Easy Tips To Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome 2017

Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome

In this Tutorial we will discuss how to make Google Chrome Faster or how to Speed Up Google Chrome. so, read our full tutorial and know how to make your Google chrome faster | Speed Up Chrome.

Some time you noticed your usually speedy web browser ‘Google Chrome Browser’ slowing down or even crashing. That is because some unnecessary plugins, extension, used browsing data etc can slow down your Browser or even crash. So, here we are sharing the Awesome Easy Tips To Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome for every Google chrome users. you can also readHow to block websites on google chrome

Easy Tips To Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome

In this Tutorial we will share with you how to Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome by disable unnecessary plugins, extension, and clear browsing data.

Disable unnecessary plugins To Speed Up Chrome

When you install Google Chrome, by default many unnecessary or unusable plugins are installed with your chrome that can slow your browsing experience. Some plugins are usable such as Flash, Java, Sliverlight, windows media file etc that helps in chrome process. But some of plugins are not important to your regular browsing. You can disable these types of unnecessary plugins.

For disable Google chrome plugin simply type “About:plugins” ( type without the quotes) in chrome address bar and press Enter.

After this all plugins who use in google chrome will display. You can safely disable every single plugin which is not use in regular basic. But you may keep some plugins like Flash plugin for viewing video, flash etc. also keep Silverlight plugin if you want to watch Netflix in chrome. You can also enable these plugins again if you need to.

Note – Google chrome plugins cannot be deleted or uninstall, only disabled. But if any plugin was installed as a part of an extension and you uninstall the extension. Then the plugin automatically removed from list.

Disable extension To Speed up Chrome

Extensions are small programs which available in the chrome web store that add some extra features and functions on chrome. These extensions are very useful but if you install lot of chrome extension, the browser’s speed may be negative effect that can slow down your browser.  You can easily uninstall these extension and make your Google Chrome faster.

  • Some extension creates a small button on address bar when you install it. Those extensions can easily removed or uninstall by right clicking on them and chose remove/ uninstall from menu.
  • You can also install some apps in chrome. To access those Apps and also extension list click on wrench icon on the right side tool bar select Tool > Extension in dropdown menu. To disable these Apps and extension.
  • To disable and extension, click ‘Enabled’ check box to the right of extension title. Now no check on check marks in the box, that means extension disabled. You see ‘Enabled’ check box become ‘enable’ check box. You can re-enable these extensions any time by checking on the check box.
  • You can also remove these extensions if you don’t want any more by clicking on remove from chrome.

Clear Browsing Data to Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome will catch the contents of most websites you visits, so that they load faster when you visit them again. But if these temporary file will kept for many days then any web browser will become heavy. So, on that situation browser will slow down page loading speed and need to clear browsing data to speed up chrome.

To Clear Browsing Data Follow Given Steeps

Open Google Chrome and Go to SettingsHistory Or Press (Ctrl+H) then click on Clear Browsing Data

Run Software Removal tool To Speed up Chrome

Google chrome has launched a new tool for protect from crapware and spyware that infects your chrome installation and make thing much slower than it should. You need to logon to www.google.com/chrome/srt/ then click download button.

When it restarts it will ask you to restart your browser, which can helpful in preventing crashed and other problems.


This was the Easy Tips To Make Google Chrome Faster | Speed Up Chrome, I hope that you Like this. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.