How to Speed Up Android Phone When it Running Slow

In this tutorial we will discuss about some useful and working android tutorial on how to speed-up your android phone when it running slow.

Android OS is most used mobile operating system. Most of android phone users use this operating system, because of its flexibility and more users friendly. At the time of android phone purchase it will be already faster because it’s unused. But after some day/month of its use, slowness of Android Smartphone’s is a major problem for its users. The slowdown of any old android Smartphone can be several reasons.

So, In tutorial we are sharing few useful tips for make your Android Smartphone Faster for those users who feel their android phone have slower then science purchase. Through these android fast tips you can easily make your older Smartphone faster. Let’s start our tutorial ‘How to speed up Android phone‘.

How to Speed up Android Phone

How to Speed up Android Phone

Speed Up Android Phone By Install a New App Launcher

Each android phone makers customize its OS on their device, with App launchers or UIs that support launch mobile app, make phone calls and perform other tasks on android device. While most of users do find these customization, widgets and other layouts can slow own the phone.

Install third useful party app launcher which is simpler then rooting on the Smartphone. These third party app launcher provides some option for personalization and also remove these custom features. You can download then install Nova launcher, Apex Launcher and Go Launcher Or read full list of best launcher for android EX. By following this tip you can speed up your android phone.

Remove Unused Apps

Most of time we download unnecessary apps and widgets which we have use only one or two time. It could slowdown our Smartphone performance. Users need to install those app they have installed are being used. Some of pre-loaded apps that are pre-installed by the phone manufacturer cannot be uninstalled. So you will have to settle for disabling them. Read Also: How to Remove Pre-loaded Apps fro Android

Remove Themes and widgets

Themes and Animation can also slow down your Smartphone performance they take lot of space and battery uses. Remove those types of Themes, Animation and Live wallpapers. You can turn off animation in your android phone Go to Setting > Developer > Options > Windows animation scale then chose Animation off. By following this tip you can speed up your android phone.

Stay Away From Live Wallpapers Or Animations

Ti’s true Live wallpapers or Animation’s are looks beautiful and entertaining but you may notice that it makes your android device run slower. It always running in the background even you are an app already. It can also suck your phone’s battery backup. So, It’s batter to avoid Live Wallpapers Or Animations.Speed Up Android Phone By Install a New App Launcher

Update latest software, OS and Apps

After the uninstalling unnecessary apps you have to update rest of usable apps and also update software and latest operating system. Apps, OS and software updating are another necessary for speed up your android phone. Because latest version of any android app to run more efficiently and faster than its older version.

Keep Space in Phone Memory

If you have any android Smartphone and it that empty space is not much then prior to keep space internal memory. Because lower internal memory is major reason of slow Smartphone performance. Move your all data including Apps, images, MP3, video’s etc to external memory.

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Clear App Catch

Every app build up a catch after used that can slow down an android phone performance. You can delete catch regularly to speed up android Smartphone. To self delete every app catch’s, you will need to go in setting option Setting > Apps select the relevant app then click on the ‘clear catch’ button. To delete multiple app catch or set up scheduled catch clearing, you can download catch clearing apps like App cache Cleaner from android play store.
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Some Other Tips for Speed up Android Phone

  • Use high Speed SD card
  • Keep always Antivirus in your Phone and also update antivirus regularly (if you not update Antivirus regularly it will also slow down you Android device performance) Read:- Top Best Antivirus security apps for Android Phone
  • At last 1 time per day Switch OFF and ON the phone which will free up the unused memory acquired by some apps.


If you have treble with your android phone performance and are thinking of buying another android phone then STOP here, look to try the above tips. I hope these tips will be useful to you and your phone will improve the performance significantly.