How to Enable Night Mode on Android | Step By Step Guide

Enable Night Mode on Android:- Well, if you are a late night worker like me,a thought to Activating Night Mode on Smartphone should have kicked in your mind. And, when we really need to get going with work after sunset, it must be. No rocket science, but still requires our attention to pay attention to the stuff rather undisturbed and strain free. Scientifically researched that the bluer spectrum is not good for eyes’ health. And regular contact with such is even hazardous.

Let us have some easy tips to How to enable Night Mode on Android devices and put your eyes to less trouble.

So, I have an Oreo for which, I have listed the steps right next. Accompanying it, is Nougat.

Enable Night Mode on Android Oreo

So, no previous versions were tweaked with like Oreo, and gladly, I bought it in time. This is how I set up the night mode in it

  • Pull the notification Panel down and tap the gear icon.
  • Scroll again and tap on Display.
  • Look for “Night Light” option.
  • It should be done automatically; and manually, you just have to adjust“Sunset to Sunrise” setting, that will adjust just like outside light.
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Another simple way to do so is easy-peasy once your turn on the Night Mode. Just pull the slider forth or back to adjust the light. This setting stays there for however long you want. And to change it, just head back to the settings as said.

How to Enable Night Mode on Android Nougat

You going to need a Night Mode App for Nougat after taking these steps.

  • It’s quite a bit lengthy and uneasy to adjust the same feature in Nougat though.
  • You have to enable System UI Tuner first.
  • Go to the home screen and pull down the Notification Section.
  • Tap and hold the gear icon and after release, spins.
  • You’ll see a wrench icon along the gear. That means System UI Tuner is now enabled.
  • Download a suitable Night Mode app and tap “Enable Night Mode” button.
  • You’ll then see a Toast Notification in the System UI Tuner hinting that you can add toggling.
  • To get a better hand on Night Mode, I prefer you “Turn on automatically” toggle.
  • Doing so, your Android’s location is turned on to adjust its lights whenever you head outside in the dark or lighter shade.
  • Screen should turn yellow on Sunset and darker at night.
  • To go easily with the toggle option, adjust the brightness from home screen.
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Third Party App to Enable Night Mode on your Android Smartphone

If your phone have does not have Night Mode feature, you do not even have to be worry, we still have got you covered.

There are number of free android apps on the play store, which offers night mode facility include some interesting noght mode customization features too. In this guide, we are sharing some third party apps to enable night mode on android.


Twilight is one of the best app who able to active night mode. In this app you can adjust color temperature, intensity and screen dim. So, take your time to find the most suitable combination. You can also adjust night mode schedule.

As I said, we are about to see many tweaks and rectifications in the coming versions of Androids to handle bright blue light. How helpful was it?Let me know and I’ll put some more stuff under light.

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