How to Remove Your Number from Truecaller Listing – Step by Step Guide

If you are a Smartphone user whether it is android OR iphone. You must have heard the name called truecaller OR may have also used. Truecaller is most used caller ID apps for android, iPhone and also available for windows (Website).

Truecaller is most common used app that shows you contact details of unknown numbers calling you. Along with caller identification the app also featured with call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat and voice messages which use the internet.

It is also possible that even if you have never used truecaller, but your name does show in Truecaller database, thanks to someone else who saved your contact details to truecaller and allow accessing them. Read Also – How to Change Name on Truecaller

Note – Before discuss on the main topic, we get to know some facts about the Truecaller

How Truecaller Gets Your Contact details?

Whever a user register on the truecaller app, the app asks for permission to access all the contacts saved in its contact list. When you give this permission to the app, the app saves all your contacts in his database. So even if you have not registered in truecaller, your name still shows in truecaller.

What Personal Data Truecaller Collects?

According truecaller official website, if you seen in their privacy policy when you install and use their services, they collect the following personal data from your phone.

Your IP address, Geographical location, facebook page, device manufacturer and there type, Device ID or unique identifier, device and hardware settings, SIM card usage, Application installed on your device, email ID, Ad data, photo and gender, Zip code, address and country, content viewed by you etc. please check Truecaller Privacy policy page for more details.

What App permission Truecaller Ask?

If you see in app permission, the app will take your phones following permissions.

  • Camera permission
  • Location permission
  • Microphone permission (in which they can record your audio)
  • SMS permission (in which they read and send messages)
  • Storage permission
  • Contact permission (in which they modify your contact and much other permission like answering your phone calls). For more app permission details please check app permission details.

Coming to the topic, for any reason you want to remove your number from the Truecaller database. You can follow given steps to remove your number from truecaller. We are sharing two different ways to unlisted your number from truecaller. Let’s start…

Remove Your Number from Truecaller Using Website

You can remove your contact details from the truecaller listing using their official website. Follow the steps

unlist phone number truecaller

  • Log on to Truecaller official website i.e. and go to unlisting page
  • Assign your country and then enter your mobile number on the page.
  • Check the “I am not a robot” check box
  • Then click on the “Unlist” button
  • They will show you several reasons for unlisting to choose from. Choose any one reason OR you can also give your own reason for Unlisting your contact number from truecaller.

That’s it. It will take up to 24 hours to unlist your number from truecaller database.

Remove Your Number from Truecaller Using App

If you are using Truecaller in your phone, then you have to deactivate your truecaller account from there.

How to Remove my Number from Truecaller

  • Log on to Truecaller app
  • Tap on the three doted icon on the upper side corner of your phones screen
  • Go to “settings” and choose the “privacy center” from the “menu”
  • Tap on the bottom option named “Deactivate”
  • A pop-up will flash on the screen. Choose “Yes” to continue.

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