How to Increase Windows Laptop Battery Life and Backup

In this tutorial we are going to to share with you How to increase battery Life and backup of Laptop.

Hello friends, While in the beginning our Laptop battery performance will be good but it will be decreasing day by day. So, maintaining the same battery backup for your Laptop for in future is also not maintainable. So, if you have lost your battery backup then these below things will help you to increase battery backup and battery life of Laptop.

How to Increase Battery Life and Backup of Laptop

These below points are main things those cause increase in your battery life effectively.

Turn off Backlit Keyboards

If PC or Notepad has backlit on keyboard then it will help you in dark room but it sucks your battery a lot. If you are using it on night then it’s okay and don’t use it on sunlight as you can see keys in sunlight. You can turn it off on sunlight to save more power and increase battery life of your Laptop.  You can disable or enable it by going to search bar and search the keyboard back light.

Laptop Manufacturer’s Battery Care Tools

In order to keep you battery backup high then you must need to follow these things.

  • Use the same battery charger and battery given by manufactured Company.
  • Check your battery and follow the instructions as given on battery in order to increase your battery life.
  • Violating the instructions given by battery manufactured company will make lose your battery backup.

Keep Your Phone and Laptop Cool

 This is the most important thing to decrease your battery temperatures in order to save your battery and increase battery. Make sure that your laptop doesn’t overheat. These are the following things you have to fix

 What are things those causes increase in temperature of your Laptop battery?

  • Make sure that you have installed all of the drivers
  • You must have an antivirus for your Laptop.
  • Don’t leave that in hot place.
  • Don’t play games continuously (4-5 hours).
  • Use a cooling pad when using a notebook computer on your lap

Uninstall Software Those use Much Ram

Run simple software on your Laptop unless don’t use those requires much Ram and not used regularly. Those require much Ram and space.

Switch Off Wireless Card

If you are not regular internet user then switch off those wireless cards requires lot of power. For windows user you have to access it through control panel> Hardware and Drivers. Mac users can access the drivers through toolbar.

Stop Automatic Updates Message and Disable Programs Starting when your Computer starts

You will receive lot of messages of updates of software’s those you uses regularly. Those disturbs you a when you restarts your computer. This consumes lot of power by this messages and updates and in order to disable them we have small guide for you. Follow the step by step guide.

Disable Programs from Starting When your Computer Starts

  • Go to Start Menu and then go to search bar.
  • Then type msconfig and click on msconfig.
  • Then select the Startup Tab and now uncheck messaging programs those you installed in your computer.
  • Then uncheck Auto updates programs such as Adobe Update, Apple Update, Google Update and Java Autoupdater.
  • Finally click OK then it’s all done.

Disable Bluetooth

 If you don’t use this feature, you can safely disable it to avoid draining your laptop battery. In order to increase your battery life then you must disable Bluetooth that is already on. Follow the below step by step guide to disable Bluetooth.

  • Type Network Connections into the text field in the Start Menu
  • Now select view Network Connections then Right-click on the Bluetooth Network Connection > Disable.

That’s it you have done.

Don’t keep Charging after the Completion of 100% charging

If you want to maintain your battery status it is the more important thing. If your battery performing not well means you are keep unplugged while it completes 100% charging. Then maintain these rules and guidelines to keep battery as healthy.

Don’t let your Battery percentage Run out less than 20%

If you are keep using your Laptop while it reached the critical condition in battery then it causes of lose your battery. So charge your battery when it reaches to low battery point and maintain your battery performance. Using or tasking after reaching low battery pint makes your System perform slowly and thus cause battery loss.

Use Battery Saving software

If you are not going to do all these things I have explained here then use this battery saving software for your system and maintain your battery level and increase battery life of your System.

There are lots of battery saving software’s out there and you can choose the best one and download install it your system.

Disable Aero Glass

If you are Windows user then it must causes you guys. Enabling this features you can has less resource and helps you to increase your battery backup. Just do the following steps.

Desktop > Preferances > View Colour > Appearance > Classic Appearance and Windows Basic graphical interface > Ok

That’s it you are done.

Decrease the Brightness

Decreasing brightness makes you Laptop consume less battery apart from that I mean adjusting brightness back to back or keep changing in sun light and night is boring thing. Thus, you can keep your battery performance in balanced position unless don’t use high performance or else you can select battery saving mode to increase battery life of your Laptop.

Final words

This was the guide about How to increase battery Backup and battery Life of Laptop. Hope you liked it. If you have any suggestion or queries regarding this guide can be asked through comments using below from.