How to Install Snapchat App on PC in 2021 [100% Working Method]

Experience Snapchat on a PC with a particular perception is interesting. Snapchat is an instant messaging tool established in 2010 when apps for handheld smartphones were new to the industry. Official developers have seen a massive opportunity that they can completely take advantage of. In this post, we will talk about how to use Snapchat on Windows PCs. Let’s get started!

One of the most popular sites for social media is Snapchat. You can conveniently update and use Snapchat on both Android and iOS devices.

On smartphones, Snapchat is intended to be used. Having said that, this post would certainly benefit you if you want to download and update Snapchat on your phone or laptop. We shared a basic procedure for using Snapchat on PC in this post.

What is snapchat?

While you are not a social media addict, you should understand that inserting missed movies and photos, and even shipping and obtaining the 24-hour internet, is the fundamental principle of Snapchat.

Snapchat can also be used to play any games on the app or play around with the different laugh lenses on the app, in addition to making use of the variety of effects on Snapchat to the movies and images you need to add, purchase or ship. Trust me, you can get stuck on it until you start using the lenses.

Can you run Snapchat on a Windows PC?

Yeah, on a Windows device, it’s possible to use Snapchat. Now you could be wondering “how to get Snapchat on your PC?” Yeah, there’s only one way to run Windows or Android apps and games, and that’s by using an Android emulator.

Snapchat Features on PC

Your hands are not intended to be confined to a tiny screen on your computer with all your love for playing Snapchat. Play like a pro and use the keyboard and mouse to get complete control of your game. MEmu presents you with all the things you suspect. Using your PC to download and play Snapchat. Play as much as you want, no more power limits, cell data, and distracting calls. The brand new MEmu 7 is the perfect way to play Snapchat on your PC. The extraordinary default keymapping device, prepared with our experience, makes Snapchat a real PC game.

Coded with our absorption, the multi-instance manager makes it possible for 2 or more accounts to be played on the same computer. And most notably, our unique emulation engine will unleash your PC’s full ability, making it seamless. Not only do we care how you play, we also care about the entire experience of experiencing the happiness of games.

How to Get on a PC with Snapchat?

The only way to download and run Snapchat on a Windows PC is by using an Best Android emulator, as described above.

One of the most popular and probably the best well-optimized Android simulator that works as an Android phone is Bluestacks 4. Here’s how you can use the Bluestacks 4 emulator to download and install the official Snapchat software for Windows.


  • After Bluestacks is installed on your PC, to get the installer jar, you need to double-click the Communicate Box.

bluestacks install

  • Open the installer now to start the installation process.
  • The Bluestacks’ App Store comes up where you have to register with your Google account until the download process is completed.

install snapchat in pc

  • So, an Android smartphone-like window seems to be where the Google Play Store is located; you need to open it, check for Snapchat, and then download it.

snapchat in pc

  • If the full setup method is complete, you can start using Snapchat on your Windows PC by signing in with your Snapchat credentials and beginning Snapchatting. You should have a webcam on your PC to filter out the mist. And if you can watch the snaps of other users, and then sharing yours would need a camera.
  • It would not impact the well-known use, however, and disregarding numerous pop-up notices proves to be a easy trick to use without a digital camera.

It’s worth remembering that you can encounter any crashes and log-in difficulties during the initial configuration process. However, Bluestacks 4 will resolve the issues automatically.

In order to maintain a sensitive experience, Bluestacks requires an active Internet connections and decent hardware tools. Be sure to go through the paragraph on the hardware requirement. So you don’t end up spending time on anything on your new PC or laptop that will never work.

How to Use Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks

For your taste, the most common and famous solution does not fit, and I always go for planned solutions. I have to make sure that modern hardware is needed for Bluestacks to operate smoothly, and older machines might fail here and there. Since Google OS is a special architecture that is not consistent with Linux OS, Windows OS desktop environments, you cannot run Android applications on a PC without an emulator.

It can be achieved by taking certain simple steps:

  • Start Nox App Player, then drag-and-drop the file to the emulator to mount it. Because of the Nox App Player file identification support functionality, you can find the APK file and then double-click to install it.
  • You can upload or sign-in to a Google account manually and download it from the Play Store.
  • From the toolbar, open the application and start exploring Snapchat.

Since it disrupts their privacy policy , the company does not allow the non-Android device to operate its services. Create a new smartphone account, then log in to the newly developed emulator account.

How can I get Snapchat without Bluestacks on a PC?

One of the most trust-worthy android emulators is Bluestacks 4. Having said that, it has several flaws connected with it. Consequently, when using Snapchat on Bluestacks, if you encounter some problem. These alternative emulators can be checked out.

Nox App player

Another trustworthy Snapchat emulator is Nox App Match. This simulator can easily be downloaded and installed on your Windows or MacOS machine. The actual method of using Nox App Player to download Snapchat on a Windows PC is close to that of Bluestacks 4.

Without any bloatware or third party software, this simulator provides one-click download. The Nox App Player is frequently updated and it runs without any crashes.

  • Open the Nox Software Player, and then drag and drop the file to the emulator to mount it. You will find the APK file and then double-click to install it because of the Nox Game Player File Recognition Support functionality.
  • You have the option of manually uploading or signing in to Google Account and downloading it from the Play Store.
  • Open the program from the menu and start scanning Snapchat.


The KOPlayer is the next best Android simulator for running Snapchat on a Windows PC. Well, on a Windows PC, this emulator is devoted to running games and resource-intensive software. Thus, when using Snapchat on KO Player, you would not find any lags or performance-based problems.

Similar to Bluestacks, you can install Snapchat directly from the Google Play store on Windows 10 computers.


Remix OS Player is the only great emulator to run Snapchat on a Windows PC. This capable simulator provides stable performance and runs on Marshmallow 6.0 Android. On the Remix OS Player, you can use almost any Android game or program.


Okay, that’s all folks! I hope you like how to use snapchat and help you on a PC post. Give us your input on it. If you guys have more concerns relevant to this post, as well. Then, in the comments section below, let us see. Shortly, we will get back to you.

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