How to Boost Wifi Signal on Android For Faster Internet

Increase WiFi Signal in Android: – If you are android user than you must have faced the slow Wi-Fi speed on Home Wi-FI or public Wi-Fi and you must have also searched how to Increase Wi-Fi Speed On Android for faster download. Your phone’s speed is depended on your internet and phone performance. So to download or surfing speedily you need to increase speed of android phone. So, in this tutorial we will discuss on how to increase WiFI speed on android and how to increase internet speed on android.

How to Boost WiFi Speed on Android

For boosting WiFi signal OR Speed in android device, you need to do several things to setup in your android device. There are various things, which you can apply in your android device for boosting WiFi signal strength easily in just few moments.

If you are suffering from low WiFi signal/ Low WiFI net speed in your android device, than you will get low internet speed in your phone which will also lower the your work speed or download speed.

So, here we are sharing all the possible things, by using it, you can boost WiFi signal of your android device and get a decent internet speed on your android device. Read Also – 100+ Top Full Wi-FI Router Name

Increase WiFI Range of Android Phone and Boost Signals

This is the best trick to increase WiFI speed on android when your device suffering from low WiFI signal. Just doing some changes in your phone’s setting you can enhance your WiFi signal. For this you must “Enable Developer Option”. Read Also – 10 Tips to Improve Your Wi-FI Network Performance

Step 1– Enable Developer Options, Setting >> About Phone

Step 2 – Scroll down to ‘Build Number’ and tap on it several times in a row. It enables ’Developer Options’ for your device.

 Step 3 – Again go to setting and Tap on ‘Developer Options’ and scroll down to ‘Aggressive Wi-Fi mobile Date Handover’ and switch on the mode. Done…!

After doing these simple steps you can see enhanced Wi-Fi signal and enjoy an increased Wi-Fi range in Android device.

Increase WiFi Signal by Changing WiFi Band Frequency

You can also boost your WIFI signal by changing the WiFI band frequency of your android smartphone

Take Help of WiFi Analyzer App

Boost Wifi Signal on Android

If you don’t know then let me know, with the help of WiFi analyzer app you can easily find where is the strong wifi signal coming. This android app will show you the available signal strength in current area. You can connect your android device to WiFi device and move device to your place, and find where the maximum signal strength is available. After finding the best signal strength you can place your device to that place. This is another way, to increase WiFI signal strength and boost WiFI signal speed in your place.

Change WiFi Band Frequency in your Android too

If your WiFI modem supports 5GHz band, than you must get the benefits from it. 5GHz band comes with more accurate and stable WiFI signal in comparison of 2.4 GHz band. So, you can set your android device to use 5GHz band when possible from your phones setting.

How to increase Wifi Signal on Android

Go to Phones Setting >> Wi-FI >> Click Menu Button and select the option Advance >> Select Wi-Fi frequency band to Automatic.

After completing the setting… now, your android device will use 5GHz band when possible for get better WIFI signal strength.

Use WIFI Repeater (Wi-Fi Range Extender)

How to extend Wifi Signal on Android

As the name suggests what the Wi-Fi repeater works for – repeats the WIFi signal to extend its signal range. If you are in big house or office, using a repeater can boost the WiFi signal hard enough to reach your android smartphone.