How to Withdraw Money from ATM [Step by Step Guide]

Hello, dear readers! In this time of quick and fast moving world, what do you do to get money from your bank account? We bet your answer would be ATM. Ant why not it does save your time. But, there are still some users who still can’t get comfortable making transactions through their ATM Cum Debit Cards and still go to their banks, stand in the long queues, wait for their turn to get cash.

But, don’t worry, we have come up with some time saving and extremely helpful tips here. What we have explained below are some steps on How to Withdraw Money from ATM. We assure you that after reading these simple steps, you’ll not be requiring to spend your time in the lengthy queues.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM

Here are some reasons why you might need Automated Teller Machine to get you cash.

  • Either the bank is not in operational due to regular or emergency holiday.
  • There may be an official urgency to shut down the branch office.
  • The server might be out of order
  • Or any other human error.
  • And the biggest reason, official working hours for every bank are day hours, may be 9:00-17:00 hours or 10:00 to 18:00 hours. But you require it at night. Who knows when an emergency may strike?

But it’s time you need money urgently. So how do you do it, simply let’s head to an ATM.

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withdraw cash from atm

How to Withdraw Money From ATM

So these are the listed Easy steps on How to Withdraw Money From ATM

First, look for the nearest ATM Service provided by your own Bank. Let’s say you hold an account in XYZ Bank, and then you should opt for XYZ ATM. It reduces chances of missing out on some services or error while withdrawing cash.

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Located the ATM?

Now enter the ATM Room, and make sure nobody is surrounding you while entering.

Step 1

Insert your card: it should be held and inserted properly so that the reader decrypts hidden info in the magnetic strip. If you don’t insert the card correctly, the machine won’t accept it.

And if inserted correctly, you’ll be asked to choose the language that you are comfortable interacting in.

Note: You may get 2 or more language options depending on the region, state, or country. E.g. English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Chinese etc.

Step 2

Enter Your ATM PIN: Now next step to take is to enter your four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). Remember, this is something that you should never share with anyone.

Note: If you don’t seem to remember your PIN, then do not try too many times as it may get your card blocked permanently.

If you have entered your PIN correctly, then move to the next step which is choosing the type of transaction.

Step 3

Choose Transaction Type: There are a number of transaction options depending on the bank you are associated with.

Most commonly you’ll see these: Balance Inquiry, Cash Withdrawal, Money Transfer, Deposit Money, Setting etc.

To withdraw cash, follow the next step.

Step 4

Choose Your Bank Account Type: When you select the option “Cash Withdrawal”, there you will be asked if you have a Current Account or Savings Account.

Choose the account type from the two options and press next.

Step 5

Enter The Amount: Next, is the machine will prompt you to enter the Amount i.e. how much money you want in cash at the moment.

Enter the amount ion numerical figures. Let’s say 10000 and press correct.

ATM machines also generate your transactions in a printed receipt. Some users prefer to check it at the time of transactions, while some take a printed one. So suit yourself accordingly.

After you have entered all the required details and final amount, press correct and let the Teller Machine do the rest of. In a matter of seconds, you can collect your cash from the cash tray.

Recommended: Collect your cash within 30 seconds after the machine has dispensed it.

At Last: You will be prompted whether you want any further transaction to make?

If yes, follow the same process again. If no, then press exit.

Dear friends and users, these were some time saving and efficient tips that will be of great use for you the next time you need cash urgently. We hope you liked these tips on How to Withdraw Money From ATM. Stay tuned with us for more tips and tricks and do share this info with other friends of yours.