How to fix Your Connection is not Private Android – Complete Guide

fix Your Connection is not Private on Android :- The last time, I put some how-to-stuff on fixing your Connection is Not Private Error on Chrome, it is somehow identical when we face the same error on your smartphones. No matter what device you use, message shows up somehow with a surprise to make you feel like an old squirrel in the wheel. No rocket science, because there are always solutions to Fix ‘Your Connection is not Private android’ Google Chrome Error on Android. Let us now see how.

Like I said in my previous how-to-guide, methods are all the same and require a little of your time. But eventually, they get things done easily. Some of the best working and effectively handy tricks are detailed below.

Here is the List of privacy-related errors you may have seen or are about to fix for yourself

  • NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID Cause is SSL certificate on server has been expired.
  • NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Cause is incorrect date and time and your Android.
  • NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Cause is SSL certificate issuing authority is unverified.
  • NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED Cause is SSL certificated has been blocked by issuing authority.

Many major websites these days run on Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption also known as HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). This simply encrypts a channel between user and Server diminishing the chances of Data or information theft in the middle by unscrupulous elements hackers.

So the Privacy-related error generally occurs due to improperly configured/expired/ invalid SSL certificate. You May Also Like :- 10 Tips to boost Your Security while using Google Chrome 

Adjust Device date and Time

Adjusted date and Time is one of the most common causes of Your Connection is Not Private Error on your Android Phone or Tablet. So, let’s get to it and see away to fix it.

how to fix Your Connection is not Private Android

How to Fix it:

  • Go to Device Settings>>System>>Date & Time.
  • Now Tap “Automatic date & time
  • If you haven’t set the time to Automatic, then set the Date and Time Manually and input correct Time and Date.

Clear Chrome Cache and Browsing Data

fix Your Connection is not Private Android guide

  • Launch Chrome Browser and Tap on Menu Soft-Key or touch the menu icon
  • Go to Privacy>>Settings>>Clear Browsing Data
  • Check all the boxes and tap on “Clear”.
  • Restart the browser and check to see if it works in full fledged.

Reset your WiFi Connection

Sometimes, the connection you use on over WiFi must have IP Conflicts and with public WiFi, it is quite often. Not only an open WiFi is faulty but also, insecure to use.It is recommended to reset your device wifi and keep it locked with a strong password to keep away from the prying hackers. You May Also Like :- 10 Tips to Improve Chrome Experience on Android.

Disable Device Antivirus

If you have an antivirus installed on your Android device, in most of the cases, it does hinder you from establishing a stable connection with the destination sites. Now, try stopping this antivirus by going to. You May Also Like:- Easy Tips to Make Google Chrome Faster

  • Settings>>Apps & Notifications>>Apps>>Force Stop
  • Or just stop the service in the Antivirus UI.

Defragment and Flush Device Memory

  • If you haven’t cared to notice this, do it and let the old files re-arrange by removing redundant and obsolete files from the device database.
  • Further clean the storage removing the files of unused apps in the Device Manager.

Look for an Upgrade

If it’s been long time you had checked for an upgraded version of Chrome, do it now and update it from the Play Store.Delete the cache and temporary files in the manager and launch Google Chrome after a device restart.This should give your browser app a boost. You May Also Like:- How to Clear Cache in Android to Boost Phone Speed

Reset your Android Device

If all these tricks seem not to work, try to go for the last method. But before initiating a Factory Reset, get all your personal data backed-up. Resetting your device would reset your device settings to default. This corrects all the SSL Certificate issues that were previously hampering your connectivity.

Way to Go

Go to Device Settings > Backup &Reset>> Factory Data Reset

The devices will be restarted and soon you can get your apps in momentum as they were before. So, this is How to fix ‘Your Connection is Not Private Chrome Error on Android. If you are revving up your knowledge with more tips and tricks related to such issues, stay tuned because I have lots more in the bag for you.How good was this guide for you? Do let me know though the comments section.See you Soon.