Top 6 Best Free Voice Changer Apps for Iphone in 2021

Best Voice Changer Apps for Iphone:- Let that be about creating a ringtone out of your favorite film song or creating a fusion of songs for the dance in the college; smartphone does it all. Ever made a call to a friend from an unknown number with an altered voice, so as to prank them? Well, we have all been there and to be honest, not all of us succeeded at this prank. Well, that’s because not everyone can bring out different voices with ease. However, for people unaware, there are a number of decent voice changer apps for android and. In this post, however, we will have a list of Best Voice Changer Apps for Iphone.

It should be noted that each tool is suitable for unique purposes and you can’t just choose one and go. So, I have tried to point out main features of each voice changer, letting you get the tool that suits the particular use of yours. There is this software available because not every one of us is best in bringing out different voices and effects.

Best Voice Changer for IPhone

Here we have the voice changing apps available and I am here today to tell you about them. These apps will not only serve to whet your prank appetite but they can also be used to create some hilarious moments.

Voicemod Clips

best voice changer app for iphoneVoicemod Clips is a free multipurpose tool for content creators that changes your voice and applies face filters. Making its way to the 5 best Voice Changer apps for iPhone, Voice Mod deserves your attention. It’s an easy-to-use iOS app that lets you change your voice and share your original content on a range of social media networks, including YouTube, Insta, and Twitter.

Voicemod Clips is a Content Maker App having dozens of original voices and filters to you to change your voice and add funny filters to your smartphone’s camera. Choose any type of content and tap record to create a clip. Select camera filter, voice filter type, and set length of a clip. That’s how you get it done within seconds. You can use this free tool as a powerful voice modulator to create funny to terrifying selfie-videos.

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Voice Changer Plus

voice changer plusVoice Changer Plus is another super cool voice changer app. The user just needs to record the voice first and apply the effect and save it. Apart from these features, this app allows us to import the recorded clips as well. First, you get to choose from a number of sound effects and the app lets you import recorded clips or share them wherever you want.

The Voice Changer Plus is a free voice changing app for iOS which is also available in full version at $2.99. That’s not all, you can even trim clips to make things shorter and more fun. This app features a live recording option and is an incredibly fun to use the app. It does offer a ringtone maker and a sound trimmer along with the free effects and voices. The app is available in a free version but the paid version brings the ability to trim audio, make ringtones, add your photos to videos and removes ads.

Celebrity Voice Changer

If you ever thought of talking with someone in the voice of your favorite celebrity and doing fun things, then we have the Celebrity Voice Changer app which is available for both, Android and iOS. You can just record your audio, apply from the effects list featuring lazy, monster, echo, kid, Smurf etc. and share it wherever you want. This app offers a number of celebrities parody along with the characters including Magneto, Heisenberg, and many more personalities. Now, coming to the app, it’s a simple voice changer app that you should like if you like clean looking apps. And yes, you can speak to the person in their voice. Believe me, it is really fun because you can even download the sound clip and share with your friends.

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The app lacks any additional features and that can be a good thing or bad, depending on what you might be looking for. This app already has different celebrity voices, but you can even request for more.

Voice Changer YalingTu

This is another voice changing app which has, unfortunately, the same name like other apps ‘Voice Changer’ but it does bring in some cool features to keep you interested. The app brings the most modern interface when you compare to other apps and while it brings only a few effects in its free version, you can make in-app purchases for echo effects and multi-track effects.

As you might have guessed, the app lets you add multiple effects on a voice. For instance, you can add a voice effect, plus a background environmental sound for a better effect. This app is really interesting one because it has got some cool features. It has got a modern interface with echo and multi-track effects which are only available with in-app purchases. This app allows us to add the multiple effects on a single voice.

Crazy Helium Booth

Crazy Helium Booth is a voice changing app for iOS users and believe me it completely works similar to its name.  So, you can even add your favorite tracks or voices from your friends or family members and have fun. Like any other voice changer app, it features a number of cool effects like drunken, robot, monster, the smurf, god of death etc. This app has got 32 effects which help in changing the voice in multiple ways. This app creates insane voice change with fun facial and sound effects. You can make videos or photos with an altered voice having the owl eyes with a big head, square chin, and other different features.

Let me be honest with you people that you will just have fun with these apps for a limited time. But do have fun and share your experience with us. It even allows us to change the voice modulation and pitch as well as comes with multiple modes. It is not really expensive and the best among all.

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Voice Changer with Effects

It is the best voice changing app and with this app, you can record and change your voice to various voices, some of which are, helium, Darth Vader, robot, megaphone etc. These features are really cool because I know that I will be using my Darth Vader voice as a message notification from now on. You can also change the volume of the environmental noise in your sound and you can change the level of power the sound effect has on your voice, for example, how much of a robot do you want to sound like, full or semi. Overall this is a really cool, simple and effective app and with some optimization, it might even become an even better app. Afterward, you can share your voice via chat apps, save it to your SD, or set it as a ringtone.

The app also has an alien lip sync mode, basically you speak and the lips of the alien try to move and imitate your lip movements, yeah but of course it does not work that well but works well enough in some cases As simple as that, If you are looking for an app to simply change your voice, then this is the simplest of the all.

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In Conclusion

Being honest with you, you will use these voice changer apps only for a while, because most of them will only be fun to you for a limited time. So there you have it, our Best Voice Changer Apps For iphone. In the end, we have one app that you must try. These apps exceed above other because of its overall simplicity and usability.

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