Top 11 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons in 2021 You Should Use

In this tutorial we are going to discuss about Top 11 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions Or Addons.

The Mozilla Firefox the ultimate browser for PC and it as defaults browser for PC. The browser includes lot of ultimate ad on and here we gathered top 11 best extensions here. Mozilla Firefox always comes with unique things. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and not using these addons Or extensions means then you are missing something awesome. Mozilla Firefox extensions those listed below or general extensions and used to do fast browsing or fun to browse. If you want extensions related to your category then you can go with my blog and get find your category. If any problems occurs using these extensions then user can easily contact through this website and we are there to help you.

How to Add and use any Best Mozilla Firefox Addons in firefox browser

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox Official home page and click on Add-ons
  • Go to extension and select which addon you want to use
  • Click on install Or Add to firefox
  • Wait a moment when your selected Addon will install and start-up. That’s it

The Mozilla Firefox has some ultimate extensions and those make your browsing experience well as well as easy to browse.

Best Mozilla Firefox Addons in 2021

To Google Translate

to google translate

Now comes the essential treat for your better browsing experience, “To Google Translate.” It’s an extension for Mozilla Firefox that creates one context menu item in Firefox. This add-on is most probably the easiest way to translate any language you want. Translate any text by selecting the text and then clicking on a menu item.

The text you select lastly would be sent to Google Translate for translation, or you can listen to it using Google TTS to learn how to pronounce it. This extension can also set default languages to translate by setting up the options. The best part is it’s as effective as Google Translate, so you won’t have to search for translation elsewhere.



The DownThemAll is a best adon for firefox and also most installed adon. The extension helps you to let you to pause or resume even if you close the browser without doing this. It speed ups downloading speed and it is like a download manager through which you can download anything on the web. You can download images and web pages with a single click using this extension. The Mozilla firefox addon is open-source and freeware, no adware, no spyware and no hidden costs. I think this is the best to use in Mozilla Firefox and go through link to get to know the details and trail.


Complete integration with Mozilla Firefox, just right click on any webpage Or from Tools many Or adding icons to toolbar

Increase downloading speed up to 4x

Also featured with Push and resume your downloads without losing your data

Tile Tabs

tile tabs

Tile Tabs is the amazing extension to use and as well as to perform. The most powerful extension that I have ever seen in Mozilla Firefox and it works wonderful. Using this extension you can perform multiple websites means that all opened tabs in a single grid and you can resize them. You can split them to different views and you can make the tabs layout in different style. The most used extension in Mozilla Firefox and complete details of this extension is given in official website. You have to use that it completely changes your browsing experience.



Imagus is the most popular Google Chrome extension and later on it also developed to Mozilla Firefox and here also it is getting more popularity in short time period. The working of this extension is amazing and it helps you in several ways. The extension zoom the image if you hover the curse over image and without opening it in new tab. This extension is very small in size and most liked extension of Mozilla Firefox.

Privacy Badger


It helps you in several ways and the way it protects your web privacy is amazing. Privacy Badger the name itself tells that it secures you getting tracked by unauthorized sites. Some time some big sites also want to track your activity for their use and you need to be very careful. You can prevent that using this extension and highly secure. It improves your online security and privacy.



There are lots of Virtual Private Networks which can be used to access blocked websites and there are paid and free versions available in the Internet. But here we came with the easy solution for that and here is a Firefox extension called ZenMate which acts like Virtual Private Network. The extension was popular in Google Chrome and also developed for Android as App and got huge popularity. After all this it was developed to Mozilla Firefox and succeeded. Using this you can read or watch restricted websites and it also gives you the protection for web surf.



Nice. It is just ultimate extension of Mozilla Firefox. The extension of Mozilla Firefox helps you to get focus on something on your web page not anything else. You have to select the part of the select that you want to focus and activate the Extension and it will be transparent black in the rest of the page and highlight the selected part. There is a limitation for this extension that it can be used in limited times. But it is an ultimate extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Open Link In a Silent Tab

Open Link is a Silent Tab is a most liked extension. This is my favourite and ultimate for those who love to brose next tab silently. As the name says it makes your next tab silent. In brief if you are opened youtube or other any video sharing website then you are busy with any other work or tab. Then it suddenly start auto playing and using this extension you can make that silent. It makes your browser experience even cool

UI Eraser

UI Eraser is the best extension of Mozilla Firefox to design and clear unwanted things from your browser. It erases unwanted things from your browser. If you don’t want unwanted things then you can remove them. You can also adjust the tools or anything in your browser. You can adjust the settings to Homepage or somewhere else.

Extension Defender

Extension Defender is the king of all extensions in Mozilla Firefox. It secures all extensions and your browser. There are some extensions those are not safe and they developed to track your information and anything else from the browser. The other party sources want to access your computer using these extensions but Extension Defender will scan these extensions and cleans the threats like malware and spyware. The best and ultimate extensions and must have for all.

Tab Colors

Tab color is a single extension that used to add a background color for tab. In order to do this you have to using one browser for different tasks. That means you can consider one color for one task and easy to navigate. This is the best extension and requires small space.

Final Words

These are all the most popular and best extensions for Mozilla Firefox. If you want to add or suggest any other extensions to add, then you can suggest openly here. Any suggestion or queries regarding this article are openly accepted and those can be commented through using below form.