Top 10 Best AD Blocker for Android Phone in 2021

Honestly, it often leaves me frustrated when I am in the middle of browsing or watching videos, I come across an unwanted and scrupulous ad on my screen. The troubles mount and grow peskier as some ads invoke some app in the background and I don’t even know about. Costs me money and most importantly, my time and to bring more to dance, the thing I came looking for is hampered unless I turn off the third party ads again.

The way to search was easier but is further complicated because of the free in-app versions of apps installed on my phone. Like I use to say, solution comes later than problems. Block those annoying third-party ads, here I have detailed some Best Ad Blocker For Android without root your phone.

An advertisement can pop up on your screen from anywhere and anytime. Not surprising to say, with free stuff from Play Store, come bad applications that won’t allow you to put them to use if you don’t jump to their premium versions. Business tactics fellas; and this is the only way they can get another buck to buy them beer and salads. Seriously though, as you wonder, there must be some sort of solution to this ‘advertisement’ problem. Guess what? There are some apps that come in handy and are recognized as Top free Ad Blockers for Android Phones.

Best Free Android Ad Blocker

Searching and reviewing some of the best and affordable ones, here I have narrowed the mammoth list of many to a few Best Apps to Block Ads on Android. Let us see how they are so far at keeping these pop-ups and all off your screens.

Blokada- [Final recommendation]

Best AD Blocker for Android

Known as the Best AD Blocker for Android, iOS, and Windows, this open-source program effectively blocks ads and scripts running in the background. This free and open-source ad blocker and privacy app for Android and iOS. It’s being supported and actively developed by many contributors in the open-source community.

Blokada works on all the platforms and blocks ads & trackers from the site you are accessing. It also comes with a built-in VPN to enhance your internet security. Having blockade is like killing many birds with a stone as this fantastic app protects you from sites that distribute malicious content, viruses, and fraudulent websites as well as save your data plan and phone’s battery.

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Free Ad Blocker Browserbest android ad blocker

Since most of the advertisements show up while we explore the net through a residing browser app, we need a safe, robust, and reliable ad blocker. Ad Blocker Browser comes loaded with speed boosters, and stellar capability to block all sorts of ads (Video, survey, and Pop-Up ads) even before they start to load onto your Android screens.

Compared to its other competing apps, this app gets you’re faster and better response and uninterrupted search results. If you are a Youtuber or a regular media streamer, try it for good. So far, so good; this app is most recommended to the Rooted devices.

Ad Guard

ad blocker for android

Unlike from other embedded apps, Ad Guard comes as a separate Filter app to block the non-relevant advertisements and comes at absolutely no cost. Kept second on the list here, and keeps all the susceptible information away from the third parties also terminating the advertisements before they bother you. Besides the basic functionality, the developer’s team has made it available in 20 different locales and has done a commendable piece of work in disabling tracking.

A special need is to be taken care of if your battery levels are falling. Cause, once Ad Guard runs, it heavily relies on power backup, hence draining the power quite faster than the normal rates.

Opera Browser

best ad blocker for android

I am talking about a long time runner here that has been up scaling its service back when there was Symbian OS and till now to the Android users. The best Android browser is rendering a top notch performance and hasn’t let down its customers in terms of worldwide deliverance of smartphone services support. Getting started is also easy. During the installation, just make sure to check the box of ad blocker, no further thing to say.

Its private surfing mode enables you to go into an incognito mode without being traced or extravagant data consumption. At the top right corner of the settings panel, choose to enable/disable advertisement using a simple tap. Needless to say, you have a handful of uninterrupted and faster-surfing speed. However, ads from other sources won’t be handled by Opera if you have some other internet-supported apps.

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Adblock Plus Browser

best android ad blocker

Add another one to the open source list of Best Free Ad Blocker for Android here. Adblock plus Browser earns its reputation wisely and is also usable for desktop platform. Its separate extension is also available for Chrome and Firefox browsers (If you happened to notice that red icon in the extension section). When you turn it on, all the annoyance is kept aside whether on Facebook or Youtube.

The main troublemakers are popups and that is amply taken care of by Adblock Plus further turning off your tracking services running in the background of your browsers. What more to say, just read the reviews that I bet are in dropped by countless users. Like Opera, it can’t control the ads displayed on external apps, henceforth, controlling the ads inside the browser and in-surfed sites.

CM Browser

ad blocker for android

CM Browser is probably the best you have today to enjoy sharply spiked internet speed, with no ads and that too, without being tracked. The China-based developer team delivers its effective service through CM Browser that whooshes away the annoying pop-up ads, video ads, and disables tracking services in the background.

It has easy to get used to User Interface and almost adoptive to every user. The functionality adds up by serving a video downloading option to users from almost anywhere (Forbidding Youtube). However, looking at the major problem, that is ads, it is still an option to go for to deal with such. This browser can be used for over 40 different locales and doesn’t retain any history after your quit the app.

Ad block Fast

best android ad blocker

Another contestant to win users’ hearts is Ad Block Fast and is considered as the Best Free Ad Blocker for Android. Acclaimed as the fastest ad blocking service by the developers themselves, this app proves to be up to its words so far. The ads have restricted a list of nearly 50k rules to sift the third party apps accessing the browser simultaneously.

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On the go, support is provided to eh users where they can turn off/on the ads through its icon. Merits are relaxing; saves your CPU to an optimum use, doesn’t pay much stress on the memory nor on the RAM while running.

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Ad Detectors (Non-Browsers)


Yeah, exactly like brain, also comes free to install and run like the other apps and is equipped with a sense of humor; well better than mine, I suppose (JK). What it does is something out of my box, to be honest. It can scan over installed apps using over 70 different techniques to terminate ads that are hampering your internet speed and are major cause of the bottleneck.

A complete set of details is given to end users about the apps that are currently integrated with your internet and connection and downsizing the speed. Further security and privacy related notifications are also provided by AppBrain to end users. Since this is not a browser service, it can handle all the apps and aware you about which apps are worthy.

Ad clear

If your main focus is to rid the ailing ads from all the sources, try this one ad blocker app Ad clear. Regardless of what browser you are onto, whether Youtube or some other chat apps, or even social media, Ad clear filters out them all even before they are invoked onto your screens. That is not all, Encrypted ads are also kept at bay keeping your private information secured and least susceptible to any privacy loss.

Firewalls and recently added “Doze” features enable you to save much of your battery to go further and enjoy prolonged battery life. AdClear caters Special protection against Malware-infected Ads that you may not be aware of.

Winding Words

Techno world is taking new and innovative shapes these days. Keeping tabs on the latest and dominating apps suited for users’ good, those were some useful and Best Ad Blocker For Android for time and money saving. I’ll have more coming for you if there is something missed out on the list, be generous to remind me; comments box is right underneath.

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