15 Best Android Apps You Need to Use in Your New Smartphone

Around the Smartphone world, the total market share of Android phones is a whopping 79.3%. The Apple might get more hype but it is the Android Operating System that wins the battle in the real world. The budget factor and wide variety of companies supporting them is the main reason for their success the way in which a user can customize their usage pattern. There is nothing that an iOS can do and an Android cannot. Today we are going to discuss 15 Cool and Best Android Apps you need to use with your new android Smartphone to have a major impact on your life.

With tech giants like Google and Samsung in the support of Android, we still believe it is just the beginning and there is the lot more to come in the Android World. However, we have tried to cover all factors like Social Media, gaming, Photography, Lifestyle, Education, and Safety in bringing you the 10 best Android apps for 2018 with their features, ratings, device support, Price and download path. So do not be afraid and let us now get the information.


The Selfie camera phones are a hit and for the perfect Selfie, you need a best android camera app like Pixlr. You can choose from over 200 elements to adjust your image and give it a perfect look. It has tutorial videos when you join their page on Instagram, Facebook etc. You can make the collage pic, Balance out colors, blur effect, sharp, auto brightness, or add filters to an image. You can blend pics and upload them on various Social media platforms. It is a free photo editor where you can enhance your creativity or even resize, re-create effects and add text or icons to your images for a perfect click.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – 4.0.3 and up, Rating: – 4.4

Google Now Android Launcher

An Android Launcher is something that can change the look of your Interface completely no matter what handset you are using. The best Android Launcher does this job and does it with utmost perfection and a cool look. It has many inbuilt features and you can optimize your phone to a new level by installing this app. The Android Launcher is available for various Android versions and will perform accordingly. I will change your Icon, Side panels, Grids, Color and has over 10+ themes and layout options.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – 4.1,, Rating: – 4.2

WPS Office and PDF

This is amazing app and must be in everyone’s android phone. WPS office is free and all-in-one office suite for android phone and tablet. Include with all word processor functions like MS office (word, power point, Excel and text), PDF, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Memo and Docs scanner in a single app. Also able to edit and convert document format such as convert any MS office document into PDF.

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Price:-Free, Required Version: – 4.0 and up, Rating: – 4.5


If you are a Social media user and often comes across Articles that are interesting and you cannot read them altogether then Pocket is the app that should be on the top of your priority. With this app, you can easily share, discover and save the documents, videos, articles, images, posts that you want to see later. You can access pocket anywhere on laptop, Mobile or tablet and it can be viewed when you are offline. It has a smooth layout and just tab on the Pocket Icon for saving the things that you want later and it has unlimited storage.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – 4.0.3 and up, Rating: – 4.5

GO Weather Forecast

If you want to know whether your plans will be canceled by rain or not in your local area, you should have GO Weather Forecast on your Smartphone. This is the best android weather app that has a user rating of 4.5 and millions of downloads worldwide. It provides you with the real-time weather report forecast, including expected precipitation, likely rain, and temperature. It can predict up to 2 weeks of the weather forecast that can be seen hourly or weekly. You can customize it with 100+ color pattern and themes with the most users –friendly interface among the apps in this category.

Price:-Free, Required Version:- various with device, Rating:- 4.5

MX Player

When we discuss on best android apps than how can we forget to talk about best video player for android and when we are talking about the video player, the name of MX player comes first. MX Player is one of the powerful video player for android device which support almost all video formats include AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4 etc. it is very user friendly to use and highest rated player app. This is first video player which support multi-core decoding. You can very easily zoom in OR zoom out by pinching and swiping across the screen.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.5

Google Assistant

Have you ever used “Siri or Bixby?” You can just think “Google Assistant “as its alternative but for doing a Search only on the Internet. The Google Assistant is inbuilt into Google App these days. It will automatically optimize the results according to your preference and interests. You can locate shops, malls, theaters, banks and literally any information that is available on the internet. It can work as your personal assistant and can be your companion in your problems.

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Price:-Free, Required Version:- 5.0 and up, Rating:- 4.1

Thunder VPN

If you are serious about your Internet Security then this is the best android VPN app for you. Thunder VPN creates a virtual private network (VPN) that enables users to send and receive data across internet while keeping their identity hidden. The hackers will not get your real location or identity and thus they will not be allowed to harm you in any way possible. This app can be useful if you surf a lot on the internet; it is light and provides you Proxy networks. It encrypts your connection and works on versions above 5.0. It works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G so that no one can track your online activity. It has a rating of 4.8 and requires no other permission or registration.

Price:-Free, Required Version:- 5.0 and up, Rating:- 4.8

Google Maps

There are many ways to search routes and areas on the internet but the accuracy and features that Google Map provides are just remarkable. The official app lets you sort your destination according to the mode by which you want to travel. You can get real Traffic updates, public transport details or GPS navigation at one place. The 360-degree view of famous places and streets lets you rediscover the memory once again and helps you to understand the area better. You can locate things that you want from banks to shops, ATM, coffee house, bookstore etc. You can look at the review, ratings and many aspects before investing your time and money in going to a particular place. It serves in more than 220 Countries and is a must app for your phone if you travel a lot for business or work.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.3

Google Keep

The Google is influencing our lives in day to day working and if you are tired of losing bookmarks, events date any information relevant to you. Then Google Keep is the app that you must have on your phone. Add notes, images .lists, and voice records to keep them safe or even to set as a reminder. Change colors, customize the interface and keep everything collected at a place that can be used for the lifetime. It can be used to share contacts, send locations, can be used on Android, Smartphone, gadgets.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.4

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SwiftKey Keyboard

Your phone’s default keyboard does not have as many features as we do. Therefore, we suggesting Swiftkey Keyboard, which is top of the best Android keyboard app device, is top of the line prediction and auto-correction along with gesture typing, cloud syncing which makes up to date your devices, design, themes, keyboard customization, a number row and much more. Also supports 150+ languages, hundreds of emoji.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.5

SHAREit – Transfer & Share

If you are an android phone user than you must have used this wi-fi file transfer android application to transfer file, video, images, Apps etc with your friends. SHAREit is able to transfer files between android to android, android to PC, android to iOS over 200% faster than bluetooth. It also work as media player to play almost all video formats. It comes in a various languages and used by over 10 millions satisfied users

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.6

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer and manager is one of the best android file manager which can help you to manage your phones file (Images, Music, Videos, Document, App) efficiently and easily. It is full featured file manager for both local and networked use. Over 500 million users are taking advantages of this file manager. Here you can rename, delete, add folder and clean memory space as well. It also helps to manage files on network like Google Drive, DropBox and other cloud storage.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – 4.0 and above, Rating: – 4.6


Flipboard is a news app that is used by millions of people worldwide. All the popular news you can get under one place and moreover, you can also customize what you are interested in looking and the same thing will be served every day. The user-friendly design and interface will give you an overwhelming experience. From Sports to photography, infotainment, movies, politics, and science you can get anything in this app.

Price:-Free, Required Version: – various with device, Rating: – 4.4

List of 10 Best Android Apps

Final Thought

Android is indeed ruling the market with a lot of cool apps in its Google Play Store. Hope that you liked reading Best Android Apps you need to use with your new Smartphone as they all provide a different purpose and utility to your daily life. What is best for you is for you to decide but do let us know if we missed anything and Keep visiting. Which is your favorite Android application, please tell us in the comment box.


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