10 Easy Tips to Reduce WordPress Page Load Time

In this tutorial we will discuss about 10 effective and easy ways to reduce wordpress blog page load time and Speed up Worepress.

How great it feels when you set up your new WordPress site? But, when the site gets slower and slower the blog page load time also increases. Photos, code, snippets, and other plugins starts consuming the resources of your website and it make your blog page load time slower. The lesser the blog page load time, the higher the chances that your website will rank higher in Google search engine. It is clearly proved in the studies that the 40% of the reader tend to lose the interest from your website if the webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load.

how to speed up wordpress site

how to speed up wordpress site

So, let’s see some of the effective tips to make your WordPress blog load faster without the help of any plugins.

10 Easy Tips to Reduce Worepress Page Load Time and Speed Up wordpress

1. Speed Up Wordpress by Using Less plugins

Plugins has made the life easy for the bloggers, as they can do many things with their WordPress site with the help of the plugin. But, advantages always come with some disadvantages. You start using as many plugins as you can to enhance the features of your WordPress site, but these plugins start eating up the resource of your server.

So, you must remove the unwanted plugins from your WordPress site, so that you can free the resources from the server. All plugins have their own identity, but there are many such plugins which have the bundle of functions, so try to install those. Ex- many of blogger use different plugins for different need like for social sharing, creating site a mobile version, spelling and grammar check they use different plugins, they can use Jetpack plugin instead of different plugins.

2. Speed up Wordpress by Getting a Good Theme

Themes are the necessary part of your website, after visitor lands on your webpage the only thing first attracts them is the unique look of your website. So, invest in a good theme which can attract as many visitors as it can. But, sometimes blogger tries to search for the free theme and they upload it on their website. Free themes are poorly coded and also it contains the malicious codes which affect your blog page load time. So, get some premium themes for your website.

I am Using Splash Theme from MyThemeShop. This is one of the best, SEO optimized, Blazing Fast loading, 100% Responsive.

3. Good Host Matters

Hosting has the major impact on your webpage load time, as the server should have enough resource to help your webpage load faster. You should not host your website on some poor host which provides you no support at all. So, look for a better hosting which will decrease the webpage loading time.

4. Database Maintenance

When you use plugins, themes, upload images on your WordPress site, your database gets overloaded with time if you don’t maintain it. So, remove all the unwanted data and duplicate data so that you can keep your database free. This will help a lot to decrease the webpage loading time.

5. Image Optimization Can Reduce Wordpress Page Load Time

We upload lot of images to give the visual appeal to the website, but yes it consumes lot of resource on your server and hence it decreases the webpage loading time. So, why not you optimize them before uploading it on your website? You should decrease the size of the image or compress it without losing the quality of the image. So, if your image will eat less resource from your server then the webpage loading time will also decrease.

You can use free Image optimizer plugin called Wp-Smush.it which will optimize your images automatically.

6. Reduce The Posts On The Homepage

You should not display many posts on your homepage. You should limit the number of posts on your homepage, as the infinite scroll will increase the webpage loading time. So, you can navigate to the Settings and then to Readers to limit the number of posts on your homepage.

7. Reduce Wordpress Page Load Time By Using CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the bunch of web servers which are uniformly distributed across the world. So, whenever a visitor hits on your website, then the nearest server delivers your webpage to the visitor. So, the process becomes faster if the single server delivers the content. So, CDN is the important tool which you should use to reduce the webpage loading time.

There are both best free and paid CDN services are available you can use them as per requirement we already share some Best free CDN services for Wordpress Blog.

8. Limit The Number of Ads

Advertisements are the best way to earn money and monetize the blogs. But, it also affects the webpage loading time. So, be careful with the banner ads and the images you are using. It is recommended that you should compress them before displaying as an ad on your website. Also, the Google Adsense ads are in the asynchronous format which doesn’t affect your webpage loading time.

9. Don’t Use Javascript In The Header Section

If you use Javascript on the header section, then definitely your website will take more time to get loaded. So, use the Javascript in the footer section like how you use your Google Analytics code in the footer. So, this will help your website to load faster rather loading the content first.

10. Remove The Backups

When your website gets older, your old codes and scripts become obsolete. When your website was new, the scripts and codes were of use but it is of no use. So, why not you remove them and free up the resource from the server. Also, the backups will also eat up the resource from the server. So, remove all the old backups and keep only new backups to free the resources and decrease the webpage loading time.

Final Words

Page speed is the most important factor which will determine your search engine ranking, bounce conversions, and the visitor’s trust. As, the one second of delay will also bring lose to your website. So, try to gather all those tips mentioned above and use them for the benefit of your website.  Remember, it is not necessary to use all those mentioned above and remove the necessary site elements, but try to analyse what your website needs and what it doesn’t need.

So, make a plan and keep your customers happy rather just removing the necessary site elements to make your website load faster. Website page load time should be less but not at the cost of visitor’s interest. So, analyse the situations and the way your website behaves and take decisions to help your WordPress website load faster than before.