How to Change Name on TrueCaller When it Showing Wrong Name

This tutorial will show you how to change name in Truecaller, you can also change your location and profile picture.

Turucaller is one of the best and most use caller ID app for android phone. By this app we can easily get to the caller ID of person who is calling us. Turucaller app helps us to get details of any known or unknown mobile number. The app also helps us to find OR Trace mobile number owner Name with address (if available). Truecaller also shows his mobile number, whose number is not saved in your phone book but saved In Truecaller.  Truecaller is available for almost all the platform including Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

But some time we show, truecaller show wrong name of caller. Now whether you want to correct your name on truecaller OR correct your identity on truecaller Or you want to hide your correct identity on truecaller that you are at right place. Here in this tutorial we are sharing step-by-step guide to change name in truecaller database. But before knowing trick on how to change name on truecaller for of all we try to know, how truecaller works.

How Truecaller Works?

You will be surprised to know how Truecaller works and what approach did they follow that made them build such a huge number of caller ID worth 1.5 billion records? How Truecaller get your records when you never use Truecaller. So let’s know, from where Truecaller takes our data.

  • It uses Social media Integration including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media apps and websites.
  • When someone register on truecaller, it asks him if it can access there contact list. It that uploads all those contacts into its database and display the name of contact when you receive a call from an unknown number, thus growing its database.

Why Truecaller Showing Wrong Name

As we above maintained, Truecaller get name and other details from the phone book of the person who installed TrueCaller app. So, truecaller basically croud-source the information. Ex- your name is Raja and you work at Charted Accountant forum. It is possible that a number of your client save your name as “Raja CA” in there contact list. When the client install and use Truecaller than truecaller will gather this information from their phone book, and than your name will be ‘Raja CA’ show in TrueCaaller.

How to Change a Wrong name on Truecaller Database

To change your name in Truecaller is not too complicated, you just need to install the Truecaller app on your phone and follow given steps

:- Download and install TrueCaller, the app will send you ‘One Time Password’ to verify your phone number.


:- After verification, launch the TrueCaller app and open the app menu and then click on Edit Profile.


:- Click on Edit (Pencil icon) opposite on your name. Enter your first and then enter Your Last name as you want to appear in TrueCaller and save. That’s it.

How to Change a Wrong Name on Truecaller Database (When you Don’t have TrueCaller App)

If you don’t have Truecaller app installed on your phone OR you don’t want to install the app, no need to worry, you can still change a wrong name in TrueCaller. So, just follow given steps and change your name in Truecaller database

:- Open Truecaller website in your computer or mobile by following link

:- On truecaller web page, enter your phone number and press enter. (Here you need to sigh in with your Google OR Microsoft account).

:- After enter login detail, you will be redirected to a page that will contain basic information related to the mobile number you just entered. Click on ‘suggest a batter name’. now enter a name that you want to displayed on truecaller and click on ‘suggest name’

:- Now after TrueCaller team will verify the data and revert within 48 hours.

The above tips may take some time to effect changes made by you.

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