How to Withdraw Money from ATM without Debit Card

How often has it occurred to you that you went to the ATM to collect urgently needed money and oops..! Forgot your ATM card. Well, it happens a lot with people these days. And believe it or not, that is one of the most distressing situations. Another reason might be your card is not working properly. What to do? Still figuring it out;. But customers won’t have to wait for another kickass solution to curb this problem. In this section, we will be giving you extremely useful information on How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without debit Card in India.

Yes, it’s true. Recently, a few Banking organizations have introduced card-less transactions for customers. All they need is just a mobile phone and their Adhaar Card no. This initiative has been taken by some of the famous banks in India to help users’ needs and save them time.

Withdraw Money from ATM without Using Debit card | Card less Cash Withdrawal from ATM Machine

Now you must be wondering, how is this possible? That is why we are here. Let’s take a jog in the following parts of this article and know the “Hows” and “Whats” of this newest implementation.

Need to Do Before Starting Withdraw Money from ATM without Debit Card

Step 1: User Registration

All the bank customers need to mandatorily get registered in the Bank in order to entertain this benefit. The registration will be carried out with the help your Bank branch office or through net banking. Or simply user may dial the customer helpline no.

Step 2: Getting the 4-Digit MPIN

After requesting for registration, users shall receive the 4-Digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number) that will be served as a security code working similar to that of ATM PIN. This will be a different code and will be the passcode for Mobile-based ATM Transactions only.

Step 3: Get Mobile App

After the entire registration process is done by the Bank officials, users will be enabled to download the official app to make transactions. Users can also get this app through an SMS, through the SMS, you will be advised to find and follow the official link. Just clicking that link will lead you to the download page where you can install the app easily.

Functions same as ATM Card

So what are the facilities that we get from regular ATM cards? Free money, anytime, anywhere, even on holidays. That’s exactly what this MPIN thing is going to do for you in future but, only when you get registered. Here are the new things that you’ll be enjoying with this added feature. Users can do Intra-bank Transactions, Mobile-to-Mobile Transactions, Mobile-to-Account Fund Transfers and National Electronic Funds Transfers (NEFT) etc.

How Much you can Cardless Cash withdraw from ATM or Transfer per Day

You know there is a withdrawal limit set for every ATM card right? So will be with the MPIN enabled transactions. Here are the details about how much you can withdraw from you MPIN in one day.

  • MPIN enables you to withdraw up to 5000/- a day.
  • Through Aimpis, fund transfer limit will be escalated to 30,000/- a day.
  • With respect to SMS service, the limit is set to maximum Rs. 4000/- per day.
  • For the bill payment, transaction limit will be Rs 20,000/- every day.

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How to withdrawal Money from ATM Without Debit Card

After you get registered and receive your MPIN from the bank, the next and noteworthy point is to get Cash from ATM. If you have installed the app and ready to roll, just launch the Indus mobile application and type your 4-digit MPIN. Then click on the card-less withdrawal button.

Note: Just make sure to fill the exact amount you want to withdraw.

As you step towards the next process, the bank will forward you an OTP through sms. This OTP will help you set another password for your application. So try not to be careless at this point.

Choose Cash on mobile

Then choose cash on mobile option displayed on ATM screen. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number, the amount of money, temporary password received on your mobile, and finally, a password generated by yourself in the required field.

All these conditions will be matched and after close verification, your amount will be dispensed by the ATM Machine.

Bonus feature: Through this feature, customers will be enabled to send funds through the third party as well.

For users: Recently ICICI bank has launched card-less cash withdrawal or fund transfer. This facility can be availed at 10,000+ ICICI ATM machines.

Since, this is just a beginning to bring this revolutionizing change in the ATM history, it may take some time for other banks to adapt this method. In future, we expect this kickass strategy to succeed. It will be more secure, hassle-free, and customers will be tension free.

So that was all about How to Withdraw Money from ATM Without debit Card. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Stay in touch to get more tips and cool tricks.