Choosing a Digital Asset Management System

Once you’ve decided that you need a digital asset management system, it’s time to search for a provider.

Choosing the right DAM system might be difficult, but there are several steps you can take to make sure you locate one that meets your requirements.

Decide what you’re willing to let (and restrict)

A comprehensive grasp of what each group requires and what they don’t will help you choose which features are necessary and which may be left out of the system altogether.

Allowing each user or group to be segregated into different permission groups is one of the primary advantages of using a digital asset management system.

To get the most out of a digital asset management system, you should limit the access to each category to just those who need it.

Consider the case of your advertising firm. If they can see your company logos, stock images, and maybe a few headshots, that’s OK, but giving them access to anything else would waste time and resources.

Timelines should be set realistically.

A realistic timetable might be challenging, particularly when numerous departments want the DAM system up and operating as soon as possible!

It might be tempting to pick a vendor, onboard, and integrate your existing tools in the following month; taking the time to do it well is critical.

These pressures may be mitigated by breaking your implementation into stages so that stakeholders can see the project in the future, rather than merely wondering when the project will be finished.

Think about the tools you already have

When attempting to get stakeholders on board, it’s a good idea to employ systems they’re already familiar with. Could a Hootsuite integration help your social media staff?

With the help of an Adobe Creative Suite connection, can your creative team streamline their workflows? Investigate DAM solutions that may be integrated with your current tools to enhance user acceptance and satisfaction.

Determine your stakeholders first

Knowing who will be affected by your DAM deployment and working to get them on board from the beginning is critical. What kind of features do they want to include? What can you do to make their endeavors a success?

Your customers should know how the DAM system will help them during the whole process, so make sure you communicate with them (especially if their budget is involved). Do this when running an online business such as an online casino UK. When it comes to digital asset management, gaining buy-in from the very beginning is critical. As long as people don’t or don’t use the system appropriately, the system won’t matter.

Instead of going with a vendor, go with a partner.

It’s critical to consider each provider as a whole when you’re down to the last handful that can match your functional needs.

Your future aspirations may conflict with theirs. After they’ve been boarded, how is their support system?


Choosing a long-term companion is essential, not simply someone who will take you on as a passenger and then go. Remember that people are equally as vital as technology.