How to Clear Cache in Android To Boost Phone Speed

Hi readers, In this Android Tips and Tricks Tutorial we will discuss How to clear cache in android to boost performance speed of any android device either android smartphone or android tablet.

A term cache is a type of temporary place where developers store data of a particular website or Applications. When any user use or access that specific site or app again and again the data from the cache file are used to load the pages instead of downloading it again. Generally cache files should not create problems, but some time it can corrupted and cause an app to misbehave or when these cache files will keep many days and create heavy data, at such time it is important to clear cache to improve performance of any device such as smartphones, computers etc.

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We recommend clear cache from your Android phone or computer time to time, at least once a week. There are many advantages of clear cache files are given below.

Advantages of clearing cache

By clear cache you may free up the unnecessary occupied space by the apps or Web pages which no longer to use.

By clear cache you can get some more storage to store other cached data.

By clear cache you can fix some misbehaving apps or crashes. And also apply on web pages

Clear Cache in Android

Clear Cache in Android

How to Clear Cache in Android To Boost Phone Speed

There are many ways you can remove app cache and browser cache from your android devices. In this tutorial we are discussing all possible ways to clear cache from Android device and make it faster.

How to Clear Cache of All App Manually

First you know about how to clear cache of All app manually. To do this just Go to Setting and then tap on Storage.

In Storage, you will see your total storage information such as Available space, used space, system memory etc. In this list you will see the option of “Cached Data”.

Just tap on it after that a pop up will open saying “This will clear cached data for all Apps” just tap on “OK”  and it will be cleared. After that you will see cached data is no longer on list.

Note – clear cache of All app manually will only work on Android 4.2 version and above

How to Clear Cache of any Single App Manually

You can Clear cache data of any single application manually. To do this you just need to Go to Setting and tap on Application Manager.

In this session you can see all the apps in your phone. Just tap on desire app and will open to its details.

Find Clear Cache (in some device ‘Clear data’) and tap on it will complete remove all clear data from desire application. You can go through same process to clear all cache data.

Clear Cache by Using Clear Cache Apps

There are many apps are available on Google Play store for clearing cache from you android device. In this tutorial we have chosen Clean Master, It is one of the best Clear Cache applications and, here we will show step by step process How to Clear Cache by using Clear Master App.

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Download and install latest version of Clear Master App from Google Play store. After installation open it.

The Clear Master App contains of 4 different functions that will help you to maximize your phone’s storage and make it faster, these functions are Junk File, memory Booster, Antivirus and App manager.

You need to clear Junk file to clean up the phone’s unnecessary cache files from your installed apps. To do this simply tap on Junk File in Clear Master App, this will open all application list which have junk files, simply check or uncheck to clean-up junk files.

After selecting finally click on Clean Junk button from bottom of the list. That’s it. This will clear all cache files.

Clear Browser Cache from Android

Clear Cache on Google Chrome for Android

Clearing browser cache or clearing browser history is very easy tasks, by following given simple tasks you should be easily clear browser cache of Google chrome in your android device.

Just open your android’s Google chrome and tap on top right side of three vertical dotted icon

Then tap on setting menu and then tap on Privacy under the heading Advanced.

In privacy see the bottom of screen and tap on it and in that menu tap on clear browsing data.

In clear browsing data check the cache option and hit ‘clear” that’s it.

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Clear Cache on Firefox for Android

To Clear Cache on Firefox for Android is bit same as clear cache on Chrome, just open firefox and tap on three dotted icon and then tap on setting, After that hit on Privacy,

In the next screen you will see the option clear now when you tap on it you will see a list of things that you can clear.

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Final words

This was the How to clear cache in android To boost phone speed, I hope that you Like this. If you have any kind of query or any suggestion then writes in comment box. we shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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