Mythemeshop review: Best Wordpress Themes In Affordable Price

When it comes to the selection of proper WordPress theme, then we have number of option to choose theme. Based up upon your requirement and budget, you can choose a theme for free or you can spend some money to get a custom look to your blog by some Premium Wordpress theme. But, what works well you need to decide and make a move.

My advice is if your blog is making some money then you may think of buying custom themes or else you can just go for premium themes as they are well designed with many features such as well designed, regular updates, priority support.

Previously years were tough to get the right WordPress theme but now things have changed in last 2 years, a great number of quality WordPress themes are coming out and some of them are free to use. Among all of these MyThemeShop has made its own mark, because of its theme design, customer support, affordable price and customer satisfaction.

Before I start MyThemeShop Review, first I am sharing what important features keep any premium wordpress theme.

Here is the detailed information about Any Premium Wordpress Theme

Coding of the theme

The main difference between a free theme and premium theme is the level of coding. Companies know the importance of good coding to make a great theme. Coders spend lots of hours in coding a good theme, with time they keep releasing updates to make the theme work for the latest version of WordPress. All the WordPress users like to use the best theme so that they run their blog smoothly.

Customer Support

Picking a good theme is easily but when it comes to editing it is like building a product for non-coders. Premium theme like MyThemeshop comes with good priority support, which also lets you forget about hard-core coding and just focus on the things which matters a lot.

SEO of the theme

SEO is like an engine of your blog, your blog theme plays a major role in overall ranking of your domain. Suppose if your theme is not properly coded in terms of SEO, then your blog may get penalized. Premium theme coders take care of these and have some SEO experts in their team so that they can integrate the latest SEO needs and make the theme search engine friendly.

The design of your theme

“The first impression is the best impression” It is always preferred to work on them look because when the users visit your blog they should feel not living it and just keep on reading your stuff. This the very first non-textual communication between your blog and readers and If that works then you can build good readership. SO all you have to is, find the design which matches your niche and your personal taste/interest.

So you can go on with amazing features of premium WordPress theme that make you stand out of the crowd. Here are some of the important key points on which a theme is judged.

MyThemeShop Review: Best Wordpress Themes

A theme is good or not is decided based upon the number of satisfied users using it. MyThemeshop is consisting of more than 30000 satisfied users; they got this user in no time like within 2 years. As the very part of WordPress community, they have also released more free themes to give something back to their loyal users.  When they were writing they have created more than 90+ themes and all are completely compatible with latest web standards such as HTML5 mark-up, Responsive, CSS3 and also quick page loading. They also create 20+ Wordpress Plugins.

Mythemeshop theme is valuable because it is worth using your time and money. Now I share pricing and other membership details.

To review Mytmemeshop Themes, First I purchase and install one of mythemeshop them “Splash” theme to use and test out for this review. Below I am sharing my personal experience of installing and configuring Mytmemeshop Theme.

From online when you download this theme you will not only get the theme but also it comes with all the necessary files, documentation, and most main things changes log. The idea of change log is good because you can quickly see what has been updated and also you have the option of seeing is the theme is updated or not. If you are a non-coder then it is the toughest part to configure in the right way, you can quickly upload the zip file and the theme will be installed for you.

MyThemeshop theme options panel is very easy to operate like a mobile phone. Everything that you have to change can be done from the options panel itself without efforts. In Mythemeshop option panel you can manage all theme setting, header setting, Ad Management etc. The one thing you get stuck with is the logo size and you can either use free online logo maker service or hire a professional logo designer or you can in 5 dollar marketplace that is FIVERR.

My very first impression of MyThemeshop like is; it designed by someone who knows what a blogger need and what blogger is searching for. Mysthemeshop designed with an awesome feature for a theme lovers and Mythemeshop has taken a step to make a theme show ads only on post after certain days because they users to satisfy first and then remaining things next.

MyThemeshop Theme has make their themes great with reduce page loading times, that is one of the most factor to rank higher of any blog and reduce bunch rate. You can check the theme loading time which is less than 1 second.

The Mythemeshop is user-friendly and will be mostly loved by your blog readers and that makes your blog grow like ever before. One of the greatest things about Mythemeshop is, you don’t actually have depended on plugins for maintaining the things. For example, when you need plugin related to author box, social media buttons, related posts and fixed navigation and many other awesome features in the way and the days to come.

Like ever you saw WordPress themes with as many features as possible in coming days.


After you playing with this WordPress theme options and some other setting, in an hour of time you, you will be able to create a awesome looks for your WordPress blogs without even writing a single line of code or no coding skills are required to manage your WordPress blog and this the beauty of this Mythemeshop. We height recommend you buy this theme for your own blog growth.

Some additional Features to Know

Full responsive and mobile friendly layouts

One click installation and very easy to setup

SEO friendly code, design and features

Inbuilt AD Management features

Pricing details about MyThemeshop for theme lovers and users

The pricing of MyThemeShop starts from 47 dollars per theme or you can get the one-year membership for 199 dollars sign-up-fee . The first option is better for beginners and for an individual blogger. Once you are making some good money of your blogs then you can think of buying additional features.

Final Words

Great Place to buy a premium wordpress theme and great value theme club with impressive features on SEO-friendly, fast loading, clean design and 24×7 customer supports.