EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

Anything that you store on a computer is never really deleted until you format the system completely. Imagine if you are working on a Special Project and the hard disk fails/crashes or What if there is a Virus attack that deleted your data completely? Or one of the partitions is not accessible by the Operating System of your computer. This is where this post will help as today we are going to review the “EaseUS Data Recovery” software.

The Free Recovery Software is one of the best data recovery software and there are literally hundreds of such tools available in the market. The EaseUS Data Recovery does the hard work for you and is the most economical way to recover your data with the minimum of technical knowledge. It can recover text files, videos, audio, emails, browser database etc. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and recover the important data. Now let us look at some of the features in this software.

Data Recovery Wizard Features

The EaseUS can recover the core data that is deleted by you accidentally or by default program. The versions of EaseUS data recovery software are available for both Windows and Mac. The best part of the software is that it scans your partitions in parts; leaving no loopholes in recovering the data. Sometimes the BIOS in your computer fails to read your disk partition and thus that kind of lost data can also be recovered easily by this software which is its best part. Though for the tech geeks it can rediscover your browser database, email backup, and can access RAID storage data servers, and recover memory card data with ease in seconds.

Pricing and Licensing

Free Trial version

EaseUS data recovery is available for free if you are not a heavy user of such tools and need it very less for day to day working. The features available in all price variants will be discussed later in this post. But for no value, the EaseUs provides a decent recovery tool that can recover up to 2GB of data without any difficulty. The quick scan and deep scan ensures to find lost data with utmost ease and precision.

Data Recovery Wizard Pro

The Data Recovery Wizard Pro is available for Windows and Mac users at the cost of $69.95 which will give them the lifetime of upgrade and technical support. However, it will work only if the computer is not crashed completely and is able to boot properly. All you need to do is sort the file types to recover before scanning, and then quickly does the filter search. You can also preview the results and can see all files for successful recovery. There is no maximum limit to recover the data and it depends on your usage and requirement. This is available for a Single user license.

Data Recovery Wizard Pro+ WinPE

This version is available for professionals who deal with important data. WinPE lets you recover lost data when the computer crash or it fails to load its boot files. The software is safe and can recover the files: just follow the steps and it will not harm your original data. This version is very effective and is available at $99 with the lifetime of technical support and the free update for the lifetime. EaseUS data recovery software can fix every problem like drive damage, malware attack, hard disk crash, formatting etc. Just drive the Bootable Media in the existing case to recover deleted or damaged data files and you are good to go under WinPE environment. This is available for a Single user license.

Data Recovery Wizard Technician

There is also a “Complete Data Recovery Program” called Technical Version available at whopping $299 which is for high –end users. It covers almost the same features as “WinPE Version” and is more required to provide Technical Services to the users. You can enjoy this account at the cost-effective price as it allows you to access the software on any machine or version of Windows that you want. With this, you can enjoy faster recovery with a better peace of mind.


The following table outlines the essential features you get with an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro license.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Features  Availability
Version MAC, Windows
Scan Options YES
Quick Scan YES
Deep Scan YES
Save Scan Results YES
Sort by File Type YES
Scan by File Type NA
Add New File Types NA
Scan Capabilities
Full Hard-Drive Scan NO
Deleted/Lost File Recovery YES
Corrupted Partition Recovery YES
Deleted Partition Recovery YES
Bootable USB Device Sold separately
Recovery CD Sold separately
External Recovery
External Drive Recovery YES
Removable Media Recovery YES
SD Card Recovery YES
Optical Storage Recovery NO
Live Chat YES

Recovery Process and Performance

The EaseUS Data Recovery Process scans all the data with utmost ease in quick time and has got a user friendly interface. However, the Deep Scan is done in partitions and it can recover up to 10 GB of Data in 120 minutes. Both the MAC and Windows version are similar in terms of Interface and Set up. You have to select a Scan location and within seconds it will display you the deleted sections of the drive that you can recover.

The best part is that you can scan the disk in Partitions unlike other software where you need to run a full System Scan in the beginning. You can apply Filters after that and can specify the type of files on the basis of name, folders, type, size etc which makes the recovery and scanning of deleted data quick and accurate. In both the Quick scan and the Deep scan the program shows a countdown on “Estimated time of Completion (ETC)” with a Progress bar at the top of window.

The Preview function is also a great function in this EaseUs Data Recovery tool and you scan files by file category  such graphics, audio, document, video, email, etc or with the help of an extension(jpeg, exl, docx, txt).

There is also a Specified folder for the special deleted files that have been permanently removed either through “Recycle Bin” or “Shift+Del” key. The folder is named “more lost files” or (RAW) and recovering content from it is an easy process. You just need to select the recovery address and Click on the recovery button.

Technical Support

In the EaseUs Data Recovery Tool they have provided customers with user manuals and Tutorial Videos and Related articles on Problems that makes it a complete package. In addition to it the “Live Chat Support” option is a remarkable feature and can sort out Technical difficulties in minutes. You can contact the executive in Business hours and can send an Official mail regarding the problem. There is a Overhead toolbar in form of “Contact technical Support” to contact the technical team in case of a problem.

There is also a Trial Version available for Free that can give you an idea of what this software is all about. The EaseUs data recovery is backed up by 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and this is a huge advantage for this Software.

Final Thoughts

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is actually very simple tool to use and it has got a User-friendly Interface. You cannot ignore the need of Data Recovery essentiality for people in the modern world. With this File Recovery Softwareyou can have a search tool that lets you get results of a scan in quick time. Multiple files can be undeleted and recovered at the same time. It is a great option as the results of a scan can be reopened in the future without the Re-scanning of the drive.

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