5 Best Tips to View Outlook PST File Manually Without Microsoft Outlook

In present era, it is not compulsory that MS Outlook environment is present on all machine. Now consider a following general scenario:

Imagine a computer user who is not having MS Outlook application on his machine. On the other hand, he wants to view and access PST file, which is provided to him by some second person. Now a question arises – how will he view that Outlook PST file without Outlook environment?”

5 Best Tips to View Outlook PST File Without Outlook

To troubleshoot this problem of viewing Outlook storage PST file without its application environment, go through the following measures that gives you guidelines to view PST file without Outlook:

Measure 1: Converting Outlook PST Emails to TXT File

In this approach, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  1. Select an email (one-by-one), which you want to view
  2. Click on File tab for displaying its menu
  3. Select Save As option and from Save as type field, select TXT At last, click on Save button to save file in TXT file format

Now, you are able to open and view emails of PST file. The main disadvantage of this approach is that it will perform its conversion one-by-one, cannot fetch the attachments embedded with emails, and irrelevant for bulk amount of emails.

Measure 2: Converting Outlook PST File to MSG File

Another approach is to convert Outlook storage file into very common file format i.e., MSG file. For performing such, you will just have to drag the mail on your desktop or any other path. Now you just require Edit Plus application to open this dragged file and hence, you will be able to view MSG file.

The limitation of this measure is that with help of this technique you will have to perform conversion one-by-one, and also it is irrelevant when large amount of emails are to be viewed from PST file.

Measure 3: Using HTML File Format To View PST File Emails

For viewing emails of PST file, the next approach is to save mail in HTML file format. Go through the following procedure to do the same:

  • Select an email (one-by-one), which you want to view
  • Click on File tabs for displaying its option
  • Select Save As option and from Save as type field, select HTML (*.htm, *.html) At last, click on Save button to save file in HTML file format

In absence of Outlook, you will now be able to see emails of PST file. However, this approach also has the same drawbacks/limitations that are discussed in above measures.

Measure 4: Importing PST File in G-mail For Viewing

This is the last manual approach to view your Outlook PST file without Outlook. This process is a little bit technical method in comparison to above discussed 3 procedures.

  • Download, install, and launch Google App Migration Tool from internet
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions of this tool for importing data of PST file in G-mail

NOTE: All the above mentioned approaches have some limitations with them and users may face one or the other interruption while working with these approaches.

Measure 5: Third Party Utility Without Any Limitation

The best way to view & analyze Outlook data without any trouble is to use a Third party utility, which are easily available in web market. One such utility is Outlook PST Viewer, which allow clients to open and read PST files without Outlook as its supportive application. Apart from emails, it allows viewing of other Outlook data items like contacts, calendar, journals, etc. Hence, complete data of personal storage file can be viewed by this product.

In conclusion

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