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Best Google Chrome Extensions – Google chrome is one of the best and most used web browser worldwide. As we know Google chrome is the lightest and fastest browser running, along with the browser provides a lot of Google chrome extensions, which makes it even easier to work on it. So, In this article i am sharing some Useful and best Google chrome extensions.

What is Google Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionally of the Google chrome and make browsing experience more creative on google chrome.

How to Download Install Google Chrome Extension

Google chrome extension download and install is very easy, you can download Google chrome extension from Google chrome web store with few click. you only need to have Google chrome browser latest version.

Visit Google chrome web store or Go to right of your Chrome Browser [Customize and control Google chrome] > Setting > Extension > Get More Extension

Search for your desired Google chrome extension & click on it.
After open your desired extension, click on +free button to install the chrome extension

When the extension will download, a prompted with pop-up ask to add the extension or not. Click on ADD.

Again you need to click on ‘Add to chrome

That’s it. you will see your downloaded chrome extension will appear on beside of chromes search bar.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2021

These Given best google chrome extensions will help you to work faster, get smarter and make your google chrome experience more creative. So, add these given best google chrome extensions to fell great experience.

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20+ Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2021

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Toggl – [Time Tracker]

Toggl is one of the Best Best Google Chrome Extensions that you should add to Google Chrome Browser. You can, and you should track how much time every little task on the computer takes. Toggl does it quickly as you enable this add-on and let it monitor how much time you took to browse and send an email. This extension makes remembering to track your time ten times easier.

You can manage your time, see the most recent time entries, and start or stop the timer any time you want. It simply displays a populated list of tasks and the time taken to accomplish every little or big task.


Some time you don’t have time to read your favorite articles, video or any webpages. then save it to pocket instead and read it later. pocket automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer. so you can view your saved webpages or videos at any time even without internet connection. pocket is a best Google chrome extension for your everyday online reading.


Pushbullet makes easy to share text Messages, pictures, links or files to your devices and with your friends. another impressive features of Pushbullet is that it allows you to copy pasts something from your desktop chrome browser to your android device.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to alternative option of TeamViewer to control your computer using your smartphone, you need to use this best Google chrome extension. you only need to download the remote desktop application in your Android smartphone and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in your PC’s chrome. once you have created the bond and fixed some installation stuff, you can start controlling your computer or PC using your smartphone.


Adblock Google chrome extension is one of the best and most creative extension, that block all advertisements on al types of web pages, even Facebook, YouTube, Hulu etc. this chrome extension is offered by getadblock.com and available for chrome, safari, opera and firefox also. It is also a way to protect your browser from tracking and malware attack.


Buffer chrome extension is a great extension to share any contents directly to your twitter, Facebook and linkedin from any ware on the web. you can also share any pictures from internet to your facebook, instagram, Pintrest

Turn off the light

Turn off the light is very light weight and useful Google chrome extension to make more comfortable video watching experience. it works almost all best video sites YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, YouKu etc. this chrome extension make your entire page feed to dark to watch the video as if the cinema.

Instagram For Chrome

Instagram For Chrome is a chrome extension to use Instagram directly from chrome browser. Instagram interface makes it easy to brows, like and comment on all the photos from your feed. After installing it from chrome extension web store you need to input necessary information to access your Instagram account, after doing so, the Instagram extension will add as icon to your chrome browser.

Check Plus for Gmail

Check Plus for Gmail is another best Google chrome extension to get desktop notification, read, listen or delet emails without opening your Gmail account and easily manage multiple account. You only need to install this chrome extension and put your email details that’s it.

Feedly mini

Feedly mini is another best Google chrome extension that keeps you connected to your feedly, allowing you to easily save, tah, share or subscribe to the great content you find regularly. this chrome extension comes with versus feed features such as add website, email pages, tweet pages etc.

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is another best Google chrome extension to view any wabepage images in there full size without loading new page. images automatically re sized if they don’t fit the windows. this chrome extension works on many sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Being, eBay, Flickr, Google image, twitter, tumber etc.

Last Pass

Last Pass is an award winning password manager also have Google chrome extension, save your password and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. you only need to remember one Last Pass password and save all your username and password to Last Pass and it will auto login to your sites and sync your password every ware you need them.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is useful and most downloaded Google chrome extension. on a webpage or websites, you can simply double click on any word and see it complete definition displayed in the bubbe. the best features of this chrome extension is it support multiple languages and also can translate a foreign word to your default language.


Honey is the best Google chrome extension for those people who buy regular from online shopping sites. this chrome extension automatically find and apply coupon codes and offers when you shop online.

simply click on the Honey chrome extension button on a supported online store and instantly see all the coupons codes available for the stores.


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