8 Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping Online | Online Shopping Tips

Now a day shopping online has become a part of our life but online shopping is a risky process when we shop online with debit/ Credit card OR through net banking, because some still worry that there debit/ Credit card details will be given to the wrong person. Buying online is the trend in today’s time because it does not need to go to market and good deals are likely to buy online, but it is necessary to correct and secure shopping.

Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Here we are sharing some tips to stay safe while shopping online. just follow these common online shopping tips and protect yourself when shopping online.

Check the company website properly

You should check the depth of online retailer website whereby you buy online product. It is important to look at the registered office address of the website, Landline number or not. The lack of this information means to buy from a website that shaky credit.

Also don’t go with those online shopping sites that you don’t recognize and seems a little of to you, keep distance from those online shopping sites that gives a bad filling.

Look for the Padlock Symbol in Address Bar

This is the most important thing to buy anything through online, never buy anything online using Debit/ Credit cards from those sites that does not have SSL (Security Sockets layer). SSL encryption ensures privacy by restricting the computers that can access the data being transferred, data will be limited access to you and the online retailers.

As you can see clearly in above image, website is equipped with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate because of visual trust indicators such as browser displays a green padlock symbol, Company Name along with country code and website URL begins with Https:// (instead of just Http://) in the address bar.”

Tell out as Little Information as Possible

No online shopping store (online retailers) needs your personal information for instant, a reputable online shopping store will never need your social security number or your birthday. But if any bad guy gets these information, combined with your credit card number for online purchase, they can do a lot of damage. So, only fill the required fields on the forums and fill them out accordingly. Only fill that information that will allow your online purchase.

 Use Cash on Delivery Option

New online shoppers select COD (cash on delivery) option to experience comfortable and safe online purchase.  Cash on delivery is an option where you pay after the purchased goods arrive. Many online retailers have the option the cash on delivery. But if you are satisfied from your online retailer security then Credit/ Debit card is best option, because Online retailers periodically gives impressive offers payments by Credit/ Debit card

Use Online Payment Service

It is another way to avoid unsafe online payment. Online payment service like PayPal, PaySimple keep your Debit/ Credit card information stored in a very secure server. You can make online purchase without revealing your credit details to online retailers. Online payment service like PayPal, PaySimple also says that it monitors for suspicious activity and covers most unauthorized transactions.

Always use Malware Protection Software

Another important thing to check before you binge online shop is your Antivirus. If you have not any security software in your PC, first install security application for protecting your computer from malware and internet attacks.

 Use Strong Password

Often, one of the most critical steps for secure online purchase is the one we give the least attention to your password. Password is the best security defenses when we purchase online. But if you not create passwords properly, hackers can easily guess them. So when you create account on online stores or e-commerce sites, create strong password.

Print and Save a Copy of Your Order

Almost all online retailers will send you and email or refer you to a web page with a confirmation of your online purchase, this page includes all purchase receipt. Save or print the receipt and keep it until you receive your product


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