How to Change Wi-Fi Password TP Link [Step by Step Guide]

Highlight’s :- This tutorial will guide to understand, How to Change WIFI Password TP Link, What is Default IP address, what is TP Link Default User ID and What is tp link default password

Hello friends, if you don’t like your set Wi-Fi User name and Password, you can change them very easily. In This tutorial will show you how to change Wi-Fi User name and Password Tp Link.

As every Wi-Fi router TP Link Wi-Fi Router also comes with a default network user name and password. After setup your Wi-Fi router network, you should first change the name and password of you TP Link router network OR change the Wi-Fi Password TP Link at every few days interval. And to do that, you will first need to find your router’s local IP address on your network. Here’s how…

Before staring the tutorial first you know the Best WiFi Routers Tp Link IP Adress is 169:168:0:1, TP Link Default User ID is ‘Admin’ and TP link default password is ‘Admin’.

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How To Change Wi-fi Password Tp Link

Step 1:- first of all make sure your computer have active internet connection, because you need to connect to the internet in order to access the router page to change TP link wi-fi password. Open web browser to access TP link router page.

Step2:- Enter TP Link Router IP Address, TP link Router provides a web based administrative interface that you can access via your browser by typing router’s IP address. Here you will have to find that IP address. Default TP Link ADSL router wireless LAN IP address is OR behind the router is also writer IP address OR you can access TP Link Router IP Address using Command prompt. To open it, press Windows Key+R and type “cmd” and press Enter.

run command box

After that the command prompt will open, type command “ipconfig” and press Enter. This section showing your current network connection, Find your router’s IP address which is displayed to the right of the “Default Gateway” entry.

find wi fi router ip address using commend prompt

Step 3:- after entering TP Link Router IP Address, Type the USER NAME and PASSWORD in the login page, if you have not changed these from the factory reset. The TP Link default username and password are both ‘admin’ (Lower case). If you do not remember User name and password, simply press the factory reset button (if available on your router’s back side).

how to change tp link wifi password


Step 4:- after entering USER NAME and PASSWORD, the dashboard will open and then click on Management > Access Control > password (it’s on the left side of the page). Type the old password and then type the new password and again type new password to conform password. Save it.

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