10 Tips to Boost Your Security While Using Google Chrome

How often do you have time to see the “Settings” section in your Google Chrome Browser? I had the honor to do so when I sensed something wrong with my browser’s performance. To my surprise, if found out something worth sharing with my readers here. While fixing mine, there were some minute things that rang bells this time. And guess what, it was just in time. After optimizing and securing my browser, it is the time you came to know about some useful Tips to Boost Your Security While Using Google Chrome. Let us hop on now and see what are the newest upgrades and measures you should take to escalate your Chrome security on the internet.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement saying that Google Chrome has just grown to become a platform in terms of faster search and better results. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, there are certain concerns that emerge out from the unknown sources that may lead to some sort of threats to users, be it related to privacy, financial, or data loss. Better is to ensure that while surfing through inept, your end is hardened enough to surpass such snooping threats and the vulnerabilities are at bay. Thence, comes the urgency to search for the Best Ways to Boost Your Security on Google Chrome.

how to Boost Security on Google Chrome

Tips to Boost Your Security on Google Chrome

I would suggest you scroll down on and find out the simplest and easiest way to tighten security over your browsing and search activities on Chrome. Here are some knick-knacks that are to be considered while accessing your emails or visiting your favorite site.

Think While you Sync

Most of the time, many of us, just neglect to watch over the technicality and logicality that matters while we are so in rush to import Bookmarks, saved passwords, and other links that we previously saved on the other browser software/Devices/or email accounts. Once you login to your Chrome account, the process of Synchronizations gets invoked and brings the stuff in your browser. Better make it a couple of minutes late than clicking on “Ok”, “Next”, “Import” buttons.

  • Way to sift through what you want and what you don’t is going to Settings>>Synchronization.
  • By default, the settings are set to Sync Everything.
  • Unblue that setting and make some more blues active by selecting only the setting you seriously need at the moment.
  • In my case, I just preferred to choose Bookmarks.

Disable Web Services

If you really are one of those couch potatoes slouching every second hour searching the same thing or filling up forms, and decided to use services like auto-fill, remember passwords, spell-checker etc. then one thing you need to note here is that these Google services constantly transmits your data so as to improvise the results. Fret not, the intention of Google is clearly not to harm you. You need to be known to a fact that harm can be done by any other site or malicious snoopers around the mesh of terminals somewhere.

Vaguely Recommended: Disable the options and send “Do Not Track” message to the sites that are accessing your information.

There is way to set the feature, Settings>> Advanced<<Privacy and Security

Cookies Worth Ignoring

You never have enough time to read the long terms and conditions page of the sites you visit, Do you? Me neither; so the best way to disable cookies. Well, not for all, but some of the sites you are yet to trust. Restricting cookies will make your data less prone to be used by other sites. Way to implement further security is down here.

Settings>> Advanced>>Privacy and Security>>Content Settings>>Cookies

Choose According to your Need

I used to set “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” active and never had to look at the other two options until now which is “Keep Local Data Only until you quit your browser” and “Block Third Party Cookies”.

Many wouldn’t recommend this but, if you are more concern about your privacy than retyping your search after every time you launch Chrome, go for it.

Mind Checking Extensions

Keep track of the extensions that you have on your Chrome browser. Some best extensions for Chrome may seem to protect you, boost you, or rectify the search and smoother the workflow. Remember, too many extensions are the real troublemaker not those that offer security, but the ones that are used once or twice and then remain on the plugins list. Reaching the fact where you no longer need any such extension, get rid of them and lighten your browser.

Extensions’ List is visible in: More Tools>> Extensions

Take what’s Needed

There are several extensions which are certified and available online specifically for Chrome support. Some are also approved by Google itself and guarantee maximum security against threats. Not just, Adblock, here are some examples of trusted extensions like “Web of Trust”, ”Privacy Badger” and “KB SSL Enforcer” to rid those unnecessary ads and third-party sites.

Manage Content Settings

I would highly recommend you to set your content settings and change their values from allowing to either Always Ask or Block unless there is some urgency. Take Camera settings for instance. I only allow it whenever I need to connect with my peers or I am having a conference. Otherwise, I totally keep it out of the context. However, in some cases, Disabled Javascript feature may make some sites inaccessible. Make sure the site you want to visit is trusted before turning on Javascript.

Way to Go: Settings>>Advanced>>Privacy and Security>> Content Settings.

Managing Pop Ups

I have seen some users being duped by scams lately, and all them were victimized by some random ads popping up on their Browser window. Prevent it so not to become one like them. What I suggest is Always block it, a legitimate and trusted may sometimes ask you to save cookies on your computer but, never prompts you ”Your Computer Might be at Risk”. That must be some “John” or “Jane” sitting in a dark room and luring you into a scam.

Let the History be Bygone

Honestly, I never have to use history page to visit some web page. If I know some site is significant, then I consider Bookmarking it. Also, there are many sorts of things that get stored on your desktop or Laptop while you are online without you knowing about them. While cleaning up your history, make sure to switch to the advanced tab and select the fields you think should not stay on your device or are irrelevant. Win-Win situation for you have you seen no dreading vulnerabilities there, you save a lot of disk space while removing history information. Short Cut: Ctrl+H (Settings>>Advanced>> Privacy and Security).

Block Auto Downloads

Let Chrome prompt you what are the other sites trying to download on your system. Once you set download settings on your PC to off, the unwanted files or extensions are miles away from intruding into your firewalls. Here is how to get it done. Settings>>Advanced>>Privacy and Settings>>Content Settings>>Automatic Downloads. Ste it to “Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file”.

Check For Background Apps

To keep your browsing more effective are secure, do this if you haven’t tried it out yet. Go to Settings>>Advanced>>System>> Unblue “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” to prevent the sites fetch your details in the background. And this is what considerably one of the Best 10 Tips to Secure Google Chrome.

Other Tips to Boot-up your Chrome Security

  • Never leave any web page logged in (Especially, when you have some business transactions or official errands to run).
  • Never respond to fishy emails and messages.
  • As I always use to advise, never share your personal data with anyone but to yourself.

Bidding Thoughts

Digging up these settings and making them work was really something touchy this latest version of Chrome has. The point is to stay settled at one’s own end. Why wait for some other apps or network security applications, when all the functionality can be managed at user’s end. That is why I came up with these Tips to Boost Your Security on Google Chrome. Keep checking for more, I am yet to bring forth some surprises here. If you want you can leave me your love in the comments box right below. See y’all soon.