top right corner. Go down to Setting and go to Data Saver under Advanced. Just slid to switch on to Compress Chrome Pages.

Note- With enabling Data Saver, you won’t reduce the amount of data you are downloading when you are on secure pages.

Use Opera Compression to Reduce Data Usage

Most of android users use opera as web browser. Here you can find more options to reduce data, to do this you need to launch opera app and click on Setting and tap on Off-Road mode option, enable off-road option. After that click on setting and G to Off-road image option, set Off-Road image option to Low. To do this you will be able to reduce lots of data.

Opera also provide video compression option, which can save lots of data if you are regular watching videos. To use it, Go to opera‘s setting > Data Saving and tick the box that say Video Compression.

UC Browser Compression setting to reduce data usage

UC browser is also most used android browser, To set data compression just open setting in UC browser and click on cloud Acceleration, In cloud Acceleration enable both mobile network and Wi-Fi network, click on Brows setting then click on Image quality > Select Low option in Image quality. That’s it, this will save much data.

Disable Auto-Updating Apps to reduce data usages

Disabling auto update of application is one of the easy ways to reduce android data usage. Just Go on Google play store and then Setting, Make sure to set ‘Do not auto update’ or ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only option. To manage individual Apps, Go to My Apps, select an app and then the overflow menu to check or uncheck Auto-Update.Read full article… Disable Auto-Updating Apps to reduce data usages

Opera Max– Data Saving App to save data on Streaming

As we know opera Android browser save much data on surfing and browsing. The company also introduces Opera Max to reduce data usage on watching videos or listening music. If you love to watch video’s online or listening music then this app is only for you, the app promises that will allow users to save about 50 percent of data they would usually use to stream music from YouTube music, Pandora, Slacker radio, Gaana and Savan.

The app save data by compressing videos, Audio and media in your favorite apps and websites over mobile network or Wi-Fi network without any noticeable loss of quality.

Cache Google Map before traveling to Reduce Data Usage

The best way to avoid unnecessary data usage you can use Google map offline feature, Google map now allows you to cache maps. So, if you are using Google map for regular navigation or trip planning use offline features of Google map. It’s take some time to download them and does require chunk of storage space. But once a Google map is downloaded, you will be able to view and navigate it without net connection. By this way you can save much internet data.

So, on next time when you plan to doing to use some heavy map use, open up maps when you are on Wi-Fi, tap the menu button, and visit Setting > Labs and check off Pre-cache map area.

Stop Videos Auto Play & Auto Download

We know all android users use these two free messaging apps Facebook and Whatsapp- If you have facebook & Whatsapp in your phone, you may be using more data then you realize. If someone on your facebook friends list uploads a video on facebook timeline, you may notice it sometime plays automatically when you scroll past it. So turn off this auto play function to reduce data usage by going to… Facebook Setting > Change Video Auto Play to Off. You can set it to Wi-Fi only. Read Full article

WhatsApp default set auto download media by going to WhatsApp > Setting > Chat Setting > Media Auto download. You will see three options (When using cellular data, when connected on WI-Fi and when roaming. Tick on when connected on WI-Fi to stop download Image, Audio and video auto download on using cellular data.

Some more Tips To reduce data usage

  • Reduce Data Usage by Disable Auto Scan
  • Reduce Data Usage by using “YouTube offline” service whenever you want to watch a particular video multiple times.
  • Download large files whenever you get Free Wi-Fi


This was the topic ‘Easiest Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android Phone’. Hope you like this; friends if you have any kinds of query and suggestion regard this article the write in comment box. I shall try gating back to query as soon as possible.