How To Block Unknown Calls On iphone

In this iPhone tutorial we will share a complete step by step guide on how to block Unknown calls on iphone. First we will step by step guide about iPhone pre-installed Call Blocker Feature and than will share some best iPhone Call Blocker apps.

Telemarketers are rising and our phone never stops rings for unwanted calls. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you hold, you must be very annoyed with spammy calls. Apart from spammy calls, peoples are disturbed with calls from no id and troll calls. So how can we combat them? Yes, we can do it, nowadays various Apps are available in the App store to display the caller id and our iPhones also comes with an inbuilt call blocker which is very useful to us. Though this feature is available to us, we don’t know how to use it. So let’s see how to block unknown calls on iPhone.

How to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone

In-build Caller Blocker

Your iPhone comes with pre-installed Call Blocker Feature. Yes, you don’t actually need to install any extra app to block calls or pay for them unless you want a very good resourced Caller ID App. This traditional method is quite enough to block calls and it’s available in all types of iPhone so let’s see how to use it.

how to block calls on iphone

  • Open settings and go to ” Do Not Disturb
  • Your Manual must be turned off so turn it on with a swipe. This will actually turn on the silent mode (Moon Icon) still we will modify it as per our requirement.
  • Click on “Allow Call from” and it will give you two options for restriction.
  • Choose “Favorite” if you want only a particular set of contacts will be able to contact you. This will work well if you got your family, friends and others important peoples in your favorite list. So they will be only allowed to get through your iPhone. But it will block all the calls from unwanted numbers.
  • Choose “Contacts” if you want only the people who are in your contact will be able to contact you. If you choose this one, your iPhone will allow calls from contact not only from favorites so be ensure you got all the necessary numbers in your contact and one can get you in an emergency. As no “Caller ID“is not saved in your phone so you won’t receive any such calls.
  • As you have modified this setting so you will not receive any unwanted call and live in peace.

Note: If you choose “All Contacts”  you will be able to receive calls only from the numbers which are saved in your contacts, if the number or address is not in your contact, they will be not able to get through. SO use this feature with cautions, as you may miss a call which you actually can’t effort to reject.

Why You Should Not Try This to Block Unknown Call on iPhone

Remember that Do Not Disturb mode hushes the iPhone totally. Also, it is preventing the iPhone from ringing or making an alarm sound, and preventing any contact attempt. On the off chance that somebody isn’t on your Favorites list or in the Contacts list, expecting you picked any of those choices. In view of how this is planned, Do Not Disturb mode is an excellent component yet it’s for the most part best utilized on a schedule with the goal that it kicks in naturally in the evening and turns off consequently in the morning, yet a few people jump at the chance to have it turn on every time. Read Also


truecaller for iphone

Truecaller is a widely accepted Caller ID Application with Call Blacklisting and SMS Filter Features. This app can help you to recognize unknown callers as well as blocking them. This comes in both free and Premium variant with very little difference. You don’t need to actually buy one. You can download and install it from the App store to start using it.

RoboKiller – Stop Spam Calls

robokiller for iphone

Just as the name says, RoboKiler, it is yet another app like Truecaller. The best thing about this app is it comes with an Auto Caller Blocker. This feature helps it to detect and reject robocalls and spammy calls itself. It has a good database and it can detect and display Caller ID for unknown callers too. Apart from all these, you can simply use it to block all the number you don’t want to receive calls from.

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System Call Blocker

The iPhone also comes with another useful call blocker too. In case you don’t want to use external apps to block calls. This is a very simple solution. Just click on any number in your contact list and swipe down until you see block this number. Voila, you just blocked a number.

There is also another way to block calls by going to OS Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Blocked Contacts > Add new Contact. Here you can add numbers from where you don’t want to receive calls.